Flyers Sign Michael Del Zotto

Photo credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports
Photo credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

I don’t hate this.

The Flyers have signed Michael Del Zotto to a one-year, $1.3 million deal, ostensibly so he can replace Kimmo Timonen.

Del Zotto is only 24 and had an outstanding couple of seasons and then sort of fell off a cliff. Mike Halford of Pro Hockey Talk writes of Del Zotto:

A former first-round pick, Del Zotto was at one point considered an up-and-coming young blueliner. He finished eighth in Calder voting on the strength of a 37-point campaign in 2009-10 and had a banner year in 2011-12, scoring a career-high 10 goals and 41 points to finish 12th in Norris voting (ahead of Duncan Keith, if you can imagine that.)

But that feels like a long time ago.

Last season was so bad that, according to the New York Post, one NHL club claiming Del Zotto’s reputation was “in tatters.” Nashville didn’t even bother giving him a qualifying offer after he scored just one goal and five points in 25 games, occasionally sitting as a healthy scratch.

I always liked him, though it’s entirely possible I’m basing my opinion of him on his 24/7 appearances. Anyway, the Flyers needed a coffin… er, a D-man. There are not a lot of D-man available at this point in the offseason. Kimmo’s injury cost the Flyers one D-man they were counting on, so Hextall went out and replaced him as best I could. Voilà.* And Del Zotto looks like Screech F’d Andy Samberg F’d Jason Biggs. I dig that.

*That’s my second Christmas Vacation reference of the day. The shitter is full!**



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  1. Kyle, I’ve been a long time reader but have never been one to comment. The coffin harsh. Actually if I didn’t know your humor and knew that was a joke, I’d more than likely be offended. But some folks may read that wrong. Timonen is well loved, and I hope you use better judgement next time because that has the potential to REALLY piss some people off. All due respect.

  2. 1st! I like this move. No long term commitment, he’s young and cheap. This is a move Homer could never make.

  3. A 24 year old hockey player doesn’t get worse. Hopefully it was a “system” thing or an attitude problem that might be fixable here. Either way, 1 year, 1 mil is no risk at all. Holmgren would have give him a 7-year deal.

  4. I’m not one to jump down your throat Kyle everybody keep saying that you are so late in reporting and that your blog is just copy cat this is news from hour ago not to mention the fact that 9 4 .1 was talking about it all day as if it were a done deal an obvious to the fact that you wait till its posted online and everyone else is talking about it for you to write this article its sad man its sad do you have sources do you need some new sources is there anyway I can help you maybe I can monitor Facebook when I see things updated I can send them to you and help you write the articles tell me what you need bro. Tell me what you need

    1. Dude I tried to read your post but you decided not to add any punctuation whatsoever which made it very hard to understand exactly what you were saying I had to read your post three times to make sure I understood exactly what point you were trying to make I don’t know if you just don’t understand why punctuation is important or you are just really lazy when posting comments if I can make a suggestion please try to add a period or comma once on a while this will help everyone decipher your ramblings

  5. Na. Yall is need ta b tuffer on dis shit. Cuz yall mudder fukers is wack ass shit cray cray. Nahmeen lyke ya no when I get football and rub dat shit dem hos chasin mi ass. Sing car on to tree fuck man!

  6. I love this signing. The guy can move the puck and add offense to our D. The guy is only 24 years old and d-men take longer than forwards to develop, so hopefully this is a situation where we are buying low and he becomes a much better player for us as he gets older and develops.

  7. I like this move. Del Zotto can’t be much worse than most of the dmen we already have. And hopefully he improves and can be part of the group in a couple years when Gostisbehere, hagg and morin come up. I wish they could have signed Peter Mueller to that 2 way contract though.

  8. Haha, loved the coffin reference. I got it immediately, didnt need to see the bottom part. To those that dont get it, go back and watch Lampoons Christmas Vacation, in particular the part where his tree burns down.

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