Only Charles Barkley Can Make Howard Eskin Likable

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On this past week’s Sports Sunday, Howard Eskin was joined by the most charming man to ever stand next to Howard Eskin, Charles Barkley. Sir Charles, as always, didn’t shy from calling Eskin ugly, pulling the old Burger King joke (a meme that does not get tired), and calling him out when Eskin claims he played basketball. The greatest hits from the show are posted after the jump, and we fully support someone somewhere giving Charles his own talk show.

FOX 29 News Philadelphia | WTXF-TV


18 Responses

  1. I’d rather listen to Eskin over that fat pig Josh Innes from Houston,who is doing his best to personally ruin 94WIP in the evening for some odd reason.

    At least we have a better option than WIP in the evening,and that’s 97.5 the fanatic.

    1. The only reason fatass Josh Innes was given his cushy job in Philly is because his dad is the CEO of CBS.

      1. @Realist. He wasn’t referring to 97.5 over WIP as a whole.

        Just the evening show with Matt Lombardo & Joe Staszak on 97.5 over the Josh Innes show,and quite frankly I agree with him.

      1. Bullshit the Josh Innes show is a trainwreck.

        And btw,it sounds kind of creepy of you saying Porky Pig Innes grew on you.

  2. Howard Eskin is the TMZ of Philadelphia sports media.

    Houston Fat Pig, Josh Innes is a wannabe Howard Stern with a gaping asshole that spews his smug arrogant “I’m better than you” rhetoric.

    Barkley should be calling games with Zumoff and teaching golf lessons to kids with Tourettes.

  3. Ok. How about the “constantly lying and making up bullshit news CNN” of Philly Sports?

  4. I banged that piece of trash traffic whore on Fox 29. Man she was loose. You could fit 5 of me in there.

  5. Let me check….

    Nope, I still think that bearded clam Eskin is the biggest POS in mainstream Philly media. He’s not even close to likeable.

  6. Comparing WIP and 97.5 at this point is like comparing the 2 best special olympic athletes.

  7. Innes is the best that’s happened to WIP in the last few years. The night time ratings are up, he’s not a homer and people younger than 40 call the station.

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