There Are RIDICULOUS Overreactions to Those Eagles Videos

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Mitch Abramson of that bastion of morality the New York Daily News has penned what is, quite possibly, the most embarrassing thing ever written – EVER. E.V.E.R. – in response to the Eagles’ video making fun of Eli Manning:

The trash talk between the Giants and Eagles has reached cartoon-like levels of bad taste with tone-deaf Philly releasing a video on Friday that suggests the type of hazing that allegedly cost a New Jersey high school its football season and resulted in charges against seven players.

The animated short film —dropped on the Eagles’ official Twitter feed — mocks “Little” Eli Manning (the character’s name), who is the victim of a Philly beat-down in the video.

At the end of the tape, Manning is shown walking aimlessly around the dark with a wedgie and his jersey pulled over his head as if he was a helpless high school freshman getting duped by an upperclassman.

While the video is meant to be in jest and part of the passion-play rivalry that exists between the two teams, now is probably not the best time to show football players beating on each other.

Not with the image of Ray Rice cold-cocking his then fiancée in a casino elevator still fresh in people’s minds.

And not with revelations that some football players at Sayreville War Memorial High School allegedly were violating their teammates under the coach’s nose, forcing the season to be called off.

The appearance of Manning drifting helplessly in the dark with his underwear pulled up over his pants — however funny it may seem to some Eagles fans — isn’t the kind of behavior that needs to be highlighted at the moment, inviting comparisons to the shocking behavior that reportedly took place at Sayreville.

Yes, you just read a professional sports writer (ostensibly) liken a cartoon video of an NFL quarterback getting a wedgie to real-life high schoolers hazing freshmen by sticking fingers in their asses. That’s like comparing a Road Runner-Wile E. Coyote sketch to an ISIS video. I mean, they both take place in the desert! And I’m not even sure where the Ray Rice thing comes into play here. Really, I have no idea. I think something is wrong with Abramson. And he actually reached out to the Eagles for comment:

The Eagles did not respond to several messages for comment.

“And I thought they were trying to clean up things from letting Desean (Jackson go) but yet they’re still doing it,” said Giants defensive tackle Mike Patterson of Jackson, a reputed trash talker who was released by the Eagles in March. Patterson played eight seasons in Philly. “It makes me very upset that they’re doing that,” he went on. “Of course it does. I don’t appreciate what they did to my quarterback. But we’re not going to let it get to us.”

I can only assume that Patterson had his tongue planted firmly in his cheek. But Abramson doesn’t. Nor does his paper:

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In other ridiculous overreactions to all of this, Mike Mazzeo of ESPN New York said of the videos: “If you’re a Giants fan, it’s probably done in poor taste, and certainly the Giants organization would never do anything like that.”

Does anyone realize that this scared Eli bit is a shtick the Eagles have been doing for four years?

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20 Responses

  1. “Mitch Abramson of that bastion of morality the New York Daily News has penned what is, quite possibly, the most embarrassing thing ever written – EVER. E.V.E.R. – in response to the Eagles’ video making fun of Eli Manning:”

    What we have is a failure to communicate. Kyle obviously doesn’t read much of the New York tabloid sports reporters if he thinks this pieces even rates. It’s not even on Mitch Abramson’s bottom 10, let alone a real cunt like Mike Lupica.

    And New York sports reporters clearly aren’t familiar with Eagles’ weekly tradition of humiliating our city with an awful flash video that would have looked faggy in 2003.

    Anyone have a link to that really bad one from Andy’s last year? With the sad guy saying “I know things might be rough right now…”

    1. Fact Check: Patterson was released by the Eagles on February 25, 2013. Giants signed him after that in March or April 2013, and then just re-signed him in this past offseason.

  2. I’m watching Georgia Missouri game and they cut to the sideline for an interview with Aaron Murray. Not about football, but about getting engaged to the traffic slut. She has to be pissed though, he never mentioned her by name.

  3. This entire thing misses the larger point that Eagles plain suck at producing those brain-dead cartoons. This cartoon is once again horribly conceived and executed, that’s what’s really wrong here. The rest is just New Yorkers being New Yorkers.

  4. I’m 85 and played football 65 years ago. I’m starting to forget where I left my keys and I got a gimpy knee. If it wasn’t for football I’d be running the Boston Marathon this year!

  5. What a joke!

    First of all, these cartoons are completely retarted. That being said, they are also completely harmless. Is this dude serious? Pull your G-string out of your ass, you big mouth hero eating faggot.

  6. I find it hard to believe that the Flyers won’t be in the Stanley Cup Finals. Winning 3-0 against the best team in the Eastern Conference. No one is going to beat the Flyers from tonight on.

  7. “Mitch Abramson of that bastion of morality the New York Daily News has penned what is, quite possibly, the most embarrassing thing ever written”

    Pretty sure you reclaim this title on a weekly basis. That is, if you call what you do writing.

  8. Its no surprise that a New York writer would write something like this. Having said that, even for New York standards, this is a horrible piece of writing. Its a fucking cartoon. One of who knows how many considering the Eagles do this for every game for the last few years. The cartoons are pretty bad though. But how this guy compares the cartoon video to a high school hazing that no one has heard of. Even if you did know about the hazing, you would never draw the comparison bc it makes no sense. And how does Ray Rice fit into this whole situation? This article was clearly written just to generate a response, which sadly seems to be the case for most newspaper articles these days.

  9. As stupid as the cartoon may be, I think it’s a stretch to compare the cartoon, and the story of hazing and putting things up people’s asses. There’s really only one connection. Eli loves to put his teammates fingers up his dirt button and that’s why this pussy writer took offense. BAM! No need to give me points people, I’m well aware that THAT, was a fuckin’ solid comment. Too bad it’s a couple days late and no one will read it

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