NBA Reportedly on Verge of Changing Draft Lottery Because Other Teams are Mad at the Sixers

Photo Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Back in July, it was reported that the NBA was looking to reform the draft lottery and wasn’t going to wait to do it. The Sixers, who are deeper inside of a tank than Brad Pitt in Fury, are obviously not keen on that idea, but it looks like it’s going to happen anyway.

According to a Zach Lowe report (via, “the NBA Board of Governors is expected to vote soon on a change to the way the NBA Draft is held, and those changes could go in by the 2015 NBA Draft.” The way the proposal looks now is like this: The four worst teams would have an equal chance to win No. 1 overall pick — a 12% chance — and the team with the worst record could fall all the way down to the seventh pick. According to Lowe, the Sixers aren’t just accidentally in the crosshairs here:

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And while we’re all left staring at what’s happening on the court, the Sixers will continue to try to distract from that with — in addition to a 3D Wilt Chamberlain tribute — new uniforms for the cheerleaders, a new mascot (about two seasons after people stopped caring at all), and a fancy new light show. And also, I guess, some semi-professional quality basketball.


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  1. The NBA is right to do this. Once again the Sixers will post around 15-20 wins. They will be putting a non-competitive product on the floor and charge full price for tickets to the fans.
    It’s not just here in Philadelphia that fans suffer. When the Sixers go on the road fans season ticket holders for those teams are forced to buy tickets for Sixers game to watch a substandard product.

  2. The league didn’t seem to give a shit when the celtics did this a while ago. I wonder why they care now?

    1. It’s simple, because the Sixers are doing the same move for the second year in a row.

    2. It’s more because they have no qualms about telling everyone in advance they’re tanking to get good draft picks. That’s where they made their error. It makes the NBA look bad and they can’t have that. Can they?

  3. Why don’t they just rig the lottery again like they did for the Cavs the last two years? That’s why that league is a fucking joke. They rig the system for the league office’s favored teams and then when one team is playing by the rules to try and get themselves out of mediocrity they just change everything.

    Honestly though, I’ve never understood why the NBA and NHL do these draft lotteries. What’s wrong with going strictly by record, the way the NFL does it? The NFL seems to be doing just fine.

    1. I agree 100%. The way that the NBA operates their draft is a joke. It should always be about the worst team getting the #1 pick. Period. This 4 team with an equal chance proposal stinks to high heaven. I see the Lakers, Celtics and Knick’s owners behind the scenes driving this proposal.

  4. That’s what you get when you make a mockery of a system. The Sixers (Fixers?) are screwed big time and will be perennial cellar dwellers. With the Phillies, the Comcast thieves will continue to suck money from the users who need cable by forcing Comcast Sportsnet down your throat. You pay whether you watch the Phils and Sixers and the perennial hype but no Cup machine that is the Flyers or not. When Comcast shells out big viewing rights to these teams for well over 10 years, there is no impetus for these three teams to win. They already have your money given to and stolen from the three teams and the subscribers respectively.

  5. But they have yet to get the number one overall pick in the last few years and the lottery worked against them last year. Yet the Cavs had the number 1 pick 3 out of 4 years. whatever.

    1. The Cavs didn’t intentionally try to be bad. They were bad because their front office stinks and Lebron left.

        1. exactly. Should a team be rewarded with number one picks because hey are inept? From what I can tell the sixers are trying to suck and aren’t getting the number once pick and fell backwards, so the process appears to be working. Not that I really care because the sixers owners and mgmt. are a group of people who don really have a clue. I have no doubt that their strategy will fail miserably

  6. You know they were in the lottery room back in June and they were like …

    “We’re not letting Philly get #1, right? Even better, lets give it to the Cavs again and fuel the Lebron rumors. Philly gets screwed, and Lebron goes home. It’s like killing 2 birds with one stone”

  7. Adam Silver looks a lot like Powder. Ya know from the movie “Powder”. Except it’s like Powder lived and became a heroin junkie instead.

  8. Who cares? The idea that anyone cares what a team does to get a good draft pick is ridiculous to me. So a franchise WILLINGLY endures an awful season with no one caring what the team does, and no one showing up to games, and they shouldn’t be rewarded with trying to get better through the draft? I thought that was the point? Maybe they should focus on the teams who load up on free agents to win Championships. Building through the draft is the RIGHT way to win. Ethically. I guess. Why penalize teams who are willing to take their lumps to get better? This is why the NBA is behind the likes of NASCAR and (worldwide) cricket. Just let nature take it’s course, stop being obstructionists. Your product sucks because suddenly everyone is a “one and done player” in college. There are no instant superstars anymore. We have to draft ego inflated 19 year old’s who thing they’re the shit. The NBA game is garbage, and this ruling would make it even more garbage. God forbid a team try to build without overspending on free agents.

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