Last night, Josh Innes, oh he of WIP, went after 97.5’s Mike Missanelli, by name*, over his Tweet and ensuing explanation. I present to you a sampling:

“He seems to have some sort of an audience, but I know this this– I’d love the opportunity to take him down. I would love that opportunity. And I know I could. Because people get tired of listening to jamokes like Mike Missanelli. I, I, I, I fight my producer I’m awesome. Yeah great. You’re a real man, Mike Missanelli.”

“He’s the outright, undisputed king of douchebaggery in the city of Philadelphia.”

He then went on to unveil a segment called Mikey Miss Tweets History, in which Missanelli fires off questionable Tweets during famous moments in history. A couple of those:

“Hey minorities– MLK goes down! Civil Rights movement is over!”

“Hey Magic Johnson, your white blood cells are over. You’re probably a homosexual who’s in love with me.”

Where’s Damon Feldman?

*Radio people, more than any other mainstream media people, have this weird phobia of mentioning competitors by name or station. It’s dumb, really. So hearing Innes actually use Missanelli’s name earns him some extra credit points here.


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    1. I guarantee you guys Mike Missanelli’s flunkies in John Marks & Sean Brace totally ignore this story even though those assholes reference crossing broad on their show everyday.

      1. A lot of people don’t even know who the f josh innes is. If they start mentioning his name you are just giving people a reason to tune into his shit show

      2. I love Mike and Harry and Sean and John. WIP is really boring and for really old folks.

    2. Not compelled to listen to either Innes or Missanelli but I would say Innes is more articulate and has a better handle on what a good show should entail.

      I find Missanelli terribly boring. They should offer him 2 hours with a 3/5th cut in pay.hire Bruno back with Baldy.

      Oh man Spike has to do something with Gargano. There is so much going on in sports that it is ridiculous and all this guy wants to talk about is Thanksgiving day Cowboys/eagles. Woohoo. That game is 6 weeks away. If you cant find something else to talk on Oct 14 then you shouldnt be on the radio.

    1. hahaha, i agree. missanelli was certainly worthy of criticism! it was terribly unprofessional for him to post such a tweet. however, when innes goes an mocks him with tasteless jokes, that puts innes him right in the same category as missanelli….classless professionals. btw, i could hear the discomfort in mark farzetta’s voice last night as innes made these jokes. you could farzetta wanted nothing to do with the piece.

      1. Mark Farzetta is way too good to be stuck with this idiotic goon. He is knowledgable and has a lot of class. I think he would love to go to another time slot.

        1. Preferably his own time slot.

          94wip is grooming Josh Innes to be their main guy once Angelo Cataldi retires,which in my humbled opinion would be a colossal mistake.

          1. Innis is a big mouth to be sure but he’s not even close to being Missanelli…….and I don’t like Mikey personally but he is the best radio guy around except maybe for Cataldi. Having said that, Innis is easier on the ears than Eton Shander or whatever his name is. All he does is scream over Harry for 4 hours.

  1. I’m not defending Missanelli or his questionable tweets in anyway but here are two facts:

    1) Who the fuck is Josh Innes? He’s been here for half a day
    2) Missanelli’s show is better than any show on WIP, including Angelo.

    1. A monkey beating off into a microphone for twenty minutes would be better than Angelo so that doesn’t say much for Miss.

    2. Hey Maxie! Only girls use lol. I guess you use omg too you fuckin’ wussy!

  2. Nice to hear something creative and funny come from one of these stations whether you like Innes or not.

    1. Honestly. You found this creative and funny? Starting a fake “war” with another radio dj is about 30 years old. And I’ve heard more laughs in the waiting room at Sloan Kettering.

      1. This wasn’t the least bit funny.

        Innes and his producer may be the only clowns laughing.

        Missanelli smokes these guys in the ratings.

        If WIP wasnt already getting smoked, a lot of ppls dial/apps will be tuned to 97.5 at 2pm today, that’s for sure.

          1. Mikey Miss beats Gargano and Ellis.

            You could be right for other times.

            I was just talking 2 to 6.

            Mikey Miss has the kids, teens, young adults, 18-45 demographic.

