The Eagles are Considering a Switch Back to Kelly Green Uniforms (!!!)

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That sound you hear is my Woodrow.

Don Smolenski was on the WIP Morning Show today (in studio!) and he told Angelo, Al and Rhea that the Eagles are considering a switch back to Kelly Green uniforms. From CBS Philly:

“We have talked about it and there are some rules with the NFL that provides some restrictions that we’re trying to work through, but that’s going to take some time. It’s there, and it’s something that we do talk about, but until some things change at the NFL level it’s going to provide restrictions for us. It is being talked about it, yes.”

I believe the NFL requires a two-year waiting slash approval period before changing logos, uniforms, etc. (perhaps they’d make an exception if your team name is highly offensive to the indigenous people of America), so that could potentially be part of the restrictions Smolenski is talking about. But it doesn’t matter. Lurie ditched that Midnight Green-loving nut and now he’s free to do what he wants with his own damn team. And this just happens to be what we want, too. Get it done, Jeffffff. GET IT DONE.

Will link to the audio when it’s available. Meanwhile, our new shirt will probably (absolutely) interest you.

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35 Responses

  1. YES!!!!!! NOW!!!

    I think they should wear the 90’s uniforms as a “throwback alternate” at least twice a year until they are able to formally change the team color back to Kelly Green. They wore the 60’s throwbacks back in 2010 for the opener against GB. Let’s get that 90’s “Gang Green” back! I don’t see why the waiting period is necessary either. Keep everything the same…logo, jerseys…everything…just change the color.

    1. The only way they can wear any throwbacks is to switch their primary color to Kelly Green. Unless you want to see Kelly Green jerseys and Midnight Green helmets.

        1. NFL changed a rule last year, not allowing alternate helmets to be worn during any game as a safety concern. You are allowed to altar decals, but the primary helmet (midnight green) is to be the only helmet used in a game. The NFL said that wearing a completely different helmet, that players aren’t adequately accustomed to, increases the chance of concussion and other head traumas. It’s fucking whack.

          1. They paint the helmets all the time. Ever notice how much NFL team players always have shiny clean helmets? Without the scars one game leaves linemen? It’s because it’s repainted. Why can’t they just paint them the “other” color? Son? Why?

      1. ..this is how the Chargers got away with wearing the “powder blue” jerseys like 4-5 times a year before they changed over to the white helmets again…they just have their “throwback” as their alternate. The Eagles could’ve worn the throwback 60’s uniform as many times as they wanted in 2010 as well.

        They have to list alternate uniforms and they’re typically an all white variation of the current uniform, and of course the black jersey. I say just get rid of the all white and replace it with a 90’s throwback uni for this year and wear it for a couple home games.

    2. They can’t wear the 90s uniforms right now because the helmets are a different color. Last year the NFL made a rule that said a player could only wear one helmet per season.

    1. Christina was in charge of all things uniform. Wondered how long after she was out of the picture those terrible unis would soon follow.

    2. All because that battle ax Christina liked the midnight green…At least old Jeff finally got the strength to open the jar on top of the fridge that contained his balls.

  2. Ahh yes, the kelly green unis. That brings me back to the golden age of eagles football when they still didn’t win superbowls.

  3. I listened to the interview and just by the way Don was phrasing his answers, I got the impression that the Eagles are looking into kelly green as an alternative uniform and not a full time uniform. It was subtle but it was just the way he answered. Like this line “but until some things change at the NFL level it’s going to provide restrictions for us.” If they were going to permanently change, then the NFL would not need to change anything at the NFL level, the Eagles would just have to wait a year or two. I think the Eagles are trying to wear them a few times a year and for that there are some restrictions. I was hoping Angelo picked up on it so he could have asked the follow up question as to whether it a permanent change or just alternative jerseys they would wear a few times a year.

    1. Even if they are just alternate jerseys, they would be better than the black ones they currently wear. While they look cool, they’re not Eagles colors.

  4. The midnight green is a much better look. Sure the Kelly green is nostalgic, but so outdated. Makes a great throwback but the midnight is awesome.

  5. Not sure why you are all hung up on Kelly Green.
    I’m 34, male and have a job; right in the wheelhouse of the main segment of the audience the Eagles are looking to attract. I have no major love for Kelly Green uniforms. I remember Randall and the best defense in football from the early 90s but that’s about it.
    There is no great history to that uniform, just more mediocrity.
    The only thing that a uniform change will do is line the pockets of Lurie and Ni…… oh wait, now i get it.

  6. Alright, enough with the Redskins bash. The only people that seem offended are everyone but Native Americans. The team and name is something most Native Americans are proud about and the logo was designed by a Native American who wanted a logo to better represent Native Americans. This whole politically correct stuff is getting out of hand. Even people we elected into office to run our country seem obligated to give their point of view when there are greater things that need changed in our country. Hail to the Redskins!

  7. I love Kelly Green, like I love hearing Gargano talk about the Vet. Who gives a fuck? Stop living in the past.

  8. Those Kelly green uniforms are the worst I have ever seen any team wear in any sport! The midnight green jerseys blow that hideousness away!

  9. Clearly they are not switching to Kelly green. That would be easy from a leaque point of view. I suspect they want to use the Kelly green unis maybe once or twice a year for home games, and stay with midnight for the rest. That is what the leaque would have issues with.

  10. In recognition of even considering going back to Kelly green, the Eagles have announced a 22% increase in season ticket prices……..

  11. Make the Kelly Green your 3rd Jersey, without a major overhaul they will look old and stale compared to who ever they play while wearing them and using them more than twice a year will overexpose that, 2 games a season would be best especially if we did it every home Dallas game.

  12. went through this whole discussion a few years back when the “rumor” was that the flyers were changing the color of their jerseys. it was just reporters trolling.

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