Lenny Dykstra is Radio Gold

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Lenny Dykstra was on 97.5 again yesterday, for a shorter in-studio appearance than the one he made a few months ago [link to that]. He joined Mike Missanelli, Harry Mayes, Nick Kayal, Jon Marks, Sean Brace, Jason Myrtetus and whomever else was in there as part of 97.5’s All-StarThursday– a day-long marathon with all hosts on the air at once.

You can listen to the entire interview here – and I recommend you do – but here’s Dykstra talking about his friendship with Charlie Sheen, how he can tell if someone’s perverted (and why Mike Miss is a missionary guy), and sleds:

Interesting observation from Nails, a guy who was once accused of forcing his housekeeper to blow him on Saturdays. Lenny needs his own show. [I have this idea for a podcast network that includes shows from Lenny Dykstra, Allen Iverson and Roy Halladay. Tell me you wouldn’t listen to that.]

The fun will continue today. Charles Barkley will be in-studio with Missanelli from 2-6.

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34 Responses

  1. The best hour of sports radio in a long mother fucking time in philly.
    The Mickey rouke story was classic

    1. Nothing wrong with snorting cocaine,just as long as you’re in the company of at least 2 lesbian strippers to share in the fun(just saying).

  2. This town really needs another loud-mouthed historically certified piece of shit on the radio so the hoopleheads don’t revolt.

  3. Did everyone hear Missanelli say at the start of the show yesterday how he was still tired for having to get up early and then Brace chimes in, “I was at Irish Pub last night until 1 a.m., so I know how you feel.” It was classic how he just validated what everyone says about him on this site!

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  5. the all-star thing was ok, but it would have been a gazillion times better with bruno and mikey miss going at it for 8 hours.

  6. pretty sad for Missanelli that Nails looks better than him health wise. I bet Jaws could still play as a 3rd stringer! Really sucks balls that Bruno wasn’t there. That station needs him big time. Pay the man. Business Yo. Jose should have gotten a segment. Love Dykstra on the show how he brings the tempo to a screeching halt at times. Awkward.

  7. Dude should have retold the story of extorting certain umpires. The Vicodins in his pockets when he was in the outfield was classic

  8. I wish Dykstra could go to WIP and replace that no-talent moron, Josh Innes. Talk about excruciating to listen to. Lenny would be great in the 6-10 evening timeslot.

    1. Josh Innes is a breath of fresh air on that tired station. Let me guess, you are a “4 for 4” guy with an Eagles tatt. You also get a chubby in your pants when that slob Gargano starts squealing like a pig talking about the Eagles. If you ever wonder why most people hate Philadelphia fans, the answer is clowns like Gargano.

      1. Here here.
        All the people bashing that dude josh are 700 level types who follow the “fellows in the afternoon” like their word is gold. You know most of them have philly sports teams on their calf too

        1. Gargano and Innes are both terrible. WIP is basically unlistenable except for Phillies games.

          97.5 really isn’t much better, though yesterday with all the hosts was pretty entertaining.

        2. Free Macnow????

          He sucked. Arrogant, ignorant fuck who was more worried about burgers and pizza than sports.

      2. Innes wants to be Kidd Chris or Stern light doing sports. He sucks.

        Gargano would be the worst host in town…if it wasn’t for Ike Reese and Brace. It is a tight race for who you want to go the fuck away.

        94 is unlistenable 24/7. 97.5 at least has it’s moments.

        Yesterday on 97.5 was actually pretty good radio.

        1. My top 3 worse radio personalities i want to knock out:

          1. Ike reese
          2 .Gargano – nobody cares about your kids , primos hoagies suk, and your fake laugh is annoying u fraud– go back to S jersey , wanabe south philly
          3. bald Sean Brace

          In a weird way i miss Macnow during the week. Him and Ray diddy are the best show on radio.

          1. How the FUCK is the Grand-daddy of them all, Angelo “Coke Nose” Cataldi NOT on this list. I pray every night that this motherfucker gets run the fuck over crossing the street so that I can run to the scene and piss on his twitching corpse

        2. I frequently find myself wishing for Gargano to walk in front of a speeding bus just like a retarded dog would. And die. He is sooooo fucking horrible I can’t even listen to WIP when he’s on. All that fucking horrible fake laughing, all the fucking nonsense which flows from that hole in his face. I hate him. He’s an asshole.

      3. No 4 for 4 here, only a Phillies and Eagles fan. Josh Innes is not a breath of fresh air – he is a misinformed shock jock wannabe who tries to be funny but he isn’t. He also whines when someone disagrees with him or criticizes him and gets way too defensive. Yelling and hanging up on people has been done before.

      4. Also, I can’t stand Gargano or that other asshole Rob Ellis. WIP is mostly slop. Dykstra would certainly bring a new vibe.

  9. Misanelli still trying to hold on to his youth with awful dye job and those clothes. What do you expect though from a sixty year old man who calls himself “Mikey Miss” and goes to 30 Seconds to Mars concerts.

  10. Missanelli looks like a 65-year old Italian grandmother who just got her perm done at the Hair Cuttery. He is an absolute cum sock. But it was good to hear the Dude yesterday. He is radio gold.

    1. Lmao. You’re on the money with the way Missanelli looks. It’s just friggin disturbing. At least Eskin wears suits that go with his age.

  11. been calling for lenny to have his own show for three weeks, fukin cuz is un listenable, he is corrupting ellis, iness terrible stern retread, i think cuz blew a load in his pants yesterday with foles on, what a douch, really the worst are macnow, and big daddy selling their books and bullshit-is big daddy funny, just don’t get it, now with his daughter, wtf, i would like like to rip a fart in rheas face though, a nice rip not like that weak papabon lift the leg one

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