Jason Babin, Moron, Would like to Deny Climate Change for You

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Gun advocate and John Boehner fan Jason Babin of course has some thoughts on the changing conditions of our planet’s climate and atmosphere. They just happen to be wrong.

Babin, citing an obviously unbiased and informed discussion between attractive vessel Megyn Kelly and an old-timey journalist on The Kelly File, reminds his followers that climate change is just a myth to push a political agenda, obviously:

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 9.48.46 AM

Of course it is! I could think of no better political plan than for politicians to spurn their biggest potential donors – oil companies – by running on a platform that completely undermines their business model. I guess those split-screen debates were accurate after all:

Moron. Babin, that is.

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  1. Cue the science-denying conservative readers making comments trashing you for being a “libtard.” Over/under on Al Gore name drops is set at 5.

    Kyle is right. Jason Babin is wrong, an idiot, and bad at football.

    1. yes ladies and gents.. the catastrophes caused by global warming are on our doorstep!

      …25 years later…

      ANY DAY NOW1!!

      1. Uhh, the sea level is rising. Antarctica is shrinking. CO2 levels are rising faster than they have in a million years, to levels not seen in a million years (you know, before humans). Sandy, snow storms around here, droughts in CA, monsoons in Asia- all that shit is getting WORSE.

        Scientists have been pretty clear about the short, medium and long term effects of climate change:

        Short-term: more extreme weather events (happening)

        Medium-term: 95 of the 100 most populous cities in the world underwater due to rising sea levels (coming, possibly by 2100 for at least half the cities)

        Long-term: Earth self-corrects, ice age likely

  2. Good thing only morons follow Babi. He is an idiot. What’s the worse that can happen with global warming being fake? We waste a made up monetary system, on a worthless pieces of paper.
    What the worse thing that happens if Global war mining is real. Oh just the extinction of the human race.

    Better protect that fake money!!!!!!

  3. Democrats and Republicans are two cheeks on the same butt. Teabaggers are the asshole.

  4. Stick to sports Kyle, no one cares about your political thoughts one way or another. This is obviously an opportunity to get your two cents in, because no one gives a shit what Babin thinks either.

    1. This isn’t a political thought. Seriously. Not sure why every issue that just happens to be one politicians like to talk about has to be “political.” I voted for both George Bush (once) and Mitt Romney, so I’m not some bleeding heart liberal. For some reason, hardcore people on both sides feel they have to unanimously agree with every party line or they’re wrong. For this specific issue, I think it’s pretty obvious that there is, in fact, climate change. John Oliver does a nice job of summing up the issue. That has nothing to do with politics, it just amounts to: here’s a thing, in which a lot of science gives credibility to, and I’m inclined to believe it’s a problem. Doesn’t always have to be about left-right.

      1. Agreed. The entire two party system is crap. It should never be about left-right and should just be about facts instead of agenda’s…

        …but that is a whole nother conversation that delves further into the madness.

      2. It actually isn’t obvious fact. It is fairly debatable. There was a study done, the most comprehensive in history, that basically dismissed global warming. The International Commision On Climate Change tried to squash the report because it didn’t come to the conclusion they were hoping for. I wish I could find it online. It was about a year ago, but the left wing media didn’t report it too much. It is the main reason you don’t hear “global warming” anymore and hear “climate change” instead. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it is possible for our climate not to change, but it isn’t nearly as drastic as people make it out to be.

        1. You sir, are a idiot. You speak of this comprehensive study, actually the “most comprehensive study in history”, yet can’t find it through a simple google search?

          The reason it went from global warming to climate change is because not all locations will get hotter. Some will get colder, some get wetter, some get drier, etc..

          1. Go find this most comprehensive article in the history of the world! It should be super accessible and easy to find.

        2. Unless you can produce that study, I can’t take anything you say seriously.

          Also, the reason it’s referred to as “climate change” instead of “global warming” now is because there are a LOT of idiots in the world that would say “see, it’s snowing more than ever! The globe can’t be WARMING!!”

          While the Earth, overall, IS warming, “climate change” is a more apt descriptor so that the masses can understand it.

        3. The first sign of being wrong is not name-calling; it’s being unable to back up your argument. Name-calling is incidental.

      3. Kyle – you make less sense than my hockey stick graph.
        The track record of we Chicken Little climate alarmists has been abysmal – worse than the Cowboys’ December record over the last 10 years . We went from predicting an Ice Age to Global Warming, then had to change that to Climate Change when the warming never came, and then to Climate Disruption when change never came.

        You should have been on to us when we sent a ship to measure polar ice loss and it got stuck in the ice! Ya know, because it was COLD – there was lots of ice.

        1. The claim that the scientific community had a consensus of believing an Ice Age was imminent is made up. Look it up – if you can get out of your own echo chamber, you’ll see that cooling predictions were in the minority in the 70’s, and then disappeared by the 80’s. That’s how science works, by the way – published research is examined and challenged, and new consensus emerges. If you don’t think that science works well, then give up all of the technology you use, move into a cave, and pray to the weather gods whenever lightning scares you. You don’t deserve to live in the modern era.