            WIP is the 50+ old timer audience.

            Id be happy with the 18-45, they are more in tune with whats going on in sports nowadays anyway.

            Go Birds.

          2. yup, WIP beats 97.5 in the ratings quite handily overall but Missanelli OWNS that timeslot. The fellas in the aftanoon can’t, don’t and won’t be able to touch him.

            also, innes’ ratings are p terrible. once 6p hits and people turn their radios off it’s all downhill for both stations.

          3. 97.5 ratings were 1.8 in Sept I believe. Thats bottom tier. They like to spin the 18-45 demographic but bottom line this station has among the least amount of listeners overall on Philadelphia radio airwaves. The JV staff probably shaves a full 1 point of their cume .

            Quiet as kept WIP is no powerhouse either. Both stations underperform due to the product imo.

            WIP is stale and old.

            97.5 is mis-staffed.

        1. I stopped listening to WIP in the afternoon…i can’t stand Gargano. Ellis should have is own show. I’d listen to something else in the morning, but the Fanatic has the ESPN show on then. Innes is better than a lot of WIP’s on air talent.

      2. Say what you want but 62 comments in a hour on this site shows he is doing something right. Everyone loves a controversy.

  3. Innes trying to do whatever he can to ingratiate himself. He is not long for this market.

    1. I was on the WIP Facebook page the other day and they were doing a poll about whether or not people liked Josh Innes. It got a lot of replies but of course the replies could have been negative. Anyway, for some reason I get the feeling he is on probation since I did not see polls for the other shows.

  4. Perfect. Thanks Josh. Use your platform to point out what a tool Missanelli is. Mike is a jerk. Always has been and always will be. He is a pompous windbag that has no reason to be pompous. He sucks at life and the fractured relationships in his past are proof. Can’t keep a friend or a woman. A fake tough guy overcompensating for an inferiority complex.

    1. Im a missaneli fan,but I do respect josh for having the balls to come after him josh innes has a bright future in radio thats my opinion.People just hate on him bcuz hes from texas but believe it or not neither is that phony Gargano hes the worst he gets his friends to call the show and Rob Ellis needs to grow a pair and stop taking his shit

  5. Hey Kyle, Michael Barkann took several shots at Missanelli on Philly Sports Talk yesterday too. You should post a clip of it.

  6. He grew up on Stern and runs his show the same way, he is just looking for publicity!! Go back to Houston DBag!!

  7. Hey guys, Remember me? I was the movie from 15 years ago. It was the Nazis versus the Soviets. The movie tanked because the audience had no idea who to cheer for.

    Josh Innes versus Mike Missinelli is like trying to decide if you want uncontrollable diarrhea or uncontrollable vomiting.

    I got Arby’s on my mind.

  8. It’s about time it got to this point between these two stations since both their lineups suck for a majority of the day. Finally this is at least something interesting about the two stations.

  9. Josh Innes is a Howard Stern wannabe. He tries to come at other people in the city to get his name out there so people are talking about him just like Stern used to be. Thing is Stern has talent. This guy does not. Mikey Miss is a douche but at least he has a full work schedule. This dude doesn’t even work half the year because he is pushed away by the Phillies. He’s a total joke. I’ve listened to him a total of about 5 times and at least 2 out of the 5 times he’s talking about his own dick. The guy is horrendous and he’s not funny, or from Philly for that matter. He doesn’t have the pulse of a city. He’s a complete moron.

    1. Exactly…I’ve said it a thousand times myself. This is another example of Innes taking the Stern route.

      In the late 80’s it was Stern going after John DeBella to “take him down.”

      Now, we have Innes vs. Missanelli.

      Only difference? Stern was funny.

      1. Re-read my post. I said Stern WAS funny…not IS. Nor did I use the word “talent.”

        2014 Stern is nothing like 1986 Stern. But it’s still better than most of what’s on terrestrial radio.

  10. I used to be all about 97.5, but it’s really gone downhill lately. Letting Tony Bruno go was a massive mistake, as was the mistake of having him on from 10-noon and giving king toolbag Jon Marks and his wanna be w*gger sidekick Sean Brace the prime lunchtime noon-2 shift. Their show is flat out unlistenable. How are they still on?!? They can’t possibly get decent ratings.

