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Oh my God, I am crushing like a schoolgirl right now. Chip’s so perfect, he can’t be real.

Chip Kelly and Nick Foles were mic’d up by the NFL Network for Sunday Night Football, and the resulting A-V combo is just spectacular. We have Chip dropping absolute gem quotes coming to a t-shirt near you soon – “Culture wins football. Culture will beat scheme everyday.”* – Foles aw shucks-ing his way into wry comedy brilliance – “Hey, I’m gonna be under center on this… getting personal down there.” – more bro Mark Sanchez (who always seems to be eating), Chip Kelly losing his shoe while celebrating yet another touchdown, and other magnificent goings on that I can’t even describe.


If you want more about Chip’s philosophy of culture wins football, listen to our podcast with Chip Kelly expert and author Mark Saltveit.

*Look no further for your explanation why the Eagles released DeSean.


18 Responses

  1. Know when you’re really taking it up a knotch?

    When you lose a shoe celebrating.

    F Dallas

  2. Loved this video! Chips line about him not seeing anything, that he just yells what people behind him are yelling was awesome.

  3. did ya see that hole?! That was a big hole! Let’s get in the locker room, it’s fuckin late!

  4. Why the fuck is Sanchez eating on the sideline? This isn’t a pre-season game.

  5. Yea..tell Buzz Bissinger ( however the fuck his name is spelled) to listen to Foles mic’d up….not a leader?. Tells his linemen..let’s step on their throats…. That is all.

  6. nick foles saying “step on their throats” got me so fired up that I just want to take a nap

  7. They had a longer version of this on that NBC Sports Network show with Dan Patrick last night and there are a lot more clips of Foles getting his teammates fired up, yelling at the referee (when Sproles got hurt) and talking a little smack to the Giants. Someone needs to have Buzz Bissinger watch that and go gag on his assless leather chaps.

  8. I loved Kelly yelling at the guys to get in the locker room at the end because it was “getting late”.

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