A Sports Illustrated Blog Already Compared Booing Bettman to Booing Santa Claus


As mentioned this morning in the roundup, Gary Bettman got a whole lot of boos at the NHL draft this weekend at the Wells Fargo Center. Booing a commissioner is not a new thing. Bettman himself is booed so much he probably can’t even hear it anymore, David Stern used to seem legitimately giddy when he was booed at the draft, and Roger Goddell is basically a super-villian at this point. Yet, as predicted, it didn’t take long for someone to declare the booing of Gary Bettman a disgrace and — once again — bring up the booing of Santa Claus.

Two separate posts on Sports Illustrated‘s Too Many Men on the Site blog tried to shame the crowd for booing Bettman. One post, written by a self-proclaimed Rangers fan, said:

“When Gary Bettman came on stage, and the boo-birds were out in full force. The commissioner is booed in many venues he appears at, especially when he presents the Stanley Cup each summer. I had never experienced it live, but I think it is safe to say this was the loudest he has ever been booed. I watched the broadcast afterward, but the cameras couldn’t do it justice – the booing was much louder in the building than it was on TV. Every time the man tried to speak he was droned out almost entirely to the crowd, and some of the people were remarking how annoying it was because no one could even hear what he was saying. In all honesty, although Bettman is a polarizing figure in the NHL community, the booing yesterday was actually a disgrace to the sport and to the event, and the fans should be ashamed of themselves for such a lack of respect.”

Anyone decrying someone else for not showing “respect” for the commissioner of a major sport is probably a blast at parties. But that wasn’t even the worst one. There was also this, with one of the most tired memes of sports fandom:

“Perhaps it is a clear indication of how the Flyers season and post-season is going when the biggest thing going for Flyers fans is how loud they booed NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman. Obnoxious booing is the quickest way to spot the Philadelphia sports fan in the room; that and the fact that they’ll proudly tell you in-between bites of a Philly cheesesteak how they once booed Santa Claus.”

You see, that’s where you’re wrong, because the only people who can’t shut the hell up about Philly fans booing Santa Claus are the New York Times, ESPN, and … others. You’re still pulling out the same nonsense line that people have been using since the incident actually happened … in 1968. For reference, that was the 2nd season of the Flyers’ existence.

Can everyone else finally move on? We did. I mean this August will mark the 15th anniversary of the time we threw batteries at J.D. Drew. That was worse and even that was 15 years ago. If you want to keep throwing us on Worst Fans lists and all of that, fine, but come up with some better reasons.

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  1. I’m sure there were many others that attended the Draft other than Philadelphians, and booed just as much. So blame Philly ’cause that’s the easily path to travel. I take it with a grain of salt.

  2. Didn’t we throw snow balls at Santa? I love my city and our passion.. Who cares what anyone else thinks

  3. isn’t this the same guy who would be jobless if Bettman locked out the NHL for another season???

  4. Throwing snowballs at Santa is some old, tired, overused shit…..kind of like the articles on here…

  5. I think it’s awesome that we booed Bettman more than any other fan base.

    But is there *any* fan base that doesn’t boo him? Ever? The guy gets booed every single time he presents the Stanley Cup for crying out loud!

    1. It’s awesome, huh? Tell me why he gets booed then? What has he done to Philly and it’s fans that we booed him. This is the equivalent of Jayson Werth boos. We boo because we think we have to to keep up our cred. Silly

      1. You mean besides being the worst commissioner in all of sports and trying to send the NHL to the toilet?

        1. Bettman was not the one to blame for the lockout…it was the owners and the players’ association. Do some research and get a clue.

          1. 3 lockouts in 20 years and never picked up a hockey stick in his life bro you get a clue. He deserves worse than booing.

          2. Haha almost all commissioners have never played their sport. They’re CEOs, there to run a massive business. 2014 Sports Executive of the Year…just saying. Yes, Bettman has sucked with league expansion/relocation but go read about the lockouts.

      1. That’s because LA fans aren’t true hockey fans….they become “fans” every April.

  6. Blogging about it every time some jackhole brings up booing Santa is just as annoying.

  7. My gosh, I am SO over giving a chit about sports writers/bloggers/etc rehashing the same old slop about Philly fans.

    I truly don’t care.

    What bothers me is the Philly writers/bloggers/etc who go gaga every time some no-name, no-sack from another city regurgitates this crap.

    Get over it. Pay it no mind.

  8. Another enlightened moron rehashing some old shit.
    Ok, Santa got booed, had snowballs thrown at him. Big deal. Shit happens.

    What really annoys me about that snippet is that these geniuses in the press have to put the term “Philly” in front of cheesesteak.
    If you’re eating a cheesesteak & you’re in Philly, it’s just a cheesesteak.
    Do the Chinese call their food “Chinese food”?
    Dodgers & Giants fans have run each other over, stabbed each other, and have committed murders, but let’s focus on something that happened forever ago. Yeah, Philly’s the worst….

    1. Thank you! (for the Dodgers-Giants mention). That’s happened multiple times, but a completely blown-out-of-proportion NON-event gets mentioned every time with us. Fuck the SI writer, and fuck Bettman, too!

  9. “I had never experienced it live, but I think it is safe to say this was the loudest he has ever been booed.”

    Yeah that definitely sounds legit. Even though you’ve never heard it happen any other time live, you can just go ahead and assume it was the loudest ever.

    I’ve never seen that writer’s cock live before, but I think it is safe to say it is one of the smallest ever in history.

  10. We didn’t boo Santa, just threw snowballs at him.
    Tanks fer nuttin!

  11. Evereyone, everywhere boos Bettman…what’s the big deal??? I’m sure his family boos him as well!!!

  12. as Dave Schultz said….”we don’t have to apologize to nobody.” This guy who wrote this article should go play with the traffic on i95

  13. Why the fuck do you care? It adds to the mystique of asshole hardcore Philly fans. It’s something to take pride in. Get the fuck over it. Stop whining anytime anyone brings up Philly being dicks. Grow some balls.

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