Kelly Drive Shirt Now Available

Kelly Drive t-shirt

Well, here’s your shirt of the fall.

Inspired by Mr. Jason Kelce’s nonstop support of every local athlete’s favorite Shore bar, we present to you: Kelly Drive. Printed on a – dare I say beautiful – 50-50 poly-cotton, v-neck, double-hemmed, double-piped, double-pleasured jersey-style knit, Kelly Drive is an homage, a street, and also an up-tempo offensive philosophy. It’s a little bit unconventional, too. Buy it this week to get the special launch price, because these perfect-fit v-necks aren’t at all cheap and the price will be going up after the initial batch.

Get one.


23 Responses

  1. Not usually a fan of the shirts but this one is probably the best yet.

    When can we expect a Shady, “I own Dallas!” shirt?

    1. Watching Kelce/Barwin/Cooper down 10+ shots each in minutes was definitely a top 3 moment from MDW at the OD. Another top 3 moment was KAY-CEEEE sitting on my face.

  2. look at kyle stepping up and getting 50 cotton & 50 poly (which = perfect fitting tee shirts)

  3. Just when I thought you couldn’t make a t shirt that’s any dumber, you do something like this…..and….

    apparently totally redeem yourself?

    1. Also seriously, how many of those Giroux/Police shirts did you sell?
      One to new guy Jim and your wife?

  4. alright you finally got me on a shirt… can i stop answering stupid questions everytime i try and view the site

  5. I have never considered buying any of your shirts, but this one I am so close. If you could only make this on a normal t shirt (not v neck) i would be in.

    1. No v neck? Sorry dude, that’s against the wannabe hipster code. We can’t have that.

  6. How is this shirt unconventional? It’s the same style as a myriad of bro shirts you’ll find in the area during the spring/summer seasons.

  7. Also, $27 is the special launch price? For a fucking t shirt? I’m just gonna make knock offs of this and sell them for $10. Sue me, dickhead.

  8. If you would spend 27$ on one of these terrible shirts you are an absolute idiot.

    Regardless of how bad the shirts logo is or how dumb what says is, who the hell would pay 27$ dollars on a cotton t-shirt, keep lining this guys pockets you tools.

    Get a grip

  9. “dare I say beautiful – 50-50 poly-cotton, v-neck, double-hemmed, double-piped, double-pleasured jersey-style knit”

    Is that how you justify charging 27$ for a t-shirt

  10. $27 for a t shirt thats getin pimped by bussanass its a hella dont

    1. best laugh all day. you made scotch and M&M’s come out my nose.

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