    I’ve found myself flipping over to WIP for Mike and Ike. Can’t stomach Gargano’s over the top South Philly shtick though. Missanelli has an entertaining show, but there’s no question he’s a bit of an asshole, and his apology about walking to his car and not seeing Cruz get injuring, only having seen him drop the pass, was TOTAL BS!

    1. Right there with ya. I loved Bruno/Mayes. John and Sean show is absolutely unlistenable. They sound like 2 teenagers arguing over soda. I find myself enjoying the Mike & Ike show now because it’s literally the only alternative to those 2 pansies. Missanelli is tolerable sometimes because I genuinely think his opinions are real, even though I find myself disagreeing with him. Nevertheless, i’ve never heard of Innes until now and that whole segment felt incredibly forced and stupid.

      1. couldn’t agree more with all you said…marks and brace shouldn’t even be close to having their own show, and missanelli is getting tired…he has literally morphed into the guy he hated and blew out of radio (eskin)

        I listened to eskin (don’t judge me I was young), then switched to mikey miss bc i couldn’t take eskin anymore, and by the time eskin was gone after all that, mikey miss has basically become eskin

        just unlistenable

        1. AMEN! I used to LOOOVE Mikey Miss growing up (I’m 32). Him and Steve Fredricks was my favorite show of all time, they actually talked about HOCKEY! I couldn’t (and still can’t stand) Eskin, he’s a gigantic douche. So when Mike came back to Philly on 97.5 I was ecstatic and listened to him everyday. Now I maybe put him on over music once or twice a week on the way home…unlistenable, he’s worse then Eskin ever was.

        2. I totally agree, Missanelli has turned into Eskin. Miss now has that arrogant, I don’t care what you think because only my opinion is gospel, it’s my way or the highway attitude.

    1. 100% correct. The only other listenable full-timers are Missanelli and Cataldi. Every other full-time show on both stations are horrendous.

  11. I like that Innes isn’t from here. Thankfully, I don’t have to listen to the same crap everyday. A different opinion or perspective is nice. Listen to Gargano, Cataldi, or Missanelli if you want the same crap all day, every day. Change is good and both stations need change.

    1. NONE OF THE HOSTS ARE FROM HERE! Save Ellis. That’s why innes is the best. He’s an outsider and won’t be fake and cater to the typical sports radio crowd. These listeners are so dumb they think the hosts are actual Philly fans; but they are all playing a role. But in comes an actual real person like innes with legit opinions and he gets crucified for not being like the rest of the hosts, who are fake outsiders. Oh the irony

  12. What a funny motherfucker. Wish New York had a guy like Innes. Of course Philthy fans are typically too stupid to realize they’ve got gold.

    Come to NY Innes.

    1. “Of course you Philthy fans….”

      Dude, you sound like a six year old at recess about to get into a fight, not to mention coming onto a Philly blog as a Giants fan shows you don’t have much going for ya.

      How old are you?

      Grow up, get a job and maybe you’ll finally get the D wet.

    2. I agree. Love him or Hate him, atleast he’s different. It’s only been a day and about 8 radio shows in this market have already went through these glaring declarations:

      Eagles finishing 14-2

      Cowboys finishing 3-13

      Lesean McCoy suddenly MVP even tho Demarco Murray is on pace for 2,093 yards and 16 touchdowns

      Nick Foles should still be Mark Franchise’s backup

      Eagles defense looked like Jim Johnson’s on Sunday.

      Rocky and Scarface are good movies

      The newest blockbuster movie is mediocre

      Ant’s lil man had a teeball game this weekend.

  13. So, this idiot took an emotional tweet from mikey miss and made 2 tasteless jokes about civil rights and HIV? to try and be funny? oh ok

  14. Fact of the matter is the egotistical Mike Missanelli lives in his own reality, where he can do no wrong despite making disparaging comments against Erin Andrews, Michelle Beadle, Josh Elliot, et al. By the way, notice a trend of his targets? They’re all successful. Jealous little man.

