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Lenny Dykstra was on 97.5 again yesterday, for a shorter in-studio appearance than the one he made a few months ago [link to that]. He joined Mike Missanelli, Harry Mayes, Nick Kayal, Jon Marks, Sean Brace, Jason Myrtetus and whomever else was in there as part of 97.5’s All-StarThursday– a day-long marathon with all hosts on the air at once.

You can listen to the entire interview here – and I recommend you do – but here’s Dykstra talking about his friendship with Charlie Sheen, how he can tell if someone’s perverted (and why Mike Miss is a missionary guy), and sleds:

Interesting observation from Nails, a guy who was once accused of forcing his housekeeper to blow him on Saturdays. Lenny needs his own show. [I have this idea for a podcast network that includes shows from Lenny Dykstra, Allen Iverson and Roy Halladay. Tell me you wouldn’t listen to that.]

The fun will continue today. Charles Barkley will be in-studio with Missanelli from 2-6.