Please Add Nats Beat Writer Mark Zuckerman to Your Shit Lists

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

We’re lucky here in Philadelphia. Our baseball team may be disappointing, depressing, and rage-inducing, but the game is still nice to look at due to — in my biased opinion — one of the best ballparks in the league. That is not the case, however, according to Nationals beat writer Mark Zuckerman, who placed CBP at #15 on his list of the best ballparks in the majors:

15. CITIZENS BANK PARK, Philadelphia
Opened: 2004
Capacity: 43,651
Comment: We’re now entering the indistinguishable middle of the pack. All of these ballparks have some similarities, none of them especially exciting. Call them the modern-day cookie cutters. Philadelphia has probably the best of this group, notable for the dark red brick and two-tiered bullpen behind the center-field fence. But there’s not a whole lot else that defines Citizens Bank Park. Aside from the Phanatic (who is great) and the local fan base (which is not).

Oh, yeah, Phils fans have nothing on those legendary, loyal Nationals fans. Zuckerman’s top 10 was pretty standard, with the top three spots going to the universally loved PNC Park, AT&T Park, and Camden Yards. The top ten are rounded out by the home fields of the Cubs, Padres, Mariners, Twins, Dodgers, Royals, and Red Sox.

Zuckerman doesn’t exactly love where his home team pays either, putting Nationals Park one spot behind CBP. Here’s what he says:

16. NATIONALS PARK, Washington
Opened: 2008
Capacity: 41,418
Comment: Look, you may not like or agree with this. Nationals Park, to its credit, is a very fan-friendly ballpark, with wide concourses and good field views from just about any seat. But it simply has no defining characteristic, no distinct charm. Think about it this way: What’s the first thing you think of when you think of Nationals Park? It’s tough to come up with something. The big video board? The Red Porch area? The cherry blossoms that bloom for only a week or so in early-April? The distant view of the Capitol dome from a handful of sections in the upper deck? I just wish there was something that stood about this place. A quirk in the outfield fence. A view of the Anacostia River. A view of more of the city. A unique bullpen. Something. Anything. Instead, we’re left with a very nice — but wholly indistinguishable — ballpark in the nation’s capital.

You can check out the rest of his list here, but it’s nice to know even a rival can admit CBP is at least the best park in the NL East. Additionally, only the Coliseum (truly one of the worst buildings of any kind in all of America) ranks worst than that hellhole down in Tampa. And I don’t even know if I’d go that far.


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  1. couldn’t agree more with Zuckerman’s assessment of cbp and the fans. Best park is PNC park. Even my buds who are phils fans agree

    1. I doubt your buds who are phils fans agree with the statement about the fans. Don’t they have Pittsburgh sports blogs for you to go read?

    2. I think we’d all agree that CBP is at the top of the list for AAA team ballparks though.

    3. Aw, the lil bitty coward thinks he has friends. It’s clear your friends don’t like you at all.

  2. Quick thoughts:
    CBP should be higher but maybe only a few spots
    Nats park was weak and there’s nothing around it
    Totally agree on Citi Field, went there on a hot day and all the black made it seem twice as hot, also nothing around it.
    Rogers Centre was actually pretty decent but probably fairly rated.
    PNC is the best one agree on that awesome ballpark.
    End rant

  3. I actually agree with what he is saying outside of his last snide comment. CBP is ok. It is lightyears ahead of what the vet was, but outside of the food and beer selection, it really isn’t anything special. Now, if they had built a downtown stadium, I’d be singing a different tune.

  4. Outside of its history, Wrigley Field sucks from an overall fan perspective. Not really certain why it gets such high praise. The seats suck and are uncomfortable, there are pillars in the middle of the good seats which block multiple viewing angles, and the concession area looks like something out of a medieval dungeon.

    1. I completely agree, Fenway should be included in this as well but these 2 fields always get a pass because of their history or age. The truth is the sight lines are bad, the bathrooms are worse, the seats, walk ways, aisles are all too tight and the concessions are pathetic. If you built a new stadium that replicated these Fenway or Wriggley they would be at the bottom of the list, but because of some hipster asshole wants to wax poetic about the glory days of baseball they always get dropped into the top 10.

  5. This does not make him shit list worthy. CBP is nice. That’s it. Its a good park, but it’s not deserving of being much higher on this list. Also, the phillies are a big rival for the nats and our fans are not the friendliest, so the shot at the end is for his readers, who i’m going to assume are probably nats fans (you know being that he’s a nats beat writer and all).

    Stop with the shit list thing, it’s annoying to hear you get butthurt anytime someone brings up snowballs at santa or says our fans are dicks. Get the fuck over it pussy. People hate us. Bitching about it instead of embracing it just makes you look like a little bitch.

  6. Fenway #1 – hands down.
    PNC – great views, bridges, skyline, but the stadium is nothing special. Take away the views and you have CBP essentially.
    Camden Yards is still great and the original of the new era.
    Havent been to Wrigley yet.
    CBP decent, better than Nationals Park by a mile and Citi Field.

  7. I dunno, I’d agree with his rankings.

    CBP was great in 2004 but now everyone has the same ballpark. Nothing special, it’s pretty bland looking.

    Bigger disagreement is that Nationals Park, isn’t top 20. Couldn’t build a ballpark that shows DC’s “skyline” and they instead put it in the ghetto? SMH

  8. I think I’d put CBP above:
    Angels Stadium (proximity to disneyland is not a reason to rank it high)
    Minute Maid (looks cavernous on TV, the only unique parts are the hill and the train)
    Safeco (nothing particularly noteworthy about this park)
    Petco (great location but generally pretty bland except for the Metal Supply building)
    and possibly Kauffman (but the renovations may have pushed it back up)

    I think Citi field is too high at 25… that place is a dump built in a dump with no defining characteristics.

  9. boohooo. why does everyone say we threw stuff at santa claus that happened a long time ago. WHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! we cant take it when other people talk bad about us wwweeehhhh wwweehhhhh boooohhhhooooooo.

  10. Theres way more Nationals fans at Nationals games then Phillies phans at phillies games.

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