Twitter Reacts to Roy Halladay’s Love of Chase Utley

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Roy loves Chase and you love Roy for loving Chase. Your best Tweets, after the jump.


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  2. I hate Chase Utley because everyone cannot just shut the fuck up about him.

    1. Though hopefully it chafes some assholes that the only other player to occupy St. Utley’s hallowed orbit is Rolen. I enjoyed that part a great deal.

  3. Awesome post Jim. Great research. 2 months on the job and page views are up 25%

    1. Nice try Kyle. Page views are up because the only entertaining thing worthwhile on this site is reading comments and seeing you and Jim get ripped for your respective closeted homosexuality and gay t shirts. Comments are more hilarious than they’ve been in months.

      I’m going to check out Bleeding Green Nation, thanks for the tip. Anyone have any other sports blogs worth checking out? – heard Crashburn Alley is decent.

      Suggestions welcome. All done reading about doggie dildo’s, NBA Christmas Jersey’s, Beer Gardens and Jim and Kyle’s flirtatious “are they or aren’t they” tete a tete.

    2. I really hope this isn’t Kyle. If it is, CB will be in Chapter 7 by Halloween.

  4. Roy Hallady is a racist because he said these nice things about Utley and not about Rollins or Howard.

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