          1. Reading comprehension, JackO-
            The Chicken Little alarmists were in ice age mode, not the scientific community consensus.
            Despite what Utopian designers try to tell us with their debunked 97% of scientists claim, they don’t have scientific consensus now either. Time to go for a ride on your Unicorn.

          2. “Despite what Utopian designers try to tell us with their debunked 97% of scientists claim”

            Care to cite a source that debunks that?

          3. CBGA: are you saying you haven’t put 97% myth, fraud, or debunk in a search engine yet?
            PopularTechnology.net 5-21-14 Should we find someone to read it to you as well?
            And here is a story on the loony left reaction: thenewamerican.com 5-20-14

    1. Sure thing, but he’s not a scientist – he’s a former TV weatherman and journalist. Why would you ignore the National Academy of Scientists over a former tv weatherman with right wing political ties like this guy?

    2. You’d probably think a car salesman knows how to fix your car better than an actual mechanic, then.

  5. Jason Babin is exacting the type of slobbering, mouth breathing, idiot who would buy into this moronic “conspiracy” nonsense about climate change. Just ignore the mountains of evidence and thousands of scientists screaming at you telling you this is a real thing that is going to ruin the planet. Some idiots on the internet and Fox News told you it was fake so they must be the ones who are right and the qualified experts are part of massive conspiracy. These are the same people who don’t get their kids vaccinated and think evolution is a conspiracy.

    1. Where do you think the funding (grants) for those studies come from? People are so naive to how the world works.

      1. You obviously have no clue how peer-reviewed scientific papers are published do you? There is nothing scientists in these positions love more than to prove others wrong in their field with empirical data, so trying to discredit people smarter than you based on government or private funding is pointless when the end data really does all the speaking. Not sure you know how the world works bro.

      2. While we’re on the topic of where money for stuff comes from (and since Not Really already responded to how you’re wrong on that point):

        Where do you think the money comes from for Fox News’ talking points? Who do you think is pulling those strings? Couldn’t possibly be rich assholes with close ties to oil companies, could it?


        It is.

        So yeah, I’ll trust the peer-reviewed mountain of scientific data (that’s really not that hard to understand, even if you don’t have a B.S.) over talking heads on a biased TV program. I suggest you think critically, as well.

        1. Well since you’ve made it a point to insinuate the idea I, A) think Fox News is unbiased, and B) don’t think it works both ways… I guess I should respond. Oh, you should have also proably included that I’m a climate change denier too for overall coverage.

          Perhaps you should step back from pounding your keyboard and read things for what they are, instead of taking things wildly out of contex. Now, if I may, I will say that I actually agree with you on the Fox News front… but again, it works both ways and CNN, MSNBC, etc. are equally to fault with the filth they spew.

          1. Sorry for inferring that’s what you meant. It’s just pretty hard to find climate change deniers (or people who question the overwhelming scientific consensus on climate change) that aren’t avid Fox News watchers, so that’s usually a solid assumption to make.

            And I agree on CNN and MSNBC as well. Anyone who is getting their news from a 24 hour news network or from major American broadcast news networks is doing it wrong.

  6. So the CB gang buys the idiotic fraud of “global warming” or is it “climate change”…like that never happened before. Count me a former reader of this now mindless site. Never knew so many football fans on here buy the hoax. Meanwhile, I’m sure the majority of them drive their F150 or other gas guzzlers around around town without a care in the world about their ever changing world. Yea, I’m sure all of you hop the bus and subway. Morons. Adios!

    1. Nobody in the scientific community is saying this never happened before genuis, it is the accelerated rate of it’s happening over the past 100 years coupled with continued rising C02 emissions that has signaled an alarm that something is way out of balance here, primarily based on our actions. Bet you think that hole in the South Pole ozone layer from CFC emissions is fake too? What about that dead zone the size of New Jersey in the Gulf of Mexico from fertilizer runoff(nitrogen), must be a conspiracy huh? Acid rain, yea must have made that one up too – all those thousands of dead lakes in Maine and Canada back in the late 70’s were just conspiracies, it had nothing to do with sulfur dioxide spewing from smoke stacks. There is no way we are having any impact on the planet based on our activities, none – it’s so obvious huh cause you stop2think bout all this stufffffff?

  7. One old kook being parroted by a dumber younger kook, and this is what Fox News brings to the table as someone worthy of speaking on the matter? He’s not even a scientist nor does he have credentials to make such statements other than his cranky old man opinion. May as well just yelled, GET OFF MY LAWN YOU HIPPIES!!!!! –

  8. Polar ice caps melting, water level rising, climate is all fucked up everywhere…Nah there’s no global warming…

    Get ready for another polar vortex…Jackass…

    Fucking amateurs.

  9. How can man’s use of fossil fuels possibly impact the global climate negatively when countless studies we have funded have shown otherwise? And don’t mind your flammable drinking water caused by the chemicals we legally don’t have to disclose used in fracking. Just don’t smoke while drinking water…problem solved!