    Yet in this world of “mikey miss” he can call others hateful and condone them for their mistakes for weeks at a time, a month or even more if you’re Riley Cooper. Moral Compass Mike is the end all be all when it comes to judging people for their blunders. He had the audacity to tell God to take a backseat.

    Really funny how we all tuned in yesterday at 2 to witness the backlash on 97.5 and it was really predictable how NO ONE with any opposition to what he tweeted was put on air. Cowardice on both parts, him and the station. From his actions the past 1-2 years and what happened at WIP, it’s obvious he’s some sort of walking time bomb. They’re going to let the only saving grace of the station, Tony Bruno, walk but continue to basically fund “terrorism”? Vile.

    All said and done, Mike Missanelli is basically a shit stain. Just a smear. That’s all his humanity has amounted to whether he wants to recognize it or not. His stunts like this might be some publicity but in the end, no one will remember him.

    Long live Tony Bruno. Legends never die, kid.

    1. “They’re all successful?”

      Dude, Mikey Miss talks about sports for 4 hours a day and makes well over $100,000. I’d say that’s successful.

      Just saying.

      1. “Mikey Miss”… since your love for him oozes through the computer, I must ask: Do you go a$$ to mouth with him?

  15. I could not stand Innes, even a little bit, when he started back in the winter. I have got to admit, he has grown on me and I do enjoy his show. It’s different then your usual sports talk radio show.

    With that being said, this was just stupid. Who the hell is Josh Innes to rip Mikey Miss? Innes can only hope to one day have the resume of Mike. Lets not forget Innes has been sitting on his ass for the past 6 months, working part time at WIP doing Leading Off.

    This is the perfect scenario for him to gain more of an audience – Mike will bring up Innes at around 4pm, not mention him by name, and say who the hell is this “shock-jock.” Call him a yout, blah blah, all while Martinez is laughing and saying kids these days have no respect…Innes will lead off his show with another bashing.

    I get what Innes is doing but that “bit” just wasn’t funny as all.

    1. Haha, good call on Martinez. He is Missanelli’s little lap dog and I can’t stand how he laughs like a hyena at everything Missanelli says.

      Miss: “I got an email from someone who said I didn’t know anything about sports and I emailed him back saying his sister doesn’t know anything about sports!”

      Martinez: “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH……HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH….That’s great Mike, you are the best!”

  16. Josh innes is the best show on wip. How could 975 let Bruno walk and keep that tool missanelli

  17. Josh Innes should be working a college radio station – Look at his shift, its at night when they dont track ratings. Same shift as that fool Nick Kayle. It’s a filler spots b/c a lot of shows are pre-empted due to Phils/Flyers/sixers, etc…

    Mike Miss may have his own issues, etc…but the guy can host a successful radio show. History and ratings don’t lie. Also, look at his shows when at a remote location, they are packed. Josh Innes could never do that, at least this point in his career.

    The Kid

  18. I won’t even talk about this on my show today.

    This is a lame attempt to try and get me to talk about this asshat on my show.

    Nice try.

    PS. Horrible bit. I’m glad you and your producer had a laugh though. It’s depressing knowing no one is listening.

  19. Two complete douche canoes having a dick measuring contest? I’ll pass.

    Fucking amateurs.

  20. Wow. Just listened to the clip. That was kind of funny. I do like how it highlights Missanelli’s douchebaggery…

  21. Miley Miss is a fake tough guy four eyed penicil neck geek who talks tough on the radio but is a coward when he’s not hiding behind a microphone.

          1. Further proof of your limited mental capacity. Are you really so lame that you can’t come up with an original name?

            Take your dick beaters off your keyboard and run along. The adults are talking here.

  22. Missanelli has a very good show, but his act is wearing thin. WTF was he thinking? After the email fiasco….he didn’t learn? Innes is right. Total Dbag. That said, those Mikey Miss History tweets were not remotely amusing.

  23. It’s pretty simple for Josh Innes,you wanna get your name out there,go after the big fish in Philly sports talk radio and that’s Mike Missanelli.

    Brilliant on his part and now let the radio wars begin!

    1. Says the miserable Levi from Overbrook who calls the Missanelli show all day everyday.

  24. It’s hard to believe in a major market, crazed sports town such as Philly, all we have to choose from is a giant douche and a turd sandwich.

