Well, that escalated. After Josh Innes went in on Mike Missanelli a couple of nights ago, Mikey Miss dismissed Innes’ comments as a ploy to get attention. Miss, as we mentioned is commonplace in the previous post, wouldn’t mention Innes by name and claimed Innes was just using his name to try to get attention.

And then when Innes came on the air, he kicked off his show with an unsubtle Missanelli jab that was immediately picked up by a caller who was calling Mikey Miss by name. Perhaps learning from his past mistake, Innes told the caller that he’d have to call him either “Bitchanelli” or “Bitchy Bitch,” before later calling him “old, tired, [and] uninteresting.” Audio of both shows is above, including the part where Innes says he’s not in a “Radio War.” We’re not changing that headline, though. Also, don’t miss the special shoutout to you, the CB commenter.

Scoring points?

Missanelli: Jason Myrtetus’ use of The Airborne Toxic Event’s Sometime Around Midnight, conveniently right at the lyric “someone you don’t know.”

Innes: His outstanding impression of bro sports talk radio callers to Missanelli’s show.


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    1. Who the hell is innes. He really thinks he is such tough guy it seems. Wip have hosts, morning show to who live on air hope and ask for other players on teams to get bad injuries before they play eagles. What hosts live on air wish for other athletes to get hurt. That’s classless.

  1. Who the hell is Josh Innes? Nobody listens to sports talk radio after 6 PM except for people working night shifts and dudes with really empty lives. This is a pretty pathetic and transparent attempts to talk smack about someone who trounces him in the ratings for attention and publicity, like the publicity this site is giving him. That’s still not enough to make me put on WIP during the evening when I’m actually watching sports.

    1. Miss is on from 2-6, Innes is on at 6….they don’t touch each other in the ratings.

      1. I’m talking pure ratings numbers, not time slots. But if you put Innes on from 2-6, he’d still get clobbered by Missanelli.

          1. all the deadbeat potheads who listen to Innes aren’t awake 2. Mommy doesn’t come down to the basement until 6.

  2. have to say that innes has grown on me. yeah, he catches shit for his shtick being “howard stern-like” but he is something new and fresh to the local airwaves. i love his unequivocal dissing of missanelli. he had me laughing last night when he was taking shots at missanelli’s bio listed on the phanatic website which included, “witty with pop-culture humor.” anyone who has ever listened to missanelli knows his act of continuously referencing seinfeld and the godfather is exasperating for the listener and it was great to see innes call him out on the same old tiring references.

    1. But unlike what Howard Stern did with John DaBella, coming to a new city as an outsider and completely trashing one of your chief competitor by name on air isn’t going to work. Innes is pathetically trying to make a name for himself using Missanelli’s name recognition.

        1. Was thinking the same thing.

          I guarantee you this weak guy is one of the 3 Missanelli flunkies in Johnny Marks Sean Brace & his ass-kissing producer Jason Myrtetus.

          Trying in vain to defend their mentor in miserable Missanelli is a lost cause as he’s been exposed by Josh Innes.

          1. I am just a listener. I HATE Brace and Marks, and Martinez is a pathetic Missanelli kiss ass. I’m just calling a spade a spade. Most people have no idea who Innes is, so he’s trying to make a name for himself by trashing Missanelli. It’d be like some nightime lame 97.5 host like Nick Kayel devoting half his show to mocking Cataldi because Cataldi has name recognition with a show that gets huge ratings (even thought he’s an incredibly annoying assclown and all around creep.) It’s a bush league move for people trying to make a name for themselves in talk radio.

        2. something tells me that “weak” is not missanelli’s, but rather his lapdog….jason martinez. hey martinez, after youre done defending your master, get to work on his mocha cappuccino. also, its raining today so be sure to wait at the doorways so can you can quickly rush out to him with an umbrella when he pulls up in the parking lot.

  3. honestly never heard of Josh Innes before this…and somehow in that clip…he made himself more of an asshat than Mike Miss is and I didn’t believe that was possible before. Kudos.

  4. I can’t stand Mike Miss. I literally try my hardest to avoid his show along with Brace and Marks show. However, Innus is unlistenable. “bitchy bitch” isn’t even funny. He sounds like a complete nerd who got his way on the airwaves and is trying so hard to be discovered…just like Mike miss said. Talk show radio is close to dead in this town. Proof being guys like Brace, Marks, phil from Mt airy, Innus ..etc etc all have shows. It’s a disgrace. Long live podcasts!

  5. This guy Innes is a child.

    He called Missanelli a “tough guy” and then he calls him “Bitchanelli” and “Bitchy Bitch” on the radio?

    Talk about a hypocrite.

    Lay off the cheese steaks while your at it too tubby.

