Placating Commenters with an Eagles-49ers Preview

via (@Dolphin_ShowFan)
via (@Dolphin_ShowFan)

We wrote about the Phillies today because there were some interesting Phillies things to write about. Of course, some – commenters Talk About More Eagles and Real, specifically – wonder why we’re not PREVIEWING the Eagles-49ers game, because PREVIEWING games is something we usually do around here.

Kyle seriously nobody gives a shit about the Phillies,but yet you and your lapdog Jim litter your site with 3 posts when we have the Eagles vs 49ers game approaching.

I asked which fascinating aspect of the game they’d like to discuss. The response:

I’ll bite.

1) While we are just parroting WIP, why not the 49ers second half point spread this year matched up against Chip Kelly and how well he adjusts.

2) The fact that Vegas odds have the eagles losing by what? 5.5 for a 3-0 team playing a 1-2 team that just imploded and has yet to win at home.

3) Or what about the Eagles offensive line and who we go to if anyone gets injured. What is Ertz or Coopers chance of playing on the line if 1-2 people go down?

I don’t know, just spit balling here. But then again, this isn’t my full time job

Might as well get a post out of this.

Yeah, none of those things sound interesting. They are even remotely close to our typical subject matter. And they’re all nonsensical sports talk radio fodder. Alas:

1) It’s a sample size of three games, and it’s really not worth some in-depth discussion.

2) The 49ers are coming off three-straight 11+-win seasons, they’ve been in the Conference Championship or Super Bowl each of the last three seasons, and they’re home. 5.5 points, to a team that has trailed by 10 points in each of its first three games, sounds just about right. If anything, that’s an Eagles line, to me. Vegas doesn’t think the Eagles will lose by 5.5, they think that’s the mid-point for where bets will fall.

3) I don’t know. Who gives a fuck? What are the chances that Riley Cooper, Jeremy Maclin and Jordan Matthews all catch Ebola between now and Sunday? What if a duck wearing flannel and cutoff jeans flies out of Connor Barwin’s ass? The offensive line question is a hypothetical that can best by summed up by saying: The Eagles have a lot of injuries on their offensive line and that’s not good.

Anything else anyone wants us to PREVIEW? We’ll answer in the comments.


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  1. How many piece of shit niners fans will get in fights tailgating and during the game?
    Over under set at 12.

  2. I love how stuff in this post is “nonsensical sports talk radio fodder”, yet everytime you want to bash the flyers or prove whatever point YOU feel is important, you whip out the same type of nonse nsical fodder.

  3. Nothing like shitting on the people who come here daily hoping for some good sports news and information. But really, the egg is on my face for expecting a local sports blogger to post about local sports more. And I don’t mean that as a slam on you Kyle, clearly you’re not a sports writer, nor have you ever claimed to be. But as a sincere fan of Philly sports, I subject myself to local broadcasts and the likes of this site in hopes for a glimmer of real sports news. I don’t mind the Phillies posts, especially the Rollins one since that’s actually something newsworthy. But posts about dude’s dick size and this trolling thread really make me wonder why I bother coming here. Commence with the “you’re a fag” retorts….

      1. Kyle, you’re really missing out on his point I think…

        We’re not asking for 20 posts a week updating us about non-sense for each sports team. However, one or two posts a week about THE ACTUAL team’s performance and expectations when they’re a 3-0 TOP 5 TEAM in the NFL would make sense.

        Dick posts make sense too, don’t get me wrong. But a brief write-up about the team on a weekly basis makes just as much sense. You could be 2 or 3 well placed posts a week from truly being a 1-stop shop for Philly sports.

        1. You act like I don’t do that. Did you see the site on Sunday or Monday? We absolutely killed it, and do almost every Eagles game, or when something meaningful actually happens. But you can’t do that all week. And if the Phillies didn’t suck, it would have been easier to do that all summer. Unfortunately, no cared.

          I’m not arguing against your point. But we do it.

          1. What about a stickied post that is strictly for the pregame leading up to the next game?

            You don’t even need content, just provide a comment board for people to talk about just the game.

