The NY Daily News Takes Aim at Philly Fans and Mike Missanelli with Absurd Cover

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What misleading nonsense.

That there is the COVER of the NY Daily News, promoting yet another flaming pile of shit from Mitch Abramson, who would have you believe that Eagles fans shot arrows at Victor Cruz as he was carted off the field.  Here’s just a sampling of the utter ridiculousness of this:

You stay classy, Philadelphia.

City of Brotherly Love? Not so after Victor Cruz’s season-ending knee injury in the third quarter Sunday night.

Philly shock-jock radio host Mike Missanelli of ESPN 950, who calls himself “The #Outright leader in Philadelphia Sports Talk” on his Twitter account, tweeted after the play, “Hey Giants fans: Victor Cruz is over. Dance to that.”

Not to be outdone, in Daily News photos two guys wearing Eagles gear can be seen pumping their fists in celebration in the back of the end zone after Cruz crashed down, clutching his right knee, after he dropped the fourth-down pass from Eli Manning. As he was carted off the field, his season over with a torn patellar tendon, Cruz buried his head in his hands and wept.

1) You are a stone-cold moron if you think the Eagles fan (and, most likely, game day employee) in the background of this photo is cheering anything other than the fact that Victor Cruz dropped the pathetic Giants’ only scoring opportunity of the entire three-hour, four-quarter game. That, or you’re just willfully misleading people. You can still see the ball bouncing away from Cruz in the photo, which means this was snapped within .5 seconds of the Giants’ best receiver dropping his team’s only scoring opportunity of their shitty night.

2) Mike Missanelli is going to get abused this week, but I’m not so sure it’s deserved. The Tweet looks bad, no doubt about it. But even if you were watching on TV – which Missanelli says he wasn’t – it wasn’t immediately obvious that Cruz was severely hurt. NBC cameras briefly showed him lying on the ground and grabbing his knee (a pretty typical occurrence during a football game), but the initial replay looked harmless enough. There’s a history between the Eagles and Cruz, who had his career breakout game dancing all over the Birds at Lincoln Financial Field. The salsa joke was obvious enough when caught up in the moment. It’s when NBC returned from commercial that it became apparent how badly Cruz was hurt. But Missanelli didn’t have that luxury. He says he was in the parking lot. I reached out to him last night to see if he wanted to expand on his Twitter explanation. He did. Here’s what he told me, unedited:

“It was a complete misunderstanding. I didn’t see that Cruz had gotten injured. I had left the game after the first failed Giants series in the third quarter because I had to catch a subway to fetch my car in center city. I had dinner with friends downtown and got a ride with them down to the game. I only saw Cruz miss the catch in the end zone from glancing at the Xfinity big screen as I was scurrying out of there (I had to get downtown to get my car out of a downtown parking lot near Chestnut Street before it closed). So I saw him miss the catch from a glance but didn’t see that he had gotten hurt on the play. What I tweeted was mere to suggest that Cruz was no longer their star receiver. I didn’t realize he had gotten hurt until the end of my subway ride when I was able to plug in my phone in my car. That’s the honest truth. I never would have tweeted something like that had I known there was an injury on the play.”

Take that how you will. The biggest violation here may be his travel arrangements.

3) The Daily News headline and story would lead you to believe that Eagles fans harassed Cruz as he was being carted off the field. That wasn’t the case. He was cheered on his way into the tunnel, and it was Eagles fans who first went after Missanelli for his Tweet. Here’s how Abramson, who seems like a genuine douche, noted the overwhelming majority of fan sentiment:

While Missanelli’s tweet was offensive to Giants fans, it also angered Eagles supporters, with some calling for his firing or at least a suspension.

Eagles fans come to defense of Giants receiver on social media doesn’t sell as many newspapers as Philthy Eagles faithful gloat, I guess.

UPDATE: Nice spot here by reader Castle:

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    1. Typical language skills from another huge PHILADELPHIA A Hole. The entire city is disgusting and jealous of NY. It’s actually a sad commentary on blue collar lower-middle class America. Philadelphia is the new Alabama and Mississippi. Lock up your sisters rednecks.

