Women in Jerry Jones Pictures Are Trying to Get Images “Scrubbed from the Internet,” Will Not Be Successful

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A few days ago, thanks to the son our one Lord and Savior, Frank Hoover, we were treated to some images of Jerry Jones and some young ladies in various states of undress and various degrees of closeness to Jerry Jones’ crotch. According to the New York Post, “the pair said they couldn’t remember much about their wild rendezvous with Jones that took place around five years ago, adding that ‘there was a lot of alcohol involved.'” It makes sense, because Jerry Jones has some Grade A drunk-face going on up top there, and as TMZ said, “although they appear to be posing … both women claim they and Jerry had no idea the pics were being taken — and say Jones’ bodyguard would have confiscated the camera if they had a clue.”

“They say they never wanted the photos to go public,” TMZ continues, “so, they’ve retained an attorney to find out how they can have them scrubbed from the Internet.”

Oh, cool. I can help with the whole scrubbing them from the internet thing. Here’s the thing: You can’t. And even if you could have somehow scrubbed them from the internet, a million dudes just saved these to their desktop just to re-upload them whenever they feel like messing with Jerry Jones.


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    1. Ugh! Why!!! This wrinkly old dude is rough on me! AAAHHHH Some of me just dripped in his mouth!!!!!!! AAAAAHHHHHHH . Troy Aikmans Cock – I will have my revenge!!!!!!!!

      1. This is so insanely stupid I laughed. Also partly because I can fellate to the situation.

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