Roy Halladay Reaffirms His Love for Chase Utley, Takes a Jab at Howard Eskin

Photo: Phillies
Photo: Phillies Twitter, which is having a good day

He hasn’t even been honored at Citizens Bank Park yet (that will come later), but Roy Halladay has already won today. First, in a sign that not all is bad in our world, he went to the Zoo With Roy. And then he took part in #DocChat on the Phillies’ Twitter account, where he reaffirmed his love for Chase Utley and took a jab at Howard Eskin:

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Sure, Halladay may have already won the day, but it’s Alumni Weekend… will Pat Burrell win the night?

Full #DocChat after the jump.


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  1. Great pitcher, weird dude though. absolute true story. I was getting a haircut in newtown square and Doc came in asking if he could get half off his haircut since he only got a trim. Lady said no, and he stiffed her. it was like 20 bucks. those hyper competitive types like Halladay, Woods, etc are just on a different planet than the rest of us.

  2. How great will it be to see all you d bags who by kyle’s “kelly drive” shirts walking about around SIC high fiving each other. That shirt is as bad as the “bringing hexy back”. They are like spinner hub caps’- something so ridiculous you cant believe anyone would actually buy them.

  3. Never learned to say “hello” until it was time to say “goodbye.”

    Bye Roy.

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