      1. Spoken from an idiot so I fail to see any leverage in your argument. The article shows how NY was misleading on it’s paper. Before you point the finger at other’s that you consider “lower” then you, please take a look at yourself and what you’re writing on here. Grow up and get an education.

        1. Cmon now. Misleading? “Victor Cruz is over.” Terminal statement language… not hands like frying pants or overrated like you might say about the opposing WR dropping a ball. I get defending the home team, but let’s be real, he knew what he said and why he said it. Victor Cruz wasn’t over by dropping one pass, he was over by injuring his knee.

          1. you obviously don’t listen to Mike Missanelli. He’s a class act. He’s the moral center of sports. He calls it like it is. Mike would never ever do something as cheap and disgusting as celebrating Victor cruz’s injury. For you to call out a sports guy without ever hearing him or knowing he even exists is pretty ignorant.

            Mike already said what happened, and there is really no reason to understand what happened. if you choose to believe that we are all trash and disgusting and have filthy attitude then go right ahead, we don’t want people like you around here anyway.

            Please do not forget, you guys in NYC live in small boxes called apartments, we live in spacious apartments and houses in Philly. Do not forget that your city has over 10 million people in a small cramp city which can only mean there are 10 times more crazy disgusting trashy people there than Philly. Please remember that “your” football teams don’t even play in your city and you have to pay tolls just to go see them play. Please remember that we in Philly are extremely passionate about our sports teams even if they aren’t doing well… unlike bandwagon NY fans.

        2. It’s “…lower THAN you…” Please take a look at what you’re writing on here. Grow up and get an education.

      2. Hah typical New Yorker..talks a big game about Philadelphia on the internet but I bet when it’s time to put his money where his mouth is he’d falter just like his “stinkin” giants. I feel bad for these kind if people..idk, almost like they are beneath me or something;) #prick!

  1. I am in a terrible mood because I need to sit and watch the Eagles and Cowboys who are both better teams then mine.

    My team is irrelevant and the Eagles just embarrassed my team, city and fans.

    Please allow me to be bitter and salty and complain to all of you. The only thing I could possibly bring up is super bowls like a broken record, so prepare to only hear that come out of my mouth

    I have no life so I will respond to every post

    1. The dude was cheering the dropped pass. That was confirmed on WIP like 5 minutes ago too when they had him on.

      That picture was taken right as he dropped a crucial TD pass. Fans cheering a dropped TD pass? How crazy..

      Sure didn’t look like Cruz was hurt until he didn’t get up.

      1. I agree with this point. The picture was misleading. Dude was celebrating as Cruz hit the ground. In no way was he celebrating an injury. NYDailynews needs to take a step back on that. I maintain the other jackass is still guilty.

  2. Fuck Cruz , this is the guy who said that he Hopes the Hood will catch up to George Zimmerman

    1. i almost forgot that little cruz comment, thats good work by you. i wonder if he would cry like a baby or dance if he saw zimmerman on the street? FUCK EVERYTHING THAT SLITHERS OUT OF THAT CITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. who the fuck doesn’t want that human piece of george zimmerman to be executed? you’re probably a similar racist piece of shit who supports DARREN WILSON. die in a hole, faggot

    3. I hope the Hood does get George Zimmerman – would love to see the looks on both faces when he meets his literal Hell BFF, Michael Brown.

  3. Who the FUCK works in Philly sports media and decides to park in a downtown lot that closes at 10 during one of the biggest games of the year. Seriously, yes MM is a moron and an asshole but paper cites the wrong reason.

  4. What a shit paper I own. I’ve seen better info on bathroom stalls. Not to mention my Photoshop skills are that of an eight year old.

  5. I happen to live in a part of South Jersey. that has maybe 80% Philly fans. I have yet to meet a civilized one. Obnoxious, inexplicably arrogant, and often violent, they are living proof that neanderthals live amongst us. Must be all those Super Bowl championships. Mike miss should be suspended like how he banned me from his show sometimes

    Zero Superbowls

    Correct !!!

