Pat Gillick Admits That, Yeah, The Phillies are Going to Stink for a Few Years

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Pat Gillick spoke to John Clark today and was shockingly realistic — though maybe still a bit optomistic — when considering the Phillies’ potential for future success. Said Gillick:

“I think where we are right now, it’s probably a couple years,. I wouldn’t think [2015] or [2016,] ’15 or ’16 I don’t think is in the cards. I think somewhere around 2017 or 2018.”

It’s a welcome change of pace from Ruben’s (and the team’s) former stance of “this core still has some success left in them.” Gillick then told Clark, kind of against what Ruben and Dave Montgomery said during the season, that the near-future will be more of a “rebuild”:

“I think we’re more toward rebuilding than reloading. That’s my opinion. I think it’s hard to ask the fans, it’s hard to ask the media, it’s hard to ask, you know, anyone, to be patient. Patience is kind of thin these days. But I think this is going to be more of a rebuilding, more of a restructuring than a reloading.”

It’s still not the full-rebuild that Rube and Dave said wasn’t in the cards, but it’s at least more of an admission that something has to be done. 2017 or 2018 might still be a bit on the early side to turn a 73-win team into a major contender, but the first step to rebuilding is admitting you have a problem. Or something like that.


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    1. Pretty sure he didn’t draft any of the core of that team right? There is a huge difference between the group he has now and the team he took over last time. Sad part is that he apparently still thinks it’s not ruin’s fault.

  1. This team will hit 20,000 losses before it wins a third World Series. Hilarious that the Giants are going for their third Series (and will get it) in five years. The Phils can’t win a third in its 135th year. The team in pro sports with the most losses. The tradition continues.

  2. So, this off-season presents a unique opportunity for Phils. Utley, Howard, Rollins. Who do you want gone? Obviously, Howard is the choice with his huge contract. What I am hearing: Swapping Howard for A-Rod. I’m told A-Rod is well rested and chomping at the bit to get back and prove he is worth his deal. The Phils would get a legit 3rd basmen and power bat in the line up.

    1. Lol, The contract has nothing to do with them getting rid of him or not because they will still be the ones paying him! Nobody is taking Howard for much more than the league minimum. The reason to get rid of him would be to give younger more promising players a chance. Face it there are a couple of 1st base options who will outperform our Ryan Howard. With that said, i still love Howard, he’s always tried to be as good as he could be. That’s all he can do.

  3. Optomistic, Jim?

    Seriously, what the fuck. Do you EVER read comments? Have you no shame about the fact that you can’t go more than 2 posts without ridiculous spelling/grammatical errors? Especially when your job is to write. How Kyle hasn’t fired you yet is beyond me.

    1. My buddy, Sean, was discusted by the English airrors in this article. He told me that Jim shoulda DID a better job with proofreading. Bye the way, my buddy Sean is in the running to replace Matt Stares and Moyer in the Phillies broadcast booth next year! That change would bring back the fans to the Comcast broadcasts.

  4. The Phillies are a decade away. The Nats and Braves are currently better and the Mets and Marlins have upcoming talent that will make them the top contenders 3-4 years from now.

    And might I add, for as much shit as the sixers get for sucking. Their plan is going to at least make them a viable team in three years. The Phillies may not even be at rock bottom by then.

    1. Ten years? I think you are a little overly dramatic. Especially since there is no salary cap in baseball. And the Sixers will be viable in three years? Will anyone remember them by then?

  5. Dis Pa Gillik guy, I tell ya Rhea he is tellin da truf! He’s tellin da truf!

    Ya can’t denie dat he’s tellin da truf! Finally, we haive someone wit da Phillies dat is saeying something the feans wanna hair. Usally, all we get is Ruben Amayro and dat isn’t a good fing.

  6. A Wild Card is going to win the World Series. There is so much parity in baseball that even the Phillies can go deep in the playoffs.

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