Chip Kelly Ranks Third Among NFL Coaches in Number of Sideline Shots, Foles Comes in 25th for QBs

Photo Credit: Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

A popular prop bet for the Harbaugh vs. Harbaugh championship matchup a couple of years ago was which brother would be cut to on the sideline more often. I’m not sure who the winner of that proposition was that night, but overall that title belongs to Jim, the more … uh … animated one. In fact, Jim Harbaugh is cut to 45.5 times per game on average, making him the NFL’s most cut-to head coach, one cut in front of Bill Belichick and one-and-a-half in front of the third place coach, Chip Kelly.

Coach Kelly’s 44 cuts-per-game rounds out the top-tier of coaches, as the Giants’ Tom Coughlin finishes 4th, a full five fewer cuts per game on average. On the quarterback side of things, even though Nick Foles’ offense has the second-lowest time of possession (and therefore second highest time-on-sideline), the QB is cut to an average of 10 times per game, good enough for 25th place. Peyton Manning, as he often does, claims the top spot here, with 31 cuts per game. Then again, maybe they just can’t find Foles on the sideline since — if the NFL films videos are any indication — he’s just chatting with Mark Sanchez all the time.


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  1. This is risky because I’m usually nursing a monster chaw on the sideline. Whenever a player does something wrong I punish them by spitting soggy, chewed up long cut in their helmet when theyre not looking.

  2. There’s been way, way too much Jim there’s last few days and this is coming from someone that would like to see Kyle get Ebola.

  3. Can someone start tracking how many of Jim’s articles are published a day prior on another forum? This one and Cooley article make two in a row

  4. . . .and he doesn’t even wear one single pink item for pinktober BCA month NFL campaign. #footballgeek

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