For Sports Illustrated‘s NFL season preview issue, they’re running four regional covers featuring some rival NFC QB combos (Kaepernick/Wilson, Cutler/Stafford, Ryan/Brees), and the one in our region features a copy-pasted side-by-side of Nick Foles and Tony Romo.

Foles and Romo are the only pair wearing their full jerseys on the covers (and Kaepernick is the only one shirtless because good God if I was that man I’d never wear a shirt and if I was in the same room I’d never be shirtless next to him). To that point, we saw Matt Ryan’s photoshoot on the latest episode of Hard Knocks, and when asked if he wanted to take his undershirt off, he said something to the effect of, “Hell no, did you see Kaepernick? He’s huge.” I assume the same kind of deal happened with Foles and Romo. Can’t imagine Nick would have an issue taking his pants off, though.