Here’s Video of 49ers Fans Assaulting 49ers Fans in the Bathroom

Remember that post from earlier about 49ers fans “fighting” in the bathroom before kickoff yesterday? Here’s video. Not so much a fight as it is an all-out assault. Warning: graphic.

via Mentality Magazine, H/T to (@jgindele1)

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35 Responses

    1. Shame on you for not supporting the tens of millions of illegals,who’ve set up shop nationwide,collect welfare while us taxpayers foot the bill.

      I don’t know about you but I love how our country has an open border policy which encourages these foreigners to literally invade and bring their disease infested culture to our cities and another thing I love about the illegals is how these lowlife wetbacks are working construction jobs restaurant jobs under the table(paying no taxes)while at the same time getting food stamps and medical coverage while us taxpayers once again have to foot the bill.

      Thanks Obama for ruining our country with your illegal minions,hellbent on destroying America from within.

  1. Can we all talk about how the Oakland Raiders stadium is 20 minutes from Downtown San Francisco…..

    and the San Jose 49ers stadium is 45 minutes away from Downtown San Francisco?

      1. 43 miles from San Francisco to the new stadium.
        37 miles from Oakland to the new stadium.
        7 miles from San Jose to the new stadium.

        PPL park is 15 miles away from downtown Philly and that seems like a long-ass trip, Wilmington and Trenton are both only 30 miles away from Philly.

        California is just full of fraud fans.

    1. The stadium was developed in Santa Clara for a few reasons. First and foremost was land and second and more important was money. The people with the highest concentration of personal wealth in the Bay Area live in Silicon Valley – not SF – as the demographics have been shifting south for many years. There are a full THREE levels of suites in that stadium not to mention special seating at field level. Make no mistake, this was a stadium designed and built for the wealthy, not for your average football fan. Jerry did the same thing in Dallas. They realize that most middle class families are already priced out of games so why not just step into the pitch and go for broke. Make the in stadium experience a rich one for people of means and let the have nots stay home and watch on TV – after all we made at home a much better experience (3D?) didn’t we? The average cost for a family of four to attend one Cowboy game is $630. That is not something most families can absorb on a regular basis.

      I’m a Philly guy who lives out here – I was at the game two weeks ago (paid $150 for a lower level seat, which was face the proving my point) – the stadium isn’t all that special. Looks like a slightly larger version of the Linc. People here are only excited about it because of how god awful the Stick was and after 53 years, most high school stadiums were in better shape. They have no context. If you’ve been to a stadium built in the last 10 years before, you know exactly what to expect.

      1. Stadium looks awful, while the one they are building in Atlanta looks amazing. I’m honestly more impressed with the design of MLS stadiums over the San Jose stadium. Can’t even be remotely loud there…Roofs make the place loud, Eagles close the corners to make it louder, and San Fran only built half a stadium.

        The irony of San Jose and Oakland being closer to Levi’s Stadium than San Fransico will humor me to the end of time. It’s like moving the Sixers to the suburbs of Baltimore but still calling it the Philadelphia 76ers, I don’t have to tell you that San Jose is like 30-40% larger than Baltimore.

  2. Was it really 49ers fans v. Chiefs fans? The dude that got knocked out looked like he was wearing a Kaepernick jersey and the guy who threw the first punch had a Gore or Smith jersey on. Either way its awful, I was just wondering.

    1. And there was someone who was stabbed to death at a giants/dodgers game. Cali fans put folks in the hospital consistently

    2. Benny, obviously you are not familiar with the “Two Wrongs Make a Right” defense.

      Don’t you remember in kindergarten when your teacher told you to be quiet, and you response was “But Johnny was talking too!” And your teacher said something like, “Just worry about yourself. If you keep quiet, you won’t get in trouble.”

      Well, you were completely right and your teacher was completely wrong. You were being persecuted by your teacher for talking. She totally ignored Johnny’s talking. It was unfair!

  3. Another example of why illegal immigration is a huge issue in this country. The bullshit going on in California will spread around the country like Ebola virus.

  4. I’ve seen better restrooms in stadiums costing 1/2 as much.

  5. … So anyone wondering why the guy was recording video in the bathroom in the first place? Get lucky taping a fight. Or just plain perverted?

  6. These are the kind of people that make me want to never go to any sporting event any bar, or any public place where fucking losers are
    Present acting like trash. Fuck these violent loser small dick syndrome douchebags

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