    1. That Fracking shit is all fucked up…Watched a documentary called “Gasland”…Scary shit man.

      1. Gasland has actually done more damage than good for the anti-fracking crowd.

        That shit IS fucked, but Gasland didn’t rely on solid scientific fact. If we’re going to change people’s minds about fracking, let’s use the actual science showing the alarmingly rising numbers of earthquakes in Oklahoma, the depressingly bad “regulating” about the fracking waste water, the questionable practices of the drillers/cementers/clean-up crews. Those show actual, quantifiable damages being done by fracking.

        And for the love of god, if you care about the environment and want us off fossil fuels, start demanding more nuclear power until we can properly use renewables in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

          1. As with any other industry, nuclear has to be done right. The operators at Fukushima were told multiple times that their sea wall wasn’t high enough. That they needed to build it three times higher to protect the plant from a tsunami. And guess what? If they had listened, that catastrophe would have never occurred.

            Even still, the number of deaths/sicknesses from nuclear (including Fukushima, Chernobyl, randon worker deaths, everything having to do with nuclear) is far, FAR less than the number of sicknesses and deaths from coal and oil. Orders of magnitude less.

  10. I’m sorry for being so wrong all these years -even making up data didn’t help my case. Many of you Eagles fans have been looking forward to a 15 minute ride to the shore after the oceans rise, so sorry to disappoint.

  11. My main man. Those tribals are the shit. I agree with my man. Its not the heat its the humidity

  12. “Of course it is! I could think of no better political plan than for politicians to spurn their biggest potential donors – oil companies – by running on a platform that completely undermines their business model. I guess those split-screen debates were accurate after all”

    Yeah because they would never spurn the oil companies. Never. They’d never draw more profits from oil refining companies than companies themselves bring in. Nevvvveerrr.. They’d never tell you you’re being ripped off by “big oil” as they profit more than the “big oil” companies themselves do. Nevvvvveer… They’d never mandate other fuels such as ethanol be mass produced to try to clean up our carbon footprint and compete directly with “big oil”. Nevvvvveer….

  13. If you dont think that the population increasing by 4 billion over 50 years hasn’t affected the earth than you should do mother earth a favor and kill yourself.

  14. Didn’t need this tidbit to know Jason babin is a certifiable grade A moron. As for climate change denial: go tell that to the polar bears. If they don’t eat you first, I’m sure they might have a thing or two to say on the matter. Doubt they get fox news or msnbc that far north, so there goes the political spin….

  15. Global warming is a reality. happens every 100,000 years or so. I agree that our world wide emissions are making things worse. rising seas ? yes. but we won’t see it. our grandchildren will. Ice chunks the size of Manhattan are breaking off every year….but my fear is the radiation in the Pacific from Fukijama. no fish for me thanks….and no shrimp from the Gulf.
    Wanna hear something really scary ? When the reactor went down at Fukijama radioactive steam went into the atmosphere. radioactive clouds settle around 30,000 feet. yup, commercial airliners cruise at 30,000 ft. more radiation than x rays at your dentist. file the friendly skies my azz. Al Gore was chosen as the face of global warming. the reality to this was so governments could charge companies “carbon tax” = $$$$$$

    ps: Kyle ask Didinger about his email. no harm in asking lol

  16. Now you people know why I insisted that scoundrel Babin be removed from my team. Isn’t it obvious from all the cold weather we have had that global warming is going to destroy us all. Now you skeptics might cite the fact that there has been no warming of the planet in 17 years, that there have been no hurricanes to hit the East Coast this year, that the Antarctic ice pack is actually increasing and that the polar bear population is higher than ever recorded. You might also cite the fact that many scientists have been silenced out of fear of losing their jobs, that a certain Penn State global warming authority has been caught lying in emails and numerous other so called “facts”. You have to understand the we liberals just “feel” that global warming is occurring and have we ever been wrong? Now I know some of you might say that certain bloggers have a major advertiser who using government subsidies gets big contacts to install solar panels in football stadiums and are thus beholden to them but don’t you neadrathals have feelings too! This is just astonishing! Jeeves draw me a warm bath and have Bentley brew me a cup of hot Bolivian Cocoa with a splash of my fine imported whiskey. Calgon take me away!

  17. Wait, what happened to global warming? Is it global warming or climate change? When it changes to global cooling, can people finally give up on the hoax?

  18. Don’t let the deniers shake your faith my friends. They just hate buying $ 30 light bulbs and having their utility bills triple over a scam . Remember our dream , fields full of windmills and solar panels. Utopia will soon be here. Of course China, India and Russia aren’t going along with this charade but keep believing my sheep.

  19. Sheep.Cattle.Lemmings off the cliff.
    HAARP (weather modification)
    Scalar Weapons (microwave/energy beams…Tesla inventions)

    In the USA the NFL/MLB/NBA being used to keep the masses occupied.

    Governments need diversions to hide the shit they do.
    Rome would have 30 days of games in the Coleseum. now we get weekend games.

  20. Has there ever been a bigger tool shed of an athlete? This is the same guy who was selling his truck with his own self’d seat covers of his stupid pose he did after ya know…..he did his job (every blue moon.) Just the sight of this guy gives me diahreah.

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