    Miss and Martinez played in perfectly. Thanked him for the free advertisement, claimed their top spot in the ratings, had a good laugh and moved on.

      1. haha, I have better things to do besides correcting small errors in my grammar on a sports blog.

        Sadly, it seems you don’t.

        Good day.

          1. “Your” and “You’re”, hmmmm…SOUND the same to me. Again, sorry for the error, Jesus.

            I’m pretty certain you’ve made at least ONE grammatical error in your life so don’t be a hypocrite pal.

          2. I dont see what youre guys problem is. Theyre is no reason that we should need to proof-reed anything. Its doesnt make it any harder to reed and not anyone is going to take what you say less seriously because you dont sound smart.

            I could care less what people think reading my posts

  6. Glad big josh has the balls to go after that pompous pos mike Missanelli . I called mike miss couple weeks back & got into it with him. His eagles points were nuts & I rattled him good

    1. Mike’s show is as stale as month old bread with the same old tired general knowledge Wednesdays,that most of his callers want to avoid like the Ebola virus.

      Oh and did I mention how stupid Missanelli sounds at trying to give relationship advice to his male callers when he himself is a miserable middle-aged,divorced individual who wouldn’t know what a successful long-term marriage is if it jumped up and smacked him in the face.

  7. but Innes is coming off as the whiny bitch here… Reverting to name calling, its like hes a 12 year old girl, kind of embarrassing.

    Usually its Mike Miss who is annoying as hell, but damn Innes sucks

    1. well said, couldn’t agree more.

      Kyle’s Keyboard Muscles, I didn’t have apostrophe’s on couldn’t and didn’t but I fixed them for your viewing pleasure!

        1. Looking at the comment from “Bob” above, it looks as though your grammar is dreadful too.


        2. Commas go inside the quotations!

          God I love when someone makes a big deal about a grammar mistake smaller than your penis and then the same person makes an error as THEY’RE correcting you. HAHAAHAHAHAHHA

  8. Let’s not forget Innes’ point here-Missy Mike did in fact post a moronic tweet minutes after Victor Cruz suffered that injury and backed his tweet up with a ridiculous story about rushing to the subway so that he could get back to a garage his car was parked in before the garage closed. Even if that joke of a story were true the tweet doesn’t make sense in relation to his explanation. it was weak- Missonelli is such an arrogant condescending prick I’m glad someone finally called him out on his crap- Well done Josh Innes

  9. the facts of the case
    howard stern once said-it’s hard to fill 4 hours on the air-as much as people hated him, he was right, everyone of these ass clowns has stolen from him, this inness dude has said about as many funny things as big daddy, the guy is a stiff, missinelli is no bargain either, i just put on 660 am in the afternoons for some decent albeit new york sports or 610 am for the national shows, -glen, ray, big daddy-all they do is try to sell you thier shit books, food, trips ect…………………….

    1. Couldn’t agree more!!!
      His comment of “YOUR SISTER ……” is old and played out. His constant references to Seinfeld is so boring and predictable.

  10. It’s painfully obvious what is happening here…Innes is baiting Missanelli to make a name for himself. I guarantee you Missanelli doesn’t even address the situation today and that fat pig goes on some “bitchy bitch” tirade (c’mon my man…Bitchy Bitch? You have to do better than that).

    I’m in shock that this is going on and Missanelli is the one coming across as the better person.

  11. Guy doesn’t sit in the press box or stands. Just sits in suites provided by his cigar smoking, white, private country club golf buddies.

  12. Hey just a reminder guys, I’m on from 2-6 weekdays here at 97.5 the fanatic, Philly’s leader in sports talk radio.

    However, if you’re interested in dick jokes, nonsense, and cheap laughs please tune in to the real Howard Stern. Not this clown that shall rename nameless. Clearly just trying to use my name as a springboard for his own career (or lack there of). Nameless clown can’t touch me, in the ratings or in a more literal fashion (I’d run ciricles around that chubby asshat).

    (Insert Martedes laugh here).

    -Mikey Miss out

    Hope Romo shatters a limb so I can tweet about that next. LOLs

  13. Josh Anus is a big fat joke.

    Completely irrelevant in this town, he is getting a few posts on some “sports” blog and it’s getting his small little wiener all hard. Notice how none of those other hosts care enough to go after Miss. They just let his dumbass bury himself over on that station nobody listens to. But not Anus, who needs the attention and thinks of himself as a “tough guy” who “calls people out.”

    Ooooooooooohhhhhhh you made fun of Cary Williams! Funny! How original and ballsy! I’m in the car a lot around 6-7pm but I just cannot listen to this fat fuck. I hope WIP knows they are losing listeners by letting this moron have a show. 97.5 already employs idiots like Brace and PfMA so they are hopeless. Fuck I’d rather Kyle have a show than Josh. He’s that bad.

