UPDATE: Is This a Preliminary Design for Kelly Green Eagles Jerseys?


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UPDATE: Our Eagles Insider (not Dave Spadaro) thinks this is a fake, noting:

“A full revert to Kelly Green will never happen as long as Christina Lurie still has a presence within the organization. She despises that look, and her involvement with the team on the apparel side has always been leaps and bounds above Jeffrey’s. She may not be in front of the cameras anymore, but she’s still a business partner within the organization. Her power has dropped off post-divorce, but she’s still above Mike Michelson and Richard Green from a decision making standpoint (2 men who own a small share of the team).”

They added that the Kelly Green third jersey is a real possibility, but that weird NFL helmet rule remains a hurdle.

A tipster sent us this screenshot today, which was purportedly taken by an Eagles employee of what appears to be the logo slick for a very early version of a proposed uniform update.

We have no idea what to make of it.

There are many concepts floating around for what Nike could do with the Eagles’ uniforms, and this one has never been seen before (by us, anyway). The picture, of a computer running Adobe Illustrator, shows an Eagles logo slick for a Kelly Green uniform update, complete with wild-ass third jersey. It is in fact in the same style as other logo slicks, which lends some credibility to it. The timestamp – Version 09.30.2014 – makes it current, but the address for NFL headquarters is old (they moved from 280 Park Ave to 345 Park Ave in 2012) and the copyright date of 2010 gives us pause. The publicly available Eagles logo slick does, however, have both the older address and 2010 copyright, so it’s possible this was derived from that template… or is a fake.

Eagles 2010 Logo Slick
Eagles 2010 Logo Slick

A couple of months ago, Don Smolenski told the WIP Morning Show that the Eagles were toying with a switch back to Kelly Green. Later that day, however, the Eagles walked it back and said they were only considering the color for a third jersey (of course, it’s possible they didn’t want an Osborne effect and to cannibalize current jersey sales). But a weird league rule makes only a third jersey in Kelly Green difficult.

So where does that leave us with this design?

In a follow-up email, the tipster claimed it’s one of a few very preliminary designs, and the chances of it becoming the final product are slim, like a concept car. But this is the first concept that (again, purportedly) comes from the Eagles. And it’s in Kelly Green.

As for its legitmacy: The numbers used on the jerseys and other details are the same as the Eagles’ previous logo slick, which means it would’ve been quite easy to change color fills and call it a day (the green Eagles logotype is hideous). However, the color chart is updated with all new color names, PANTONES, and even new language regarding HTML and web-safe colors. If this is a fake, it wasn’t derived completely from the Eagles’ 2010 style guide without some very specific changes to obscure language.

We can’t be sure if this is real. But if it is (and after three of us looked at it for three hours, we kind of think it is), it means the Eagles are at least considering a switch back to Kelly Green. Switching solely the colors and keeping the logo otherwise the same would make sense since the current regime has so much invested in that design. A third jersey is where there’s more room for experimentation. I would think, however, that there would be at least be some pattern refresh on the green and white jerseys if they did switch colors. It’s also interesting to note that the silver color here has been changed from two types of “metallic silver” to “grey.” As fashion editor Dan has written, Nike struggles with that whole metallic thing.

Anyone know anything about this? If you do, we want to hear from you. Anonymity assured.


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  1. I don’t understand Kyle’s hard-on about kelly green jerseys.

    By the way, to the man who keeps saying Kyle has a small penis. It is actually very average (for a six year old Asian boy).

  2. If this were true, I think the number’s font should change somewhat to match the EAGLES font on the logo…

  3. They switched to the Elite51 this year with the new wider collar. Those are still the old collars.

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  5. It looks to be very preliminary if anything. Maybe a student project? Me personally, it looks like some kid got a hold on an editable PDF slick which you can open in Adobe illustrator and change up. All the fonts look to be default, so I’d imagine they didn’t have font from the source.

    I think there are glaring problems, which make me believe if it is real, they’re really early in the process. They haven’t used any fonts, they haven’t knocked out the white on the black background, and the styles haven’t been updated to Nike’s template. Just a lot of amateur mistakes. You can’t put the flat green on black; it isn’t readable. Also, why is one face guard gray? Lots of inconsistency if this is a professional. I wouldn’t let anyone snap a picture of this if this were mine.

    This might be something they’re kicking around in-house, but will eventually send to Nike. I know all of Nike’s stuff is done in their offices, so things like this don’t leak.

  6. I really hope this is real. A few things:

    1. The logo needs serious tweaking. I think the embossing backround being a dark grey or silver instead of black may help…but the main logo may need to just be changed altogether. The one above looks pretty bad.

    2. That third jersey though!? SICK! I’d buy one of those immediately. Love the Oregon inspired wing feathers on the shoulder pads and the grey/green offset. If they wore that with black pants, it’d be really nice.

    3. Slick? Slick.

    4. We’re coming up on week 5, and they’ll likely be wearing white for a home game, or the black alternates again because the current color is so fucking stupid, Nike can’t even produce it before week 8. Inexcusable. For that reason alone they should’ve simply been forced to change it.

  7. So if these are the Nike update jerseys we’ve all been waiting for then I can just buy a discolored chinese knock-off jersey now and it will look the same…right?

  8. Just go back to the buddy ryan era uni’s no need to modernize. The throwbacks are fine just the way they are

  9. ….And everybody has a hard-on for Kelly Green….WHY????
    They never looked good except a few years in the very late 80’s and very early 90’s. Please stop, midnight green is so much cooler.

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