  25. It’s so obvious he lied about the whole thing cause supposedly when Cruz got hurt he was leaving the stadium and taking the subway back to his car so then he’d have to make it back to his car and drive all the way home but on yesterday’s show he talked about watching boyz 2 men at half time on the tv. No way he made it home that fast

    1. Ummmm….. I don’t think the injury happened until the 3rd quarter. So he may have watched Boyz 2 Men live.

  26. How come no one is talking about a top radio host in this area not even WATCHING the EAGLES GAME? I mean shit, Cruz makes that catch and the game is far from over…but this “know all” wasn’t even watching the game? What 2 million people in Philly area were watching the game, but this clown wasnt?

    Good thing Miracle at the Meadowlands 2 happened on the Road, we know now Miss would of bailed out when the score was 31-10.

    1. Perfect. I’ve been saying that as well. This is just like how he acts like he knows everything about TV but didn’t actually watch Breaking Bad in order. Yet he has no problem telling people how the The Wire is so much better. The wire is amazing, but how can he give an honest critique of Breaking Bad if he didn’t even watch it properly? It’s not the same wacthing the first few seasons whith the knowledge of what characters are alive in season 5.

  27. 97.5 sucks. Bruno n Mayes were ok, now the only ok show is mayes with Westbrook baldinger sucks and everything he says about the nfl is always wrong. Sean brace is a wigger

  28. Josh Innes is funny and refreshing. Sports talk in this town has the tendency to be the exact same thing repeated 24 hours a day, with no unique/interesting shows. Innes speaks the truth is actually hilarious. He is exactly what we needed in this town when it comes to sports talk radio.

  29. People who find him funny were born after 1983. Otherwise, bunch of old fogeys don’t get his humor.

    I think Innes is fucking hysterical.

  30. good for Josh! He should troll him every night. I love when he imitates Mike’s Goon voice. Every Flyers fan should boycott Mike Miss and that trader robot Martinez for the lack of respect they give not only the Flyers, but hockey in general. The fact that he tweeted that Sunday night still is the funniest frikken thing to happen all year. He’s such an old out of touch Stoonad Gavone.

  31. Innes is the only reason I still bother with sports radio anymore. It’s too funny to hear all the dumbasses who call in and go “You’re OUT of here soon bruh, I can feel it coming. You suck all us Philly fans hate you.” First of all, stop pretending you’re our spokesperson. Nobody elected you to be that. It’s most likely that you are a fool and you would make us look bad. In fact, please reconsider ever starting a sentence with “us Philly fans are” or “us Philly fans think.” For fucks sake please stop it.

    1. 100% agree. Josh is the only thing worth listening to in this city. If you didn’t think the mike miss tweets from history was funny you are an asshole.

      HEY KYLE – notice the response regarding topics involving our terrible sports radio. Please give us more, specifically who is winning in the ratings. The shit is impossible to figure out

  32. I’m not sure why people are so surprised by Innes making a comment like this. The prime spot for a radio guy in that 1-6 area (excluding the morning show). Innes wants that. I think WIP wants him to have it eventually. He must know that listening to Mike and Ike is almost unbearable and Gargano/ellis is just as bad (sidenote: Macnow might be one of the best guys on WIP. I think they wanted to go younger which is why he was moved out but that was a HUGE mistake. Put on Macnow/R-diddy every day during football season and they’d have a ratings winner). Innes wants that afternoon slot. He knows he won’t get the ratings he needs to make him attractive for that job with the WIP execs if he is just another straightforward sports host. So, he is the definition of a shock-jock. He also knows that if he gets that time-slot he will be competing against Missanelli who as everyone knows owns it 100%. So what does he do when Missanelli makes this stupid comment? He pounces on it. It is a completely contrived controversy. He knows Missanelli is the #1 guy on sports radio (again, excluding WIP morning show). He’s just getting people talking about himself (like we are) because this is a major story in the Philly sports talk world right now. Maybe he’ll get Missanelli to talk about him. And that is GREAT for business in his eyes. Innes can’t possibly believe that what Missanelli did was so horrible. He has a history of saying just as off-color remarks (re: cleft lip joke for which either him or WIP banned him from Twitter for). For what it is worth, I think Innes is just OK whenever I listen to him. I find myself switching to music or whatever is on 97.5 when he’s on. My guess is Missanelli would continue to dominate even if Innes was on at the same time, but it would be interesting to see.

