CULTURE WINS FOOTBALL: Chip Kelly Visited Victor Cruz in the Hospital Sunday Night Because Chip Is an Amazing Person

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Culture wins football. Culture cares. Chip may have told his team that it was F-ing late, but not late enough to prevent him from stopping by Jefferson to check on the opponent’s star wide receiver.

Also, does it not look worse and worse by the day for the NY Daily News and their silly cover?


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      1. Shut the fuck up or die. Please. This morning I almost ran over some random guy on the street because he looked kinda like you. You are terrible, absolutely terrible. You screamed this morning like some asshole high on PCP over the announcing during the Cowboys game. That’s what you did. This is what you call morning radio? What a fucking mess your show is, with you there anyway.

  1. Technically, it was f-ing late and he went to visit him the following morning. But point still made.

  2. Well he should have visited Cruz after that bald headed fuck eagles employee cheered his injury. No class


  3. No, no one cares about the stupid cover anymore except for Eagles fans that will hold it as a chip on their shoulder for the rest of the next five years. The only thing sadder is me being here on a Friday night.


  5. “Classless Philadelphia Eagles Fans and Entire Organization Besides Chip Kelly all Refuse to Visit Victor Cruz in Hospital”

  6. Probably not but Eskin is bringing his hate because AI won’t kiss Howard’s ass. Eskin is a 5 year old without his bottle.

    1. I am so upset. I asked Chip a stupid question (to hear myself talk) at the postgame Sunday, and he dissed me and did not call me by my first name. Maybe, I can get him a free Lexus or Jaquar rental – whatever I’m plugging this week.

      1. I love how dismissive Kelly is of Eskin. You know it breaks the little shit stain’s heart.

  7. Didnt mention this on my show this morning from the Bogata’s mens room, but I also went to see Cruz. I was right BEHIND Chip. They threw me out when I asked Cruz if he be back this year as he was in my fantasy leaque. Also, my son, Spiked is getting married today. The over/under as to marriage duration is 1.3 years. The under is a lead lipe lock.

  8. I guess there isn’t much culture at CB HQ this morning. 9am on a Monday and no posts you lazy sack of crap.

  9. I bet he went there to switch his medical records and have him neutered and amputate his foot. Buuuuuuuurrrrrrppppppp! Fuck Philly classless asshole fans! Snowballs! Batteries! Vomiters!

  10. Hey Kyle, tell us again how Steve Mason is a “top five, elite NHL goalie.”

    Winless with a .865 Save percentage and a 3.78 GAA. No matter how bad the defense is it seems an “elite, top five goalie” wouldn’t have the 52nd worst save percentage in a league of 30 teams.

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