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What misleading nonsense.

That there is the COVER of the NY Daily News, promoting yet another flaming pile of shit from Mitch Abramson, who would have you believe that Eagles fans shot arrows at Victor Cruz as he was carted off the field.  Here’s just a sampling of the utter ridiculousness of this:

You stay classy, Philadelphia.

City of Brotherly Love? Not so after Victor Cruz’s season-ending knee injury in the third quarter Sunday night.

Philly shock-jock radio host Mike Missanelli of ESPN 950, who calls himself “The #Outright leader in Philadelphia Sports Talk” on his Twitter account, tweeted after the play, “Hey Giants fans: Victor Cruz is over. Dance to that.”

Not to be outdone, in Daily News photos two guys wearing Eagles gear can be seen pumping their fists in celebration in the back of the end zone after Cruz crashed down, clutching his right knee, after he dropped the fourth-down pass from Eli Manning. As he was carted off the field, his season over with a torn patellar tendon, Cruz buried his head in his hands and wept.

1) You are a stone-cold moron if you think the Eagles fan (and, most likely, game day employee) in the background of this photo is cheering anything other than the fact that Victor Cruz dropped the pathetic Giants’ only scoring opportunity of the entire three-hour, four-quarter game. That, or you’re just willfully misleading people. You can still see the ball bouncing away from Cruz in the photo, which means this was snapped within .5 seconds of the Giants’ best receiver dropping his team’s only scoring opportunity of their shitty night.

2) Mike Missanelli is going to get abused this week, but I’m not so sure it’s deserved. The Tweet looks bad, no doubt about it. But even if you were watching on TV – which Missanelli says he wasn’t – it wasn’t immediately obvious that Cruz was severely hurt. NBC cameras briefly showed him lying on the ground and grabbing his knee (a pretty typical occurrence during a football game), but the initial replay looked harmless enough. There’s a history between the Eagles and Cruz, who had his career breakout game dancing all over the Birds at Lincoln Financial Field. The salsa joke was obvious enough when caught up in the moment. It’s when NBC returned from commercial that it became apparent how badly Cruz was hurt. But Missanelli didn’t have that luxury. He says he was in the parking lot. I reached out to him last night to see if he wanted to expand on his Twitter explanation. He did. Here’s what he told me, unedited:

“It was a complete misunderstanding. I didn’t see that Cruz had gotten injured. I had left the game after the first failed Giants series in the third quarter because I had to catch a subway to fetch my car in center city. I had dinner with friends downtown and got a ride with them down to the game. I only saw Cruz miss the catch in the end zone from glancing at the Xfinity big screen as I was scurrying out of there (I had to get downtown to get my car out of a downtown parking lot near Chestnut Street before it closed). So I saw him miss the catch from a glance but didn’t see that he had gotten hurt on the play. What I tweeted was mere to suggest that Cruz was no longer their star receiver. I didn’t realize he had gotten hurt until the end of my subway ride when I was able to plug in my phone in my car. That’s the honest truth. I never would have tweeted something like that had I known there was an injury on the play.”

Take that how you will. The biggest violation here may be his travel arrangements.

3) The Daily News headline and story would lead you to believe that Eagles fans harassed Cruz as he was being carted off the field. That wasn’t the case. He was cheered on his way into the tunnel, and it was Eagles fans who first went after Missanelli for his Tweet. Here’s how Abramson, who seems like a genuine douche, noted the overwhelming majority of fan sentiment:

While Missanelli’s tweet was offensive to Giants fans, it also angered Eagles supporters, with some calling for his firing or at least a suspension.

Eagles fans come to defense of Giants receiver on social media doesn’t sell as many newspapers as Philthy Eagles faithful gloat, I guess.

UPDATE: Nice spot here by reader Castle:

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