Amazing Website Lets You Blast Goal Horn for Every Team in Hockey

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Just go to and clear your morning schedule. The thing is completely up-to-date with the Flyers’ 2014-2015 goal horn and song, which is just great, because this site may provide your only opportunity to actually hear the damn thing.

Best way to listen? I’ve found that running a script to loop the Kings’ goal horn and weeping while staring a picture of Jeff Carter at McFadden’s circa 2010 is cathartic. I loooooooove LA.

No but seriously, annoy your whole office today.

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  1. I blast this whenever the Kings score. Cause they have 2 cups and ex-Flyers.

    I’m starting to like them more than our team.

    1. That isn’t hard to do these days. When the coach says he doesn’t worry about the shootouts which could determine whether or not the Flyers make the playoffs this season, why should the fans give a shit about the Flyers? Saw Giroux say “Well, we’re not as bad as last year.” Yo, your start last year got your coach fired! That coach now has more points with his new team than the Flyers do. Ed’s gotta be loving this!

    1. 100% true.

      Bro Hymn was the best of the last decade.

      Doop was eh, but was also ripped off from the Union.

      Fall out Boy sucked

      The new song is a good song if I’m trying to get laid at the Pool in AC on a Saturday night but not when my hockey team scores a big goal.

      Give me old Van Halen, “Ain’t Talkin Bout Love” or go back to an old one (Blur, Rock n Roll Part 2 or Bro Hymn)

      I fucking hate the Rangers but they have the best goal song in the league.

  2. The flyers have scored 10 goals in their last three games (11 goals in four overall this year), but yeah sure keep acting like goal scoring is their problem rather than their terrible defense and streaky goalie… Oh wait, nevermind, Steve Mason has top 5 goalie potential. My apologies for momentarily thinking you still don’t know shit about hockey.

    1. Another issue is that the flyers as a team take periods off…so dont just blame a streaky goalie.
      they have a good period score multiple goals…other periods they do nothing.

      defense is always bad though…thats a given

      1. The goalie takes periods off as well. Defense and the goalie are the problems.
        I know, I know, the great hockey mind Kyle Sott insists Mason is a “top five elite NHL goalie” but dont let it fool you. Mason is the definition of mediore.

  3. 1. Mike Missanelli (GOD)
    2. The Flyers Organ-i-zation
    3. My Wife
    4. My kid who shits himself (told you guys the story on-air)

    That’s good work by me.

  4. WTF is going on with Carolina’s??? There’s Fred Flintstone and Chewbacca over Blur’s “Song 2”. Fucking weird…

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