LeSean McCoy: “I own Dallas”

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Michael Irvin was at Eagles camp today. He kissed Riley Cooper on the forehead on this, the one-year anniversary of Cooper’s N-word coming out. And before Irvin could taint the outer layers of LeSean McCoy, Shady stopped to remind some fans that he does, indeed, possess the Dallas Cowboys.


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  1. On a day that lacked anything positive, this made me smile. Thank you and thank Shady.


  2. Shady’s cocky attitude and overconfidence is the reason I am not going to draft him in fantasy.

    Overconfidence/Flamboyance gets you no where but IR. Dude is not going to last full season. He needs to shut his mouth and let his game do the talking.

    1. ” cocky attitude and overconfidence is the reason I am not going to draft him in fantasy”

      How can i get in your league?

      he is going to be one of the top5 players taken in 95% of fantasy drafts this year. If he is there and AP is gone, you might as well say you don’t want to win your league by passing him up.

      or maybe you are one of those guys who plays in little $5 -$50 leagues

  3. Yet another reason to hate this loud mouthed band of shitters who have accomplished nothing except losing yet another home playoff game. The players take their cue fro that effeminate clown owner and his “gold standard’ nonsense. McCoy is such a loud mouthed piece of shit. Has he dominated a playoff game yet? By the way did anyone hear that slob Gargano interview Jordan Matthews today? Christ what a ball licker he is. It’s embarrassing to hear a grown man fellate another grown man on live radio. My guess is Ellis acted as fluffer before the interview started.

      1. Hahahahaha HA! That’s CLASSSSSSSIC! Yo bo, yo bo, yo bo, yo bo, yo bo, yo bo, yo bo, yo bo, that’s CLASSSSSSSSSSSIC! Buy a Slingbox. Slingbox is CLASSSSSSSIC!

        What a nub. WIP is so awful that it is ridiculous.

  4. Dallas – 5 Super Bowl Trophies

    Eagles – 0

    Talk to me when the Eagles win something.

      1. Such a CLASSSSSSIC burn! That was CLASSSSSIC! Wish I could watch that on my Slingbox, that would be CLASSSSSSIC! Yo bo, yo bo, yo bo, yo bo, yo bo, yo bo, yo bo, CLASSSSSSIC!

      2. Ha HAAAA! I’m so CLASSSSIC. I meant to reply to the post above. Wow, that’s AWESOME. So CLASSSSIC! Yo bo, yo bo, yo bo, yo bo, AWESOME! CLASSSSSSSIC mixup eh Robbie? CLASSSSSIC!

    Gargano is the ultimate south Philly guido. Can’t take 2 minutes of his mouth. Between him and that perverted geezer in the morning, they do more to defame Italian Americans than the fucking mafia.

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