Phils Come Out Swinging at Howard Eskin’s Report

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Last night, Howard Eskin reported on radio and TV that Phillies President Dave Montgomery’s leave of absence due to cancer was a “convenient story” and he was actually pushed out. Eskin went on to say that limited partner John Middleton was aggressively pursuing a majority ownership of the team. Today, the Phillies came out and just said “Nah dude,” which you can see above.

One source told us of Eskin’s report, “I would very much doubt any of what he just reported was accurate,” and Kevin Cooney took to Twitter today, before and after the Phillies issued their statement, doubting the report. He tweeted that “While Howard was right about Monty working straight thru after surgery, multiple people there wanted him to gear back [and] he continued to push thru- working on Phils and MLB stuff- while getting noticeably thinner during the summer treatment.” And then, Cooney said what we’ve all wanted for a long time:

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We’d all love that Kev, but I don’t think any of us are holding our breath.


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  1. You people act like I throw shit up against the wall every few months and hope it’s at least a little bit true just so people can talk about my sorry, irrelevant ass for a few days.

    Back to you Merrill…

  2. Headline should have read:

    “Phils Who Will Lose Their Job When Middleton Takes Over Come Out Swinging”

    Clearly a power struggle here. So I guess the magic number for Phillies fans is 51%.

    1. couldnt agree more! this is one of the rare times when we want eskin to be right. the phillies need a majority owner. they need a single face with a single voice that can speak for the organization. the quicker that happens, the quicker a direction can be made and pursued. hopefully that can be the implosion for the management of this team. the quicker the implosion for management, the quicker this team can start rebuilding itself again. until all that happens, expect much more 70-75 win seasons from Phillies teams comprised of aging veterans, late-20’s projects, and horribly valued prospects.

  3. Howard Eskin is the most unnecessary person in the city of Philadelphia.

    Also, take off the hipster glasses Howard you look stupid.

  4. I’m letting all you people know that I will be the first call on Saturday morning on Howard’s show. I have to get in early so I can be speaking to John and Shawn on The Fanatic at 8:30am.
    You can catch me at 1pm speaking to Rob Charry on WIP and at 4pm to Phil from Mt Airy on The Fanatic.

  5. Eskin is about as good at reporting accurate information as Jim is at eating Kyle’s swollen asshole.

    Not good at all.

  6. What do you expect the Phillies to say? Did anyone think they were going to confirm everything Eskin reported? That Montgomery was pushed out? We’ll see in the coming months what is really going down. Also, can both stations please ban Levi from Overbrook? The dude has never made a good point and the hosts are generally too cowardly to put him in his place.

  7. The only reason Andy Bloom does not fire Eskin’s behind is that he is a rain maker for ads and sells out car dealerships to hawk the newest dealer that will give him a free ride. For 24 years, he swears by two Lexus dealerships and throws them overboard for a better deal with that yields more ad dollars to CBS. He can be wrong all he wants to as he drives attention to his incompetency.

  8. Eskin is the King of Weaselland. He used to yap very disparaging remarks about anyone who drinks alcohol. A few years later, he’s bosom buddies with the former head of the PLCB, and now he makes a fortune from booze commercials for the State of Pennsylvania.

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