VICE Video Features Connor Barwin Denying His Hipster-dom and Jason Kelce Playing Air-Bass

Pictured: "Not Hipster" Connor Barwin
Pictured: “Not Hipster” Connor Barwin

Kyle forwarded this to me and said “I guess you just have to get this one.” I’m not sure what he’s getting at.

Yesterday, VICE Sports uploaded a mini-doc they made about Connor Barwin and his fundraiser to restore Ralph Brooks Park. Barwin (along with Urban Roots, the ACE Mentor Program, and the Philadelphia Water Department) hosted a night of bands, food, and more at Union Transfer back in June, and while following him around, the VICE cameras picked up a few things:

  • Barwin, card-carrying member of The Everymen, gets nervous about public speaking
  • Barwin doesn’t see himself as a hipster, but as his own girlfriend says, “All hipsters say they’re not hipsters.” So, Connor, there’s no use fighting it. That is what I have learned.
  • “The bar is for charity after 8 o’clock, so… let’s get fucking drunk, dude.”
  • Jason Kelce, right after the five-minute mark, plays a pretty funky air-bass. How is he dressed? CONTENT MONETIZATION:

kelce bass


Good work by Connor.


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    1. Thank you. My thoughts exactly. Both these weirdos try way too hard to stags out and be different. Neither one is that great at football either. Kelce gets blown up every other series.

  1. He said stoked more than once, that’s a hipster for sure. Seems like a good dude, he does try a little too hard though. But hey, at least he’s not beating his woman, except for that high five.
    P.s. why is it a “fucking” bicycle?

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