  4. I called that pompous asshole mike miss today to yell at him. he was saying the eagles need a fullback. Couldn’t believe he was saying chip needs to change.

  5. Kyle,

    Can you please predict the order in which the Eagles board their charter flight out to San Fran? I feel as thought this is important to over all team culture and camaraderie. Will Foles be behind Maclin, or maybe even Parkey or Graham? I really think the ass you stare at while walking up the charter flights steps at the Private PHL charter tarmac has a huge effect on how this game plays out. Curious to hear your perspective on this.

    — JP

    1. I don’t know, but I’m guessing Riley Cooper prefers LeSean McCoy and Jeremy Maclin don’t walk directly behind him.

  6. So that commenter – a WIP listener – is mad that the blog he reads isn’t saying the exact same thing he is already listening to WIP saying?

    No wonder Fox News is so popular. Must be reassuring living in an echo chamber where you can pick and choose the opinions you want to hear.

    1. Fox News is an echo chamber? Have you ever watched 3 seconds of MSNBC? At least Fox has on the occasional differing opinion. MSNBC is an aural circle jerk of mammoth proportions.

      1. Yes, they’re an echo chamber too, but nobody watches MSNBC, so why should I bring it up? Unbunch your panties please

    1. I’ve thought about it. I honestly don’t know if anyone who isn’t from Philly would care– unless the headline was something like full-time sports blogger who almost ruined an NFLer’s career, ask me anything! was the headline. It’s pompous as hell, but probably the only sort of hook that would make casual redditor give a shit.

      Could probably just do here in the comments, as well.

  7. The 49ers defense is leaking oil bigtime,with the injuries,suspensions and players leaving for free agency,I fully expect the Eagles offense to carve up the 49ers overrated defense like a thanksgiving turkey.

    Eagles 35
    49ers 24

    1. i would take the over when it comes to the 49ers putting up 24. Really hoping that Kap is off his game and makes mistake but I can see him running down are throat.

      Who is going to account for him?

      He runs outside and he traps a defensive player between him and his receiver, he is going to pass to his receiver or just take the easy yards every time. We have NO-ONE who can stop that.

      1. They are 1-2. At least two teams have figured out how to stop it enough times to beat them. Better question is how are the Niners going to stop the birds offense.

  8. Kyle;

    Now that CBS and HBO are planning to stream content independent of the cable bundle (the insidious fucking cable bundle), how long do you think until Fox, ESPN and NBC follow suit?

    Football is the hammer, bundled cable is the nail.

    1. I don’t know. It’s all wrapped up in their deals with leagues, so it’ll probably be a while. It’s just a confusing mess.

  9. Kyle,

    Think I saw you driving around horsham today? It was a yellow Chevy Colbalt. Please respond I told my gf your kind of a big deal in town.

  10. To be clear here… Eagles vs Niners storylines- Nothing to see here


  11. Wow, did I strike a nerve? Never seen a post dedicated to a commenter’s comment.

    But if I complained and people are willing to talk about, I can’t complain.

    1) Sure, we may only have 3 games to look at but the offensive weapons are about the same for the past 12-13 games now? Eagles have put up serious numbers on offense and it makes me think that if Kap has over 1.5 ints then we could seriously steal this game. Our defense got stuck on the field during the WAS game and I thought that really could have killed the Eagles because they rely on wearing down teams until they can beat them in the 4th. If SF can manage to keep the Eagles off the field, they could hurt the Eagles chances of pulling this out.

    1b) yeah sure 3 games aren’t a relevant sample size except for the fact that if they are in a position where they can’t afford to lose this game. They are going to be very desperate to win this game. i would say that those three games are highly relevant for a desperate team, this also puts pressure on Kap leading into this week… does that make him more pressured and possibly throw ints? i don’t know. I’m just some dude, not an expert

    2) yeah kyle I can agree with what your saying. although they did have some pretty costly injuries, as did the Eagles. So does that wash? I lean towards advantage SF because our O-line might be historically terrible. Nick better have worked on his 3 step drops. Cooper and ertz better have some sure hands to catch balls up high. We almost will need to run our offense how cousins did (talking about our passing game).

