Firefighter Turned Eagles First-Rounder Turned Bust is Now a Firefighter Again

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Danny Watkins, the Eagles first-round OL draft bust that was laughed at by Jonathan Martin, Richie Incognito, and Danny Watkins, is now back to fighting fires in Texas. Ian Rappaport reported that Watkins is working as a firefighter in Dallas and is “very happy” with his career move, a feeling that is shared by Eagles fans.

The fact that Watkins is better at (and would rather be) stopping buildings from burning down than stopping NFL defenders is nothing to scoff at, but you should really feel free to scoff all you want at his brief, misguided, and legendarily bad NFL career. And also the fact that the Eagles drafted him.

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14 Responses

  1. Want even more reason to hate Andy Reid,a year earlier the Eagles passed on all-pro safety Earl Thomas and drafted Brandon Graham(fail).

    In the second round they passed on safety Tj Ward and drafted Nate Allen(fail).

    And in the third round of the same 2010 draft Andy Reid passed on all-pro linebacker Navorro Bowman and all pro all world tight end Jimmy Graham and drafted undersized d-linemen Daniel Te’o Nesheim(fail).

    1. Paul, you’re a douche… I hate it when people monday-morning quarterback the fucking draft. ALMOST EVERY TEAM would re-do the the NFL draft and take Graham/Bowman way earlier. In fact, every year teams wish they could re-do the draft.

      It’s as big a crapshoot as Jim’s shitty articles.

  2. Maybe you should think before you communicate. Howie picked and was obsessed Watkins just like the other busts he took. He joins the list of genius GM’s we have in this town.

    1. “Best GM in the league”, my cockswallowing nephew Howie.
      Gold standard—fuck off.

      Oh, and Jaquan Jarrett-SECOND round pick too.

        1. Bunch of douchebags up in here… Go back to calling into fucking WIP with your uneducated opinions.

          Taking your opinion and treating it as fact won’t get you anywhere. I’m not a blind pro-eagles supporter, but I’m aware of past acquisitions and who was responsible for them.

          This fucking town can never be happy. Our biggest issue is our kicker, which is pretty nice considering the clusterfuck that the rest of the NFC East has become. Teams would kill to have the core of this Eagles roster, but we still can’t be fucking happy.

      1. Lurie is a great owner and you are the dumbest in a large group of dumb shits who post on this site. Every time I read what you say I feel anger.

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