DeSean Jaccson Says He’ll Do Whatever it Takes to Play Against the Eagles Next Week

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After leaving the Redskins-Jaguars game yesterday with a shoulder injury — there is no “structural damage” — DeSean Jaccson says he’s “sore” but will do anything he can to suit up against the Eagles in Philadelphia next week. According to D.C.’s NBC4 sports anchor Dianna Marie Russini, who we also have to thank for this amazing image, DeSean is “adamant about returning for the Eagles game [and] he shared with teammates and coaches he would do whatever it took.” That’s probably music to the ears of many of the Eagles defenders, who might actually still like Jaccson but are dying to be the Philly sports folk hero who blows him up across the middle.

UPDATE: Easily D-Jac’s best ‘gram work since Lil Terrio:


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  1. We here at the NFL are looking forward to seeing Desean play against the Eagles next week provided of course that he passes the league concussion protocol. Now you might be saying to yourself “but Commissioner sir, it was a shoulder injury”? Have you ever heard Desean talk? There’s something wrong, the lights are on but no ones home. I just wish I could give him a big hug.

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