    1. Where can you find ratings for the radio anyway. I am more curious to see if the morning show is still getting big ratings.

    2. Haha, Josh Anus is sooooo edgey. That’s why he takes all the callers that sound like they’re going to poop their colostomy bags because they are mouth-breathing too hard, Josh Anus included

  14. A great Miss Mikey comment last week on Eskin. May not be exact words, but close.

    The guy on the Eagles sidelines is a glorified waterboy in a suit who lives for hearing the Eagles coach call him by his first name at the post game press conference.

    1. That I agree with.

      I wanna lock Eskin in a small room filled with dying Ebola patients.

      1. I could see why a lot of people seem to dislike Missanelli as he does have that arrogance about him especially when his opinion is challenged. He is wrong at times and never admits it but the guy is pretty smart.

        You just don’t get the 2 to 6 slot in a major sports city like Philadelphia without having some brains.

        This guy Innes is like the new kid at school trying to pick a fight with the popular kid to make a name for himself.

        How old is Innes?


  15. Josh Anus is so jealous of the ratings. I don’t always agree with Missanelli but he smoked Eskin off the air and is making this idiot look like a desperate fool.

  16. Mikey Miss and the whole 97.5 lineup is really bad right now. It’s gone downhill since Bruno and Mayes got bumped from the 12 PM slot.

    Mike & Mike is awful.
    Mayes sans Bruno is bad.
    Jon and Sean is laughable.
    Mikey Miss is a tough guy. Actually, he’s just annoying.

    Cuz and Rob Ellis are much more listenable than Bitchy Bitch these days.

    1. Are you fucking kidding?

      Missanelli may be turning into Eskin, but Gargano??

      He is fucking impossible to listen to. The laugh; the hyped up accent; all the fraud South Philly cliche’s and “bro’s”. Ellis might as well not be there, Gargano never shuts the fuck up.

      I would rather put KYW on and listen to “Traffic and transit on the 2’s” all day.

  17. Who is Martinez in all of this?

    Nahigian and Bloom are both in unique situations here.

    Bloom- has the ability to get Innes a following that consists of people who dislike the pompous ahole that is Mikey “my poo dont stink” Miss

    Nahigian – His cleanup hitter with a checkered past is once again in hot water. but with 80% of advertising dollars being generated by his consistent rating he has to stand strong. If it was the NYT that ran this article rather than the NYDN then you may have an issue. Then again if Greater media was based out of NY instead of Mass that this would be a different issue.

    I think everyone can agree that the sports radio market in philly is very stale. This may be a good thing to light a fire under both stations.

  18. Good thing Mikey asks people to “Google” him. Now all of the curious dolts who do see this guys laundry list of lunatic behavior. Hitting co workers, walking off at public events in temper tantrums, jealousy issues over those who are more successful and better than him while he remains a petulant local hack. Is Josh Innes a fat, irrelevant slob? Yes! What he is trying to do is position himself as the new afternoon guy once Gargano gets shitcanned in a couple of months when his contract runs out. “Cuz” obviously has ego issues as well and goes through co-hosts the way Mikey goes through unsuspecting local airheads who think he’s cool because he’s on the damn radio. Will the guy at WIP make the daring decision and put Innes on opposite Dissanelli ? He sucks, but would be a stark contrast to Gargano, the dull Rob Ellis or anyone else that has zero ability to garner ratings in this cesspool devoid of any legit talent.

    1. Amen to that. Truth. Long live bruno and Mayes . Eskin too. Fuck everyone else

  19. Josh sure does talk a lot of trash for a part time guy. He gets bumped in favor of the Phillies. He has to do a leading off show instead of the Josh Innes show half the time. Now that the Phillies season is over he has to figure out a way to generate interest in his name that his show certainly is not doing. “Radio wars” have been around forever, typically started by hacks with no talent, hoping someone with ratings and listeners will mention them by name. It’s hack gorilla marketing. Maybe when Josh gets a show during drive time hours people will give a crap. Having Baton Rouge on your resume landed you exactly where you deserve: sharing time with a crap baseball team, at a time when people are out of their cars, eating dinner, and watching tv. Josh should aspire to do overnights. At least he won’t have to worry about getting bumped in favor of the Phillies. You want an audience, Josh? Get a buddy and upload a video of you two shitting in a cup. Enjoy that 6 to who-gives-a-shit timeslot.

  20. Just heard about the beef between Josh Innes and Mike Missanelli. I listen to Josh Innes, but I haven’t heard Mike Missanelli on the air, though I understand that he is an established entity and respected broadcaster. I like Josh’s fresh approach and I find his program both entertaining and engaging. However, I also think that Josh needs to let this issue go. Just my opinion.

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