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Culture wins football. Culture will beat scheme everyday.” – Chip Kelly

From Chip’s mouth to your chest, this is your new Sunday shirt. Culture comes in multiple colors, shapes and sizes:





Long Sleeve


They are printed on brilliantly soft, high-quality ringspun cotton (green) and 60-40 poly-cotton blend (grey). Order with any other Birds-inspired shirt – Fight or Kelly Drive – and save $5 by using code CULTURE. And yes, we do accept PayPal.

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71 Responses

  1. What is with all these kelly green shirts. Yea we all want the eagles to go back to kelly green but they’re not. So it makes no sense to make a shirt supporting the Eagles in that color. Especially when your quoting something from this era. The colors would make sense if you were making a shirt based off of the 1980’s teams, but not something Chip Kelly said a couple of days ago while wearing midnight green.

    1. If they were midnight green, they would not be available to ship until someone figures out midnight green actually means.

      1. Well it’s the color of their uniforms. I think we all know what it means. Be careful your hipster is showing.

  2. Look at this fucking slut selling these shitty t-shirts.

    Shameless waspy fucker you. Shameless.

    1. Look at this jerk whose website your on making more money than u in a month in a day off ahirts.. how fucking dare kyle make a living shammeeee

  3. I like these shirts. It lets me identify who the assholes are when they are wearing long pants that cover up the Eagles tatt on their calves.

  4. Remember when Chip said “F*cking score points” that one time and you made a shirt out of it and nobody bought it? Way to learn from your mistakes.

    1. I prefer the Sidney Crosby shirt they released after the Flyers got eliminated from the playoffs.

  5. Awesome design Kyle, this is definitely not something that anyone could hammer into any t-shirt design site on the internet in about 8 seconds. This is a new low even for you, and that’s saying something.

  6. The “Were from Philly and we fight” thing was great. But this? This quote is…bland. Not calling you a whore for trying to make money, but cmon be a little more creative. Dont just slap anything that chip kelly says on a shirt. And if you are going to do that, at least come up with..ya know, an actual design. Dont just rip off the nike thing. The quote isnt eccentric or distinguishable enough for it to be considered parodying the nike motif, it just looks like a ripoff youd get at some trashy Armenian tshirt place on the wildwood boardwalk.

    1. Agreed. This saying isn’t even really that hip. Doesn’t even really make sense in all honesty. Dumb shirt. Dumb design. Waste of money.

  7. How come every time chip kelly says something in an interview you make these stupid fucking t shirts out of it? Its so corny, if I wore that shirt id kick my own ass.

  8. Make sure your cell phone’s charged up there Kylie. You’ll be hearing from me this morning.

  9. That’s the same quote I said while watching Sandusky molest multiple boys in the shower

  10. He used to say football stuff like ” knock their heads off”.
    Now the coaches say ” don’t get a concussion girls”.

    1. Vermeil’s analysis of the Eagles-Giants game on WIP this morning was fantastic.

      “I didn’t see any of the game. I was in St. Louis with the Rams for the Super Bowl anniversary.”

  11. See what we were trying to go for here is a total lack of originality. We brainstormed the least unique ideas we could conjure up, and this is the final result. First we took a bland generic quote about football from Chipadelphia, then we completely copied Nike’s block letter design, and presto! Here’s the final product! Basically, we wanted something that says “Fuck you, give me some money” to the readers of this site. Something that really emphasised Kyle’s total lack of shame and complete disregard for anyone who visits this site. No better way to let everyone know your an asshole than to sport this shirt.

  12. Can you picture Vince Lombardi saying ” Culture Wins”. Yuppie generation X Libtards have ruined football. It used to be a ‘mans’ sport.

    1. Yea, because I’m sure that Vince Lombardi would have been totally ok with players like Desean Jackson cursing him out in team meetings, showing up late to practice/meetings, and generally not trying on the field unless the play was specifically run for him. Are you going to tell us, from your old school football ivory tower, that Vince Lombardi didn’t have a culture on his teams? He might not have called it “culture” the way Kelly does but I’m sure he had a way of doing things and those players who didn’t get in line got shit on real fast. That’s all Kelly means by culture, players buying into his way of doing things. ALL coaches need that.

  13. Oh and how about they actually win something first? Culture wins, culture wins what exactly? A regular season game over a mediocre Giants team, that every one gets to jerkoff to? Great, add that to the list of other great jerkoffable moments in Eagles history (see: 4th and 1, bodybag game, Miracle at the Meadowlands 1 and 2) that don’t mean jackshit in the grand scheme of things (Super Bowls).

    Maybe I’m just a self-hating Eagles fan and season ticket holder, but my favorite moment on Sunday night was Bob Costas reminding us all that the NFC has 11 Super Bowls, more than any other division, and the Birds are responsible for none of it.

    Oh fuck it, maybe I’m cranky cause of the bye week.

    1. The first miracle of the Meadowlands in 1978 was awesome. I was in my basement watching it and when Herman Edwards picked up that fumble I jumped so high I hit my head on the ceiling. Unfortunately I suffered a concussion.

  14. How about A picture of Chip Kelly’s crazy tongue action. Kinda like the Rolling Stones tongue. That would be a big seller.

  15. I’m applying for a trademark for the phrase today. So you probably won’t be (legally) selling these shirts in the near future.

  16. Oh, and you should probably donate a portion of the proceeds you make from selling these shirts (while you can) to the Komen Foundation since it’s pinktober BCA month.

    1. Step the fuck back bitch…I’m house counsel. Although I’m not licensed in your state

  17. Why do you naysayers begrudge Kyle for making T Shirts? I personally don’t like the saying ‘culture wins’ but I hope Kyle makes a million dollars off it. At least he’s trying.

  18. Can we at least get a T-shirt that says:
    “I don’t really see anything. I just hear guys behind me yelling.” ???

  19. If you’re going to use these quotes from Chip all the time, it would be nice for a portion of the proceeds to go to one of the Eagles charities. Right Son?

  20. Need some design help bruh? The spacing of your lettering is way off, especially in WIN. Also, #fly isn’t specific enough for the Eagles, so that doesn’t really make sense. Did you mean #FlyEaglesFly? I think you should try again.

  21. This shirt is horrible. I’m calling you out Kyle, a month from now I want you to post how many of these things you sold. I’m setting the over under at 4.

  22. You have to be a real tool to buy this shirt for 25$.

    These things can’t cost even 10 to make so keep lining kyles pockets you blowjobs

  23. D bag makes these so I have to assume somehow he is making money of the them. BUT HOW???? Who the fuck is buying these?
    Serisouly I need to know why you would buy this or any of the other awuful shirts.

    P.S. I’ve been gone or like a month and am sickened that Jim Butthair is still with us.

  24. “Good typography can be lost by the lack of attention given to kerning.”

    Look at the spacing in between the letters, specifically “WIN”. JESUS CHRIST!

  25. Yep, defintely would pay 31 bucks for this stupid tshirt verus something cheaper with an actual Eagles logo on it. I want something only like minded losers would get.

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