    1. I listened to him for about the first two months he was here (approximately) just to give it a fair chance. He is just so boring and whiny (boo hoo hoo, everyone is mean to me type) but I know he appeals to a certain taproom mentality and young white guys and I guess that is the audience he is looking for. I did read his tweets about the cleft palate thing and thought maybe he would be out of here now. However, 24 hour radio has to have something for everyone, so I just don’t listen to that time spot anymore. The best analysts are on weekends and later at night anyway.

    2. FYI-once that slob garganos contract runs out at the end of the year, the fanatic is going to hire him to do a morning show and for all the 4 for 4’s who want innes to go back to texas well accept reality because he is here to stay. Wip management loves him and is grooming him to be the face of their station.

      1. Would 97.5 not air Mike and Mike? I’m sure they want their own philly morning show but I honestly think they are better off just having the few people listen to Mike and Mike. For better or for worse, no one is going to stop listening to Angelo, that’s just how it is. I do agree though that WIP loves Innes. There are probably a 100 talk show hosts that are more knowledgeable then him that they could have hired. But he’s loud and obnoxious and they think he has enough character to eventually try to compete with Missanelli.

      2. My prediction, as much as it makes me want to puke, is that they are grooming Innes to take morning drive after Angelo retires.

        There’s NOBODY on that station right now that could hold down a morning drive slot.

        Angelo is almost unlistenable, but when he’s not around and it’s left in the hands of Rhea and Al Morganti it is COMPLETELY unlistenable.

  33. I’m all for going after Missanelli, but this was more unfunny and awkward than missanelli’s actual tweet. This is gonna be one weird ass battle between these two.

  34. I’m sure Mikey Miss was telling the truth; it’s not like Cruz was holding his knee in obvious pain IMMEDIATELY as he hit the turf after missing the catch. Sounds legit. Scumbag.

    1. Yeah, cruz actually was grabbing his knee before he hit the ground. The funniest part of this story was watching missanelli try to back track. The worst part of this story is that he thinks the fans in Philadelphia are stupid enough to think that “victor cruz is over” means anything other than celebrating an injury. As far a cruz goes, I hate the dancing, and he’s been an average receiver as of late, but seems like a genuinely good dude.

      1. The best part of this whole thing is that I just happened to flip over to his show during a commercial break & him & his talking monkey are burying Eagles fans for picking on Giants fans who wear Giants jerseys in our stadium. So it’s out of bounds to pick on them……but mocking a Giants player who just had a season ending injury on our field is totally fine. This douche is a Next Level Hypocrite.

  35. Just one asshole bag of wind to another! I do believe this Innes guy was the one who made a tasteless joke re: children with cleft palate on air and got defensive and refused to apologize because he did not find it offensive. He is not even intelligent enough to realize it is not about him it is about being insensitive to other people. When he first got here he bragged about being anti-political correctness so he should think an asswipe like Mikey Miss is hysterical. Innes is an ass kissing phony and Missinelli is a relic who needs to be put out to pasture.

  36. I was not a fan of Innes but the fact he had the balls to go after that doucbebag Missenalli; he has caught my attention. Innes just got himself a new fan.

    1. Why does it take “balls” to go after Missanelli? He’s a washed up radio talk show host with a long standing reputation of being an arrogant, self-involved prick. He’s not some A-list power figure that could ruin you or have you killed.

      Missanelli has been on a lot of people’s shit list for a long time. Innes is just being an opportunist and piling on when the media spotlight is hot on Missanelli because of the Cruz tweet.

  37. Mikey Miss’ show is better than any program on the old and out dated WIP. Honestly,

  38. A blog post by a humongous douchebag about how one giant, fat douchebag made fun of another less fat, more greasy douchebag. It’s an overload of douche.