    1. Did you ever think that perhaps the common denominator with all those arrogant assholes is you? You should really get yourself into therapy because I can guarantee, unbeknownst to you, you’re one gigantic tool

    2. Sounds like you needed to be kicked off his show, if you were anything like your stupid comment here.

  6. Missenelli needs to be fired. He’s a hot head. a building volcano set to erupt. First he was punching out people that work with him. Then he was e-mailing his homophobic gay slander at a listener who was e-mailing him. Now in his latest faux pas he is gloating over an opponents horrific injury and taunting him and a fan base while doing it. HE is a perfect example of why Philly fans get a bad rap. Fire this piece of shit, last straw.

  7. No one is happier then me and my boy Jonny Marks. Miss will get suspended and we will glide into his timeslot. 4 hours of radio gold fo all you fanz to enjoys!

  8. Windmill Jeff is not going to be happy about that picture even though the employee was cheering the incomplete pass.

    1. “Fetch” should only be used by blue bloods such as myself and only in certain context, such as “Jeeves fetch the NY Times and draw my bath”.

  9. I know Mike and his family… and he’s a super decent guy. There’s no way he meant that maliciously, as he explained. My thoughts and prayers go out to Victor and his family as he struggles with this injury. As much as I love to watch the Eagles win – it’s NEVER fun watching someone get injured – that’s not what the game is about.

    1. Mike Missanelli is an egomaniacal turd.

      Next time you bump into him ask him why he gets his rocks off shoving producers and interns at radio stations.

      Even though I somewhat believe his tweet was ultimately taken out of context, he’s still a jackass for doing it. Cruz was practically holding his knee before his body hit the turf, so it was obvious to anyone that something MIGHT be wrong.

      I’m surprised Mikey Miss took his hands off of his own cock long enough to tweet that fast.

      1. Could care less about MM but your nuts if you think most Eagles fans weren’t doing the salsa when Cruz didn’t make the catch. Nobody saw the injury until the replays.

    2. He said “Cruz is over” so it’s clear he was referring to the injury, can you explain that please?

      That said, the picture is misleading for sure.

  10. I totally don’t believe that asshat of a radio host, but hes the only one who deserves scorn. The original picture of the bald guy cheering had the arms of the ref signaling incomplete. It’s hackjob cover to sell papers. Relax fellas we know that the stadium was anything but classless last night and we appreciate that. Hope to get revenge week 17.

  11. Kyle’s a fraud not taking his buddy to task for a lame excuse. What did “Cruz is over” if he didn’t mean the injury?

  12. What’s with all of this knee-jerk reaction, political correctness non-sense and the “I’m offended” and morally superior attitude? Stop acting like children.

      1. lol your city is dogshit. its pathetic compared to ny. eli manning superbowl victories in 10 tries – 2. eagles in 60 years – 0.

        i’ve seen 3 in my lifetime and you aint got SHEEEEET. ny owns you, bitchboy.

  13. Between this and the outrage over the splash cartoons, it’s becoming clear that NY really is full of crybabies.

  14. Really Kyle? I think you’re the stone cold moron if you think that we’d buy your assertion that Eagles fans aren’t blood thirsty and take the game too seriously. They cheered when Michael Irvin was lying prone on the field in the last game of his career.

  15. Mike Miss is a disaster waiting to happen for 97.5, he can’t help himself, he has a self destruct protocol hard wired into his brain for whatever reason. That station could do itself a favor in the long run by using this as an excuse to can his ass. I think at this point they most likely realize this and want to get rid of him. Unfortunately there’s obviously no significant talent “waiting in the wings” and they burned the Tony bridge.

    1. Aw, Dad – thanks for the support. But even I think I suck and have no business on the air. See you at Thanksgiving.

  16. I ain’t uying it Mikey Miss. Your trying real hard to cover your ass but there is no explaining your verbage ” Cruz is over”. Nice try though. Have a nice week on the air.

