Kenny Albert Made a Very Timely and Fresh Reference When Phillies Fans Booed Jayson Werth

Phillies fans booed Jayson Werth the other night, as most MLB teams do to former players (especially ones who handled their departure the way he did). It’s almost a game at this point. The fans boo Werth, he screws with the Phanatic, messes with the fans, and continues to count his money. It’s almost as if the Werth vs. the fans rivalry has flipped from real world anger to pro wrestling villain-level taunting.

So it is no surprise that Werth, who is a troll and a d-bag because he enjoys being both of those things, gets booed every time he comes to the plate at Citizens Bank Park. I’d honestly be surprised if it bothered him at all. He’d probably be more bothered if there was just total silence when he approached (which, the way attendance is going, may actually happen soon). It’s the minor-est of minor issues, but Kenny Albert and F.P. Santangelo didn’t think so.

While announcing a Phils/Nats game on Fox, the duo went back to the old, tired, “They Booed Santa” meme. The whole thing is barely worth getting angry about, but we here at Crossing Broad would just like the point out that the actual Santa booing of legend happened eleven years before the birth of Jayson Werth, and likely before the birth of 90% of those who were booing him on Saturday night. Plus, this wasn’t even the meanest Phillies fans have been to Jayson Werth.

Still, you have to wonder, if Kenny keeps bringing this up, will the next national announcer have to say “They booed Santa but KILLED KENNY! THOSE BASTARDS.”

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  1. Even when fans boo him, Werth looks for a kid to throw a ball to every half inning. More than I can say for any Phillie outfielder the past few years.

  2. You’re the biggest pussy when it comes to this shit. It’s good when people bring this shit up. Adds to the allure of Phillly fans being intimidating. Also Werth should always be welcome in Philly. He helped us win our only championship in the last 40 some years.

    1. 2014 minus 40 years equals 1974 in which the philly area has won five championships: flyers (73-74,74-75) sixers ( 82-83) and phillies (80 and 08) are you just stupid or a biased washington piece of shit?

        1. Fuck off. It’s still like 30 years. Anyone who was apart of the 08 World Series should be welcomed back. It may be another 30 some years til we win another championship. 34 to be exact for you math stickler dick heads.

          1. never said that werth shouldnt be welcomed back he was one of my favorite phils on that team, tossed him a beer off a roof during the parade and he cracked and slugged it. wish he never left but thats business. really just cant have you callin us out like were in a cleveland drought when weve had 6 ships since then. fuck you too sir

  3. Maybe they’d stop talking about Santa Claus and batteries being thrown if we’d stop acting like animals on national tv. Seriously. We embarrass ourselves at every turn, yet we bitch and moan when people notice this.

    1. So when is the last time that something happened on national TV in Philadelphia?

  4. Commence Fucking yourself now.

  5. The fans were booing PapleBum for the 25 throws to first and second when he dug up the old Santa reference, but who gives a shit

  6. Hold the fuck up!

    What about me?

    These drunken bastards booed me at the draft,and you’re worrying about some fictional character named Santa Claus after all I’ve done for this city(SMDH).

  7. Booing Werth is the most idiotic thing ever…great player who helped us win a championship, got a ring, got offered a shit ton of money to play elsewhere and took it…

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