    Anyway, nobody likes or gives a flying fuck about Missanelli and is irrelevant show and radio station. In between 2 retards giggling their way through a few hours and Crackhead Phil from Mt. Airy lies a show where an egotistical arrogant twat and his illegal immigrant sidekick bore the audience with their tired schtick.

    Then, a fat Howard Stern wannabe waddles in with his horrible jokes and grating voice. Innes is unlistenable. He knows nothing about Philly sports and has no perspective. Why am I listening to him? His opinion and take do not matter. He belongs on a national radio show, or bagging groceries (he’d eat them all).

    Like a Cowboys/Giants game, it would be best if a nuclear bomb went off and killed everyone in sight. A world without Miss and Innes would be a better place. And Kyle.

    1. Why are u even here? U seem to hate everyone/everything to do with this site. Go fuck yourself buddy, I hope you get ebola and aids

    2. “nobody likes or gives a flying fuck about Missanelli and is irrelevant show and radio station.”

      114 comments on here.

      Many people listen to the station.

      Clearly people give a fuck.

      I’m pissed I saw your comment.

      Waste of time.

  39. Old, conservative men can’t stand Josh Innes cause he’s young, not afraid of gay people, and looks at things in a different way (sport and life included). Innes is funny and put a nice spin on all current event, not just sports. As an outsider (like almost everyone else on either station) he brings a unique perspective to the teams in this city and you can tell he genuinely likes the teams and wants them to do well all while not being afraid to rip the organizations or the players.

    I like Mike Miss too, but Innes is going to be good for WIP.

    Everyone talking about how he is “working part-time”, do you think WIP can just give another host the boot cause Innes is in town? Wait until contracts start to expire, Innes will be in prime time soon enough. Rob Ellis was in the same 7-10 time slot, now he’s on in the afternoon going against Mikey Miss everyday (too bad he has Gargano, who won’t take a controversial stance on anything, pulling him down).

    1. Well said man. Fuck Gargano and everyone that enjoys listening to him and his side kick constantly talk about to good old days. They are no better than cowboys or giants fans who talk about past Super Bowl rings.

  40. Of course Kyle eats this shit up, because Crossing Broad will undoubtedly be mentioned by Innes several times this evening….

  41. What’s with the constant ripping of Angelo? You all know that the morning show is there more for entertainment purposes (wing bowl, comedy bits…) then it is for breaking down X’s and O’s, right? Look at morning shows across all genre’s (sports, music, talk news…), they’re all a bunch of Angelo’s talking about their respective topics. He is doing exactly what they are paying him to do, you guys are just expecting something completely different then what he is being asked to do, entertain and stir up controversy for the other shows to talk about in a more black (X’s) and white (O’s) way.

  42. Wow, no mention at all from Missanelli about Innes at the start of the show. I wonder if he was put on a gag order by 97.5. Has anyone tweeted Missanelli about the Innes comments?

  43. If Missanelli just apologized and said he regretted the tweet, end of story. Instead he insists on sticking to this Constanza-esque story, adding one unbelievable detail after the next. Every time he’s suspended or forced to apologize for something he said there’s always an explanation, an excuse. He never owns up to anything. The guy is spineless.

  44. If you bought Miss Mikey’s lame excuse, you fell off the turnip truck. His comment as to being “over” was the injury. He says that about one missed pass? Not buying it. I think management put Innes up to doing this

  45. Can someone help me with my lisp? nAd maybe helping me talk without my tongue hanging out of my mouth like a fat baby manchild with an awful Delco accent?

  46. LMAO. I admit I caved in to curiosity and turned on the Innes show at 6 p.m. Of course he is making a career out the Missinelli thing. But the thing that struck me funny is that he claimed he didn’t read comments on Crossing Broad because no one on here likes anything, which of course means he did. Also, that Mikey Miss did not address this issue. The smartest thing MM has done, IMO. The only person bringing this up is JI who is already proclaiming he is on his way to taking over the station. I don’t think any war is going to start.