  17. Giants Fan pre game: “Eagles suck, we are going to crush you Sunday night”

    Game is played, Giants limp back to NY beaten and broken.

    Giants Fan post game: “How many Super Bowls do you have?”

  18. Who cares about Mikey Miss? Did anybody see the photo I posted on twitter Friday night showing off my hot body in a white dress with my large C breast implants blowing out of my dress.

  19. The Daily News backcover is entirely unfair. Not sure about Missanelli’s tweet though. We’ll see what he says today if he’s not suspended.

    1. 97.5 still promoting him so doubt he is suspended.

      Although if he acts like a complete ass during his show, he might not make the day.

  20. If you watch the replay of the injury to Cruz, you can cleary see that the Eagles staff were cheering the dropped pass, not the injury. That is a terrible misrepresentation of Eagles staff and fans. Do a little homework before you publish something that is clearly not true.,..

  21. I hope that license plate pussy got his teeth kicked in. You know the rep this city has and your asking for it with a jersey like that. Same reason those pussy Rangers fans got their asses kicked during game six of the Flyers Rangers series. New Yorkers are stupid arrogant cunts who beg for attention and then cry when they get beat up.

  22. Kyle is an asshole and Jim is a cunt, but god damnit if Mike Miss isn’t the biggest greasy slimy wop in the world.

    Someone punch that dago in the face, please.

  23. You’re also a stone cold moron if you believe Mike’s explanation of the tweet he sent out.

    “I didn’t see that Cruz had gotten injured”,,,, right, so you just decide to say “Cruz is over” because you thought that instance of him dropping the ball was the turning point in his career and that he was a washed up receiver from that point on. The man’s history speaks for itself the type of person he is.

    His long ass explanation for apparently simply not seeing cruz got injured is enough to realize that he is grasping for excuses. Car in center city, dinner elsewhere, catch a train,,,, give me a break.

    “You are a stone-cold moron if you think the Eagles fan (and, most likely, game day employee) in the background of this photo is cheering anything other than the fact that Victor Cruz dropped the pathetic Giants’ only scoring opportunity of the entire three-hour, four-quarter game”

  24. Honestly, If I am a philly fan, I DO call for Mike MIss to be ousted. Nothing to do with Cruz. This is the Eagles playing a Sunday night football game, against the Giants on national TV…and the sports voice of Phili is in a subway going to dinner?

    guys, thats should say it all…

  25. I always knew the giAnts and their fans (and especially the blot on his father’s name they call an owner) were subhuman scum, but I never thought they’d stoop low enough to allow Eagles fans to take the moral high ground. (And a little advice to Mitch Abramson: if you’re going use a photo to slander someone, your written defamation probably shouldn’t include the context which renders the victim’s “philthy” behavior perfectly appropriate.)

  26. Fact of the matter is the egotistical Mike Missanelli lives in his own reality, where he can do no wrong despite making disparaging comments against Erin Andrews, Michelle Beadle, Josh Elliot, et al. By the way, notice a trend of his targets? They’re all successful. Jealous little man.

    Yet in this world of “mikey miss” he can call others hateful and condone them for their mistakes for weeks at a time, a month or even more if you’re Riley Cooper. Moral Compass Mike is the end all be all when it comes to judging people for their blunders. He had the audacity to tell God to take a backseat.

    Really funny how we all tuned in yesterday at 2 to witness the backlash on 97.5 and it was really predictable how NO ONE with any opposition to what he tweeted was put on air. Cowardice on both parts, him and the station. From his actions the past 1-2 years and what happened at WIP, it’s obvious he’s some sort of walking time bomb. They’re going to let the only saving grace of the station, Tony Bruno, walk but continue to basically fund “terrorism”? Vile.

    All said and done, Mike Missanelli is basically a shit stain. Just a smear. That’s all his humanity has amounted to whether he wants to recognize it or not. His stunts like this might be some publicity but in the end, no one will remember him.

    Long live Tony Bruno. Legends never die, kid.

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