    3) HA, yeah I think you just got lazy there. This is a valid point. If Foles gets hurt with a minor injury that takes him out in the 4th quarter, I think Sanchez would only be marginally worse stepping in. McCoy got hurt and we didn’t see much of a marginal difference in the run game compared to when he got back in. We lose offensive linemen (who are dropping like flies) then we are going to be done and it could cost us in later weeks as well.

    I can’t really underestimate how relevant injuries are, because the first thing san fran is going to attack is going to be back-ups. Football is a game of matchups and we have a huge drop off in that area of the game as far a depth. It is something that I hope chip has a contingency plan for, and it is worth talking about.

    But again… what do I know

    1. How is the O line historically bad? Sure they are playing their backups but for the most part I’d give them a thumbs up on how they’ve played with literally no practice with the ones being thrown into the mix, mid game. Give this line a couple games to gel and it will only get better. And if better is more than 34pts/game and more than 400yds/game, I’m all in. You can’t say historically to anything unless you actually compare it to history.

  12. Hey “Real”, please get with the program.

    Kyle will pretend the Eagles’ critical and unsolved O-line issues are “not interesting” or “nobody cares” because he doesn’t know shit as a sports fan. He’s incapable of imparting actual knowledge or insight about any team without resorting to obvious plagiarizing, which would destroy what little status he’s been able to build. Which exposes him as just a casual Main Line goober looking to cash in on our fan base plain & simple. Not just Eagles fans, but Phillies and especially Flyers fans. His lack of Flyers knowledge is absolutely scary (see post yesterday listing their cup wins as ’75 & ’76).

    Kyle’s biggest problem is that so many fans ARE educated….he picked the wrong town to try and bluff his way through. Any personal rambling quickly exposes him as a fraud, hell even he sees it. So his site does nothing but regurgitate the teams’ press releases and the works of other nationally-successful ones, then sprinkles in some local media gossip/bashing and tops things off with uncomfortable dick jokes and heavy self-praise when anyone anywhere mentions his name. That’s the model, bro, and it ain’t changing. It can’t.

    Kyle is a loser of the highest order, with no moral character, and he thinks we can’t see that. And that’s not said with malice, it’s just the way it is. So shhh, let’s keep pretending he’s something better, because the reader comments are often fucking hilarious. That’s the only reason to keep him around.

    1. Ok, but I am not looking to have a discussion with him.

      I am looking for him to provide a comment thread, and to facilitate conversation or topics regarding the upcoming game.

      Frankly I was looking for an intelligent response from other readers.

      If he would just moderate one discussion thread to stay on topic, it would be beautiful.

      1. Quite frankly, I couldn’t give two shits what the rest of the CB commenters think the score will be on Sunday. You can find prediction, analysis and game threads in 1001 other places on the internet.

        I much prefer that the CB writers actually work on Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. You know, the days when most sporting events are held.

      2. Since when did Kyle ever say he was a serious sports site? Go to ESPN, NBCsports, Comcastsportsnet or FOX sports if you want a real breakdown of the game. I’m pretty sure Kyle’s tag is “most irreverent sports blog” not “serious sports” …

    2. What exactly is your point here? Why do you still even read this site and expect something other than what is? If you want a donut and coffee every morning then go to Dunkin Donuts. Stop berating the guys at Jimmy Johns every day at 8 AM. But in this case the guy at Jimmy Johns is Kyle if you didn’t pick that up. And he’s getting paid every time you walk through the door demanding your motherf@#ing coffee.

  13. Trolls gonna troll….you know who you are. Three billion other blogs to go to if you don’t like the menu. Stfu

  14. I’ve read this site for years now and it has gotten worse and worse. I’m done and won’t be wasting anymore of my time visiting this site again, because of stupid shit like this. Go fuck yourself Kyle, I’m sure you don’t give a shit and I’m only one person but I was a loyal reader of CB since 2010

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