  47. Hey guys I don’t want to toot my own horn, but if you listened to the beginning of Innes’s show tonight he confirmed EXACTLY what I said earlier. His goal is to have the afternoon slot and go head to head with Missanelli. His quote “I’m coming for you”. Clear as day. He also admitted he is actively competing with the other hosts (ie Gargano/ellis, Mike/Ike) to take over the afternoon. His quote “I don’t understand why the radio show hosts are buddy-buddy. That’s not my style.” He sees it as a competition to get rid of Gargano and co. He now has a complete obsession with Missanelli as evidenced by him starting the show with a cheap shot (re: “bitchanelli”) when Mike didn’t even mention him by name. I said earlier I found his show just OK. I must say, his first 20 minutes of the show was embarrassing. I don’t see any way he could ever beat Missanelli.

    1. Then you don’t know anything about the radio business. The minute Innes is in the same time slot as Missanelli, he will overtake him in the ratings within 6 months…if not sooner. Innes is the ‘shot in the arm’ sports radio in this town needed. He is a radio pro and really knows how to run a show. I wanted to hate him when he got here because he’s young and from out of town, but the first time I checked out his show, I knew Andy Bloom made the right hire. The dude is a crazy talent. Mark my words. As each current host at WIP has their contract expire, they won’t be renewed and they will be replaced by another host just like Innes. I also think Innes will be in the afternoon drive spot sometime within the next two years.

      1. Maybe you are biased b/c of your association with WIP (which may or may not be real), but I think you are not appreciating why people listen to Missanelli. His show is fun. He has a good mix of analysis, seriousness, combativeness, lightheartedness. I don’t think he is any better of an analyst then anyone else on the radio. For example, I think Rob Ellis actually really knows his shit and can speak intelligently about things. But Ellis and Gargano have absolutely no chemistry and their show is so boring. I actually didn’t start listening to Missanelli until Macnow was moved off. For as much as Gargano’s shtick gets old, him and Macnow were great together IMO. While Innes is young, loud, and can spark arguments b/c of his style, does he really bring that much to the table in terms of analysis? Maybe it’ll get better after he’s been here longer, as I think he is still playing to that outsider mentality where he plays a lot of devil’s advocate. If you think Innes would beat Missanelli, you think that more people just want to hear someone bickering all day long (think a younger Eskin but with better articulation).

        1. I’m a fan of Missanelli, Jack T. I’ve known Mike for the better part of 20 years now and he does a great show. That doesn’t change the fact that WIP is still far and away the big dog on the playground and dwarfs 97.5 in listeners in every single day part outside of PM drive. That alone gives a guy like Innes the inside track on overtaking Mike if/when he gets the chance to go head to head with him.

          Sports Radio is no different than any other format. The goal is to get as many listeners as possible to listen as long as possible. Your points on analysis by the hosts is off. Listeners don’t want analysis. They want to be entertained. I believe Innes does a better job at entertaining and given the chance to go head to head, he will win. Sports Radio is very stale in this town and Innes breaks through that. Andy Bloom knows what he’s doing and he will win this fight going away, just as when he brought Howard Stern to WYSP in the 80’s.

      2. The minute he is on the same timeslot, it will take him 6 months to take over as #1. wow, you certainly thought that one out.

    2. I listened to the beginning, correct and then I turned it off after 20 minutes and don’t plan to listen again. He (Innes) confirmed what I thought – he will be running this non-issue into the ground for weeks, which is not entertaining and whining about Mikey Miss not bringing it up. I am not saying he won’t be successful on WIP, just that he still does not appeal to me in particular, which is all I care about.

  48. live radio wars, hopefully this will carry on. Big fan of WIP and their hosts. Josh is now calling Missanelli “bitchanelli”. Missanelli is a guy who is trying to not be Eskin so much that he became him.

  49. Innes sounds like a typical, sheltered, close-minded, fat, white-haired, suburban, nasal-voiced, little-dicked, conservative trying to overcompensate. He tries to be Rush Limbaugh more than Stern. He’s too pussy and unfunny for this city. Bring back Bruno.

  50. I’ve caught Innes a few times and all he does it remind me of a wanna-be Shock Jock. He steals straight from 90s era Stern. In case he didn’t notice, that shock jock crap has been stale for more than a decade. The guy doesn’t seem to know anything sports either.

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