Jayson Werth is a Bag of Dicks

Screen Shot 2012-09-27 at 7.25.48 AM"Those men looked mean"

If you were one of the few who hadn’t yet come around on disliking Jayson Werth (which, I know, is a difficult thing to do– my JW jersey sheds a tear every morning in my closet), I suppose the events of last night may have put you over the Edge.

With one out in the ninth and Werth on-deck, Danny Espinosa dribbled a foul ball in the direction of his whiny teammate. Werth picked it up, pump faked like he was going to throw it to a fan… and then tossed it into the Nats' dugout.


TV cameras from CSN, MASN, or ESPN didn’t capture it, but you could certainly hear the reaction of the 20,000 or so (generous) left at Citizens Bank Park. 

When Werth came up (with two on and now two out in a one-run game, mind you), there were vacillating boos and cheers, the latter of which came when Justin De Fratus threw one up and in, around Werth’s once-cool beard.

Unfortunately, for us, the fun didn’t last long: Werth singled up the middle, scoring both runners. 7-4, $126 million man and his playoff bound team. Werth was, in fact, seeing to it personally that we never walk down Broad in celebration again. Or something.

Many people left. Those who remained, booed. Well, except for a cheesy reporter, the Daily News' David Murphy, high up in the press box:

Screen Shot 2012-09-27 at 8.21.30 AM

[This from a guy who once claimed he didn't have contempt for his reader base.] 

After the game, Werth was asked about the incident. His response… is as douchey as it could have been: [Washington Post]

“Earlier in the game, I flipped a ball in the right field seats to a fan. It bounced off her hands and landed on somebody’s lap. A guy reached over, a Phillies fan, reached over into her lap, grabbed the ball and then threw it back on the field.

“So in the ninth when I got the ball, I was going to flip the ball. There was a group of kids. Behind the kids there were these unruly middle-aged men that to me appeared to be snarling. It’s the ninth. Who knows. I kind of got the sense that maybe they were intoxicated. I was going to flip it to the kids, and then I thought, maybe I shouldn’t, because of the people right behind those innocent little children there.

“So I just flipped it in the dugout. Evidently, that rubbed some people the wrong. After the events in right field, I felt it was better to maybe not throw it in the stands.”


Here’s a screenshot of those snarling fans: 

Screen Shot 2012-09-27 at 7.33.02 AM 

Whoa! Snarls Barkleys over here. 

That Nats won. Werth made out with a hot girl in front of his ex. And yeah, we’re probably a little bit jealous.

Video of Werth speaking to reporters, courtesy of the Trentonian, after the jump.


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  1. Remember how hungover Jason Werth was every Sunday game when he played for the phils? always f’ing up in the field.
    -Also whats with the younger philly sports writers, 97.5 talk show hosts/producers walking around talking down to people & acting like they are big celebs???
    I would love to give Sean Brace & High Cheese a reality check beating

  2. In baseball, especially the last few years, the team with the best overall record never does shit in the playoffs. Couple that with shelving your ace pitcher, and the Nats don’t have a fucking chance for a parade of their own.

  3. Werth’s move was no more mindless or dickish than the idiot bubble-brained Phillies ballgirls who routinely grab a ball missed by a dad in the front row, and give it not to his kid, but to some clown who runs down the aisle at the last sec.
    It’s watching stupid shit like that that makes Wheels not the worst person in the stadium.

  4. He didn’t toss it in the stands because he’d tossed balls in the stands earlier in the games and had them thrown back onto the field. Plus, after Jayson’s at bat, Michael Morse tossed a bunch of balls into the stands for the kids.

  5. Hey lumpy, sounds like you need bring a bigger glove next time. It’s not the ballgirls job to redeem you in front of your kid if you miss a ball.

  6. Delusional nerd in a dying profession, working for a bankrupt newspaper taunts the 20 people who bother to read his mailed-in, half-assed statements of the obvious.
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I seem to remember an incident at CBP when Werth wasn’t nearly so concerned about an innocent child in the stands.

  7. The only two people more annoying than Davd Murphy are Tom McCarthy and Chris Wheeler. If I hear “How about that” in that douchy voice one more time. How can you be an announcer for a professional sports team and have a vocabulary smaller than a first grader.

  8. David Murphy is a clown. He acts as if every statement out of his mouth is the best thing ever spoken. Can’t wait till he’s canned.

  9. get over it
    your obsessed
    First, it was Werth for deciding to become grossly overpaid – almost 2 full years now
    Second, you started on Harper when he was in high school
    Third – you go apeshit over Natitude or any attempt from DC management to promote their team.
    What do the Phillies win for having more fans in the seats than the Nats?
    The Phils could use some Natitude – score early and often and keep tacking on runs = WINS

  10. Yo Rubes nice guess but wrong, and you can’t say you haven’t seen that play out on TV dozens of times. If it were me I’d hop the fence, get kicked out, and scalp another $10 tic to re-enter. My kid would have a $10 souvenir.

  11. And this qualifies as a newsflash how? Werth was a cretin while he was HERE, so what he did last night wasn’t exactly shocking.

  12. Why is everyone so obsessed with foul balls? Gettin into fist fights and falling to deaths over a ball that either gets shoved into a box and forgotten or eventually gets used in a sandlot game.
    Werth’s still a d-bag to do that to kids and the thing on wheels head nailed it on Murphy. he is one angry little fuck, he’s on no pussy.

  13. I wish Big Bob Cooney would crush High Cheese tool Murph like that heavy-set mobster did to that biker in the bronx tale. Now You Can’t Leave High Cheese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I know the guys he’s talking about and to be honest no matter how drunk they get they would never take a ball outta a little kids hands. And to be honest I don’t see any young kids near them. To be honest they’ve been jeering Werth since he was here. In fact the guy with glasses Timmy was actually kicked outta of game a few years ago by Jayson Werth. They’re at almost every Nats game in those seats how Werth doesn’t know they’re faces by now is beyond me. They’re known as the Sign Guys and they’re not going anywhere for awhile.

  15. Relax people … After 1 series, Mr. Werth will join Mr. Strasburg on the golf course —just like our Phillies. The Nats are a team with no heart and no chance in the playoiffs.

  16. I’m disappointed in Jayson’s behavior. Descending to the level of Phillies fans is totally uncool.

  17. OMG Werth used foul language on a baseball field near a child! What a terrible person! Hey Dad, don’t interfere with a live ball, and you won’t get yelled at by a guy who’s trying to do his job.
    The real story here is why David Murphy hates his life so much. You people are hilarious.

  18. Oh get over it. Jayson was a critical part of a team that won a championship town, which, if you haven’t noticed, doesn’t happen very often. If he took the money and went to Seattle, no one would care, but he went to a team within the division, and one that is currently winning. It’s not like he just became sort of a smug douche overnight, but we loved it before because he was on our side. He took the one chance he had in his career to cash in on free agency, good for him. Move on.

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