NHL Hate Map Shows West Virginia is Pittsburgh Jr.


Like the other sports before it, the NHL now has its own Reddit Hate Map, showing which team hockey fans in each state hate the most. Pennsylvania and California are the only places that hate (one of) their hometown teams.

Though Pennsylvanians’ votes were also tallied against the Oilers, Bruins, Blackhawks, Red Wings, Canadiens, Devils, Islanders, Rangers, Blues, Canucks, and Capitals, the final vote totals showed that the Flyers fans who hate Pittsburgh just barely outnumbered the Penguins fans who hate Philadelphia.

Virginia once again agrees, this time bringing Maryland, Ohio, and the Carolinas along. Pens fans carried-over into and stole West Virginia, placing the Flyers in their sole hate-spot on the map. We’re fine with that, because they are still in West Virginia.


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      1. lol, while the guy is a moron on that we agree, I supposed you went to some great private school in the area? love to know which one.

        1. Does it matter? My parents aren’t freeloaders living off the land sending their kids to terrible public schools. Thats why your people call me “Boss”.

    1. no one cares about the rangers. they never win anything. just because they are from new York?

  1. Isn’t marrying family members the norm in West Virginia?

    These inbred hicks should be more concerned with sleeping with their cousins,than hating on the Flyers.

  2. The majority of West Virginia falls within Pittsburgh’s local TV market. Who would have thought people who watch the team that comes on their TV every night would dislike that teams rival? South Jersey and Delaware is Philadelphia Jr. guys LOLOLOL thanks for the click bait.

  3. I love how it looks like the Flyers logo is stabbing the heart and face of the penguin logo.

    1. 1) It’s Alabama
      2) Tim Thomas used to play in Birmingham and/or lived a huge portion of his life in Birmingham, so I would assume there are a lot of Tim Thomas supporters who reside there. Bruins have a rivalry with the Canucks because of the heated 2011 Stanley Cup Finals. Respectively this is why Washington state hates the Bruins.

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