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Phillies fans booed Jayson Werth the other night, as most MLB teams do to former players (especially ones who handled their departure the way he did). It’s almost a game at this point. The fans boo Werth, he screws with the Phanatic, messes with the fans, and continues to count his money. It’s almost as if the Werth vs. the fans rivalry has flipped from real world anger to pro wrestling villain-level taunting.

So it is no surprise that Werth, who is a troll and a d-bag because he enjoys being both of those things, gets booed every time he comes to the plate at Citizens Bank Park. I’d honestly be surprised if it bothered him at all. He’d probably be more bothered if there was just total silence when he approached (which, the way attendance is going, may actually happen soon). It’s the minor-est of minor issues, but Kenny Albert and F.P. Santangelo didn’t think so.

While announcing a Phils/Nats game on Fox, the duo went back to the old, tired, “They Booed Santa” meme. The whole thing is barely worth getting angry about, but we here at Crossing Broad would just like the point out that the actual Santa booing of legend happened eleven years before the birth of Jayson Werth, and likely before the birth of 90% of those who were booing him on Saturday night. Plus, this wasn’t even the meanest Phillies fans have been to Jayson Werth.

Still, you have to wonder, if Kenny keeps bringing this up, will the next national announcer have to say “They booed Santa but KILLED KENNY! THOSE BASTARDS.”

H/T to reader Matt