I Don’t Think the Flyers Are the Flyers Anymore

Photos: Alicia DeFillipo
Photos: Alicia DeFillipo

Frank Seravalli, writing about the Flyers’ use of analytics and new hire Ian Anderson:

His name is Ian Anderson. He is a 31-year-old California native who has never played hockey. His official title is “Manager of Hockey Analytics.” He is also the Flyers’ most mysterious employee, his work shrouded in secrecy in an increasingly paranoid and copycat sport.

But who is Anderson and what will he bring to the table?

Will he have an impact on transactions and personnel?

Hextall declined comment for this story, saying he’d like to keep that information “internal.” Anderson has been instructed to not speak to the media.

And Mike Sielski (of all people!), who has cultivated a weird kinship with Craig Berube after Berube told him to “get lost,” writing about the Flyers being sans goon:

The average number of fights per game has fallen 36.7 percent since 2009, according to hockeyfights.com, an online database that tracks fighting majors throughout hockey, and maybe it took a head coach who was once the Flyers’ leading heavyweight to understand that it was long past time for a more progressive way of building a team.

“It’s just getting beyond it,” Berube said. “I still think it is part of the game at the right time. I don’t like staged fighting. I never did. I didn’t even like it when I did it back in the day. I liked the emotional part of the game, and when you play hockey and it’s physical and guys are battling and you get [ticked] off and you fight – I like that. I don’t mind that. I think it’s good for the game. Fights have been used to change the momentum of the game, and I still think it has its place a little bit for that. But that’s it.”

Things might start looking real different around here… at least until the first Kate Smith mashup.


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  1. The Broad Street Bullies are long gone. We need to go beyond those days. Ron Hextall brought the Cup to LA give him a chance.

  2. watching this team last night has me worried. They are so slow and can not skate. Idk how they will make it through 82 games. They need speed and players who can skate. Slowest team in the NHL by a long shot. Going to be a long. long year with this team.

  3. Please refrain from using the word “Redskins” in my presence. It causes my heart rate to increase and I become flush with sweaty palms.
    You may however use the word “Chiefs” as this does not effect me at all.
    I know it makes no sense.
    Sincerely, Obama supporting effeminate leftist fool creep

    1. What about Cleveland “Indians” and Atlanta “Braves” and Florida State “Seminoles”?

      1. the names “Braves” and “Seminoles” aren’t racist in and of themselves, the tomahawk chop, however, is. The “Chiefs” name is also not inherently racist like the term “Redskin” is. Cleveland has actually attempted to remove some of the offensive imagery from their team (cheif wahoo), but should still change their name.

    1. Whenever the conservative cretins use words that hurt my feelings I have Jeeves drive me over to the Stadium. I then take an elevator to the upper deck and have Jeeves carry me to a seat at the 50 yard line. I then just peacefully sit and watch my windmills spin in the afternoon breeze, sometimes glancing at the cnbc stock report on my smart phone. It seems to calm my nerves.

  4. Should have known NOT to expect RATIONAL, INTELLIGENT debate from Philadelphia sports fans. I would have expected this from New York fans. Good to know that New York fans just outclassed you morons.

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