Flyers Fans Booed the Ice Men Lustily Last Night

This compared to the way fans used to watch the Ice Girls– lustfully.

As you may have heard, this season the Flyers will have very-clothed men cleaning the ice during TV timeouts. I’m hesitant to call them Ice Boys, because that sounds like the name Jeff Carter would’ve given to his clique circa 2009, or a derogatory term for the backroom cleanup crew at an LA night club. But gone are the short-shorted Ice Girls, made famous by this guy’s mouth-agape stare and their long, tanned, stretchy, muscular legs.

Last night the new crew made their debut, and not surprisingly, the boos were plentiful:

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 8.55.01 AM Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 8.55.12 AM


You will be missed, scantily glad girls.

H/T to (@picklesnshrimp)

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49 Responses

  1. I know they are not the same thing, but the whole Ray Rice thing has a lot to do with objectifying women in our culture. We all feel sick to our stomachs that Ray Rice could think of his now-wife as an object to throw his fist at. It comes down to how women are viewed in our culture.

    And then we turn around and boo when one of those ways that we objectify women are taken away. Women deserve better than to be hooted and hollered at while they skate around in scantily clad clothing and get paid minimum wage for their troubles.

    Anyone that booed last night might as well have cheered on Ray Rice as well.

    1. Has to be a troll job. Equating “I am attracted to attractive members of the opposite sex” with beating your wife is my least favorite argument of 2014.

  2. We should objectify windmills, not women. There’s nothing as hot as the sun shining on a windmill blade on a crisp, clear fall afternoon.

    1. sooooo jeff, when will you be getting rid of that one-trick pony called the eagles pep band? its been well over a dozen years now of the same 4 guys doing the same old act.

    1. Yeah, lets blame her for this. Theyll pay that fatass slob from the upper level to dance and blather into a microphone a handful of times during each game, but ice girls shouldnt even be able to ask for fair pay.

      1. For the eventual thinning the herd of Neanderthals who thought the Ice Girls were a good idea. Have fun being on the wrong side of history.

      2. I don’t think that a part time job shoveling snow off ice should be able to support a person. They work 41 games per year and work for a combined 2 hour maximum for each game. That’s 2 weeks worth of work per year. Also fuck those people who want 15$ an hour for flipping patties and giving me shit service. When McDonalds has to charge you 8$ per burger to turn a profit these idiots won’t have a job anymore. And Mama won’t have her burgers either…….

        1. livable wage can be provided pro-rated for the 3 hours they work. I don’t get it.

          Just pay them $50 for 3 hours of work. What is that off the Flyers back? The extra cash $10-$20 can be written off as preventive PR work.

  3. You men are all pigs,and the truth is most of you perverts don’t care about these girls,you’re just upset that you guys can no longer lust after these girls while your wife sits next to you(shaking her head of course).

      1. Straight my ass,you’ve probably licked more clits than Rosie O’Donnell and Oprah Winfrey combined.

        Now get back in the kitchen and finish making my Eggs and Bacon,and after that do the laundry.

  4. I am absolutely devastated by this news. Totally heartbroken. I loved the the ice girls.

    My 7 year-old-son plays hockey. And for the past year and a half, I have been taking my 5-year-old daughter to his games. During intermission, I have her skate around the ice in a bikini cleaning up the ice. It’s little kids hockey, so they don’t zamboni the ice during intermission. But she is going to be devastated. Her goal was to be an ice girl. Now what is she supposed to do at a hockey rink for 2 hours every weekend?

    1. Pros:
      -Pretty decent job in staying consistent throughout comment
      -fairly subtle
      -above average satire
      -playing on the morals of the overly sensitive

      -would need to be oblivious to actually fall for this comment
      -Weak formatting
      -not very creative
      -needed to be a little bit longer to bait in readers

      6/10 above average

  5. All these ladies are annoying, when did they start reading this blog. If a few of the ice girls were upset about wages and work conditions they should’ve quit, they weren’t being held there against their will. There are a few dozen girls who did not make the ice squad, that I’m sure they would gladly take the voided position(s).

  6. Because some women throughout the NHL complained of sexism in national news articles, the Philadelphia Flyers took the high-road and fired all the women.

    Was it out of the question to let the women wear track suits?

  7. I was calling them “ice bros”, cause they all looked like they are a group of douche rich kids who think they are better then everyone else and are privlaged because they skate around the Well n clean the ice. Nothing but glorified janitors. Maybe call them “ice custodians” if your not big one ice boys or ice bros…?

  8. You all are being played again…

    The ice girls will return. It’s a negotiating tactic by management. It’s the oldest trick in the public relation’s book.

    Any guess when ownership “caves in” and brings the girls back?

  9. Put that fat fuck sean that dances in the upper level in some short shorts out there!

    Maybe he will do the shopping cart move this year? Or the teapot?

    Get some new moves or take a seat fatass.

  10. WHO CARES? The Flyers will continue to be irrelevant to all but a core 3000 hockey yahoos until that old bag of bones is gone.

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