Hunter Pence Absolutely Robbed Jayson Werth Last Night and I’m so Mad about It

The vortex of Phillies past opened last night. The Nationals, who’ve yet to figure out this whole Postseason thing, were eliminated by the Giants, and in the process, Hunter Pence completely and utterly robbed Jayson Werth of a probable triple with this insane, tongue-wagging catch. I’m not sure if I was thrilled to see Pence help Werth on his way to a 1-for-17 series, or if I was in a blind rage watching Pence yet again have Postseason success after the Phillies replaced him with a hybrid grab-bag of outfielders such as Delmon Young, Domonic Brown and Marlon Byrd. What’s certain, however, is that I would’ve had this on a t-shirt before the inning was over with the caption Champion Blood, referencing Pence’s post-clinching speech:

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 10.03.00 AM Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 10.03.06 AM

I don’t know how San Francisco fans treat this sort of thing, but in Philly, we celebrate these individuals moments. Hell, Milt Thompson’s regular season catch lives on in lore. Had this sort of thing happened in Philly in a Postseason clinching game – off of Werth, no less! – we’d be talking about it for decades. No joke– decades. Anyway, I’m mad I can’t put this on a t-shirt, but mostly I just miss Postseason baseball. Four years ago today, the Phillies beat the Reds in Game 2 of the NLDS. Hashtag frownyface.

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25 Responses

    1. “The Nationals, who’ve yet to figure out this whole Postseason thing, were eliminated by the Giants, and in the process, Hunter Pence completely and utterly robbed Jayson Werth of a probable triple with this insane, tongue-wagging catch. ”

      Dude said triple right in the article.

  1. I dont miss Werth or Pence one bit . Both are suporting role players who are ghastly overpaid.

    Marlon Byrd (2 yr/$16 M)25 HR/85 RBI

    Hunter Pence(5 yr/$90 M) 20 Hr/70 RBI

    Jayson Werth(7 yr/$126( 16 Hr/80 RBI

    1. I’m just glad we didn’t sign Nelson Cruz for 1 year. That would have been a disaster.

      1yr/$8M for 40HR/108RBI

      Fuck you, Ruben. Fuck you.

      1. I’m not one for the intangibles like this, but Pence has played in every single game over the last two seasons, led the league this year in at bats. Dude has only missed 2 games over the last 3 seasons.

        That’s always impressive, especially when Byrd was overplayed getting 8 games off this last season.

    2. They sure as shit should’ve kept one of them.

      Werth WAR = 4.0

      Pence WAR= 3.6

      Byrd WAR= 2.6

      I’ll also state that I don’t think anyone is saying they should’ve replaced Byrd…You should’ve had Byrd, or that type of player in addition to having Pence or Werth.

      Rube sucks.

  2. If he didn’t run like a retard and took the correct route to the ball, he could have easily just reached up and caught it.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. The “absolutely” is absolutely not needed in the headline. Routine fly ball that would be caught 99 out of 100 tmes.

  3. Nice catch and all for sure, but a better fielder wouldn’t have needed that extra jump at the end. He slowed up when he got close to the wall, but was able to recover only because of his long gangly body! And those numbers above comparing Byrd/Pence/Werth are pretty staggering.
    In any event, my hatred for the Nationals makes me happier this morning, but to see St Louis and the Giants AGAIN in the NLCS makes me want to puke. Rooting for an AL Champ this year….

    1. St. Louis. Wish the Phils were hiring executives from their organization. Surprised Kershaw didn’t win one of those two games though.

  4. Those of you saying you don’t want Pence (or happy we got rid of him) boggle my mind. With the exception of maybe Matt Holliday, he has been the most consistent OFer in baseball over the last 5 years.

    Yes, he will not put up Trout/Stanton numbers, but he is consistent as they come. .280 average, 20-25 HRs, 80-90 RBIs and he plays everyday.

    I’d take those numbers in today’s pitcher friendly, no steriod era of baseball every day.

    Lucky Catch..Byrd has had two back-to-back solid years at the end of his career, thats why he didnt get paid, because of his age.

    Pence put up his numbers at a young age and continues to do so, thats why hes “overpaid”

    Not saying Hunter Pence is the best player in baseball but he has been a consistent top 10-15 OFer numbers wise over the last 5-6 years.

    But no, we want Darin Ruf, J. Mayberry and Ben Revere?

    1. “But no, we want Darin Ruf, J. Mayberry and Ben Revere?”
      Who said “we” wanted those three guys?

      1. Ruben Amaro did, not “we,” my apologies.

        All I’m saying is Pence got bashed big time here and we seemed happy when he left and I’m still trying to figure out why.

        Clearly the team wasn’t trying to rebuild these last two years and hes still a pretty consistent hitter.

        1. I agree with Jake, Pence is consistent as they come. Plays hard and plays every day.

          Interesting stat: In fantasy baseball this year, Pence was the 8th highest scoring OFer behind these names: Trout, Bautista, Stanton, Brantley, Cutch, Nelly Cruz and Carlos Gomez.

          Thats elite company right there.

  5. Combined, Werth and Pence batted .175 in the series. And they are both overpaid, particularly Werth. Life is easy when you are batting behind Rollins, Victorino, Utley and Howard all in their primes. By almost every measure Werth has been a disappointment. And quite frankly Pence is a poor man’s Werth. Good riddance to both of those contract anchors.

    1. So you judge players off of one five-game series compared to 162 game seasons?

      To call Pence a poor man’s Werth is a travesty.

      He’s a much better player over his career than Werth and is never on the DL.

      Werth had the luxury of batting behind good players here.

      Who did Pence have in Houston?

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