The Eagles are 4-1 and Everyone is Still Reacting Terribly

Photo Credit: Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

The Eagles are 4-1 (and should really at least be 3-2), and no one is relieved. No one is counting their blessings. No one is thinking the shaky-yet-successful start will turn into something more solid. Everyone is freaking the hell out.

No one is calling for the coach’s job — though with some more questionable playcalling on Sunday Night Football we’ll probably get that too, even if they come out at 5-1 — but there are calls for changes in the secondary (correct)… and at the quarterback and running back positions (incorrect). The panic is understandable. The Eagles, for large portions of their four wins, have looked like a team destined to lose. But they keep pulling it off. How? Doesn’t matter. What can we complain about?

One reader forwarded along a trend he had noticed over on Pro Football Talk, where they keep mentioning McCoy’s production vs. the value of his contract, subtly (and sometimes not so) hinting Chip Kelly may decide that if this doesn’t turn around, he’s not worth the cost. Here’s a sampling of PFT thoughts on McCoy:

– “McCoy knows that, given what he’s getting paid, a 21-yard run and 58 yards on 23 others won’t cut it. Especially when the guys coach Chip Kelly is specifically acquiring to run his offense are looking better than they ever have at any point in their careers.”
– “This year, McCoy has gained 2.9 yards per carry. Last year, he gained 6.3 … the trend is troubling.”
– “With McCoy carrying a huge cap number, he’ll need to have huge production to justify it. Otherwise, LeSean eventually could end up going the way of DeSean.”
– “Come 2015, Sproles and/or others could be good enough in what the Eagles do to justify not keeping McCoy and his $11.95 million cap number.”
– “So which team in the NFC East will sign LeSean McCoy after he’s cut in the offseason?”

Meanwhile, there are people out there who are more concerned with Nick Foles. One of those people, is the always jovial Buzz Bissinger, who is still super salty about Nick not wanting to be interviewed for Buzz’s profile on him. On Monday morning, Buzz told WIP that he deserves an apology from he entire city — which no one has gotten or ever will get — and then continued, stroking his own ego and probably some other things:

“I got pride. Now? You think I want to interview him now? I would rather interview the Eagle mascot. Forget it. You know, the guy had his chance and he blew it. He had his chance to be interviewed by one of the greatest journalists of the country.”

Well it’s a good thing for Buzz then that Nick Foles will never call him back to do that interview.


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  1. All of the talk about Shady and Foles having down years is ridiculous. If anyone watched the first 4 games they’d know that Foles got hit way too much. If the line couldn’t protect the QB, how can they possibly open up holes for a run game? At 4-1, what is to complain about. What team faces having 2 starting offensive lineman comes out at 4-1? That’s a ridiculous accomplishment.

    For defense, same goes for our linebackers. The defense has been shotty at times, but I’d like to see what the CBs can do with their starting LBs in coverage or blitzing. Seems crazy to be worried at 4-1 with a defense that has made big plays when needed. It gets ugly during parts of the game but 4-1 is 4-1.

    We’re one Riley Cooper catch in the endzone / Two Chip Kelly decisions to run the ball on 3rd and 4th down away from 5-0. Why are we complaining?

    1. “We’re one Riley Cooper catch in the endzone / Two Chip Kelly decisions to run the ball on 3rd and 4th down away from 5-0. Why are we complaining?”


      That pretty much sums it up.

      Foles & McCoy will get it turned around. When they do, the Iggles will be tough to beat.

  2. Missanelli’s show yesterday had an endless parade of mouthbreathers discussing trade options for Shady and Foles, some suggesting mere draft picks. It was more insufferable than usual.

    1. “mouth breather” is this an insult?

      I mean I guess when you talk out of your ass so much, you kind of come full circle talking about those using their mouth

    2. Better than 85% of “mouth breathers” must do so due to a nasal blockage of some sort, not by lack of IQ. Which makes people using the term as an insult sound really frigging dumb.

      1. Thank you for standing up for those poor souls who suffer seasonal allergies. I deeply regret my insensitive comments.

    3. If you don’t like the Mike Miss show why listen it’s not like someone is holding a gun to your head.

  3. They are 4-1. Every team has flaws and teams rarely play to their abilities, particularly those heaped upon them by the media. Want to be depressed? Go read the Chicago papers about the Bears. That’s a disappointed and angry fan base. Or in Detroit after losing at home to the Bills. Those teams are truly underperforming. The Birds remain 4-1.

    1. I am going to let you in on a little secret here.

      The only people who complain, are the ones who actually care. I would rather play for a rough philly market than a fan base that doesn’t even show up/care.

      Other fan bases complain as well.

      Also I am glad the fan base “eats its own” before it starts pointing fingers and blaming anyone on the outside. Being critical of your own players is far better than a fan bases that constantly blames its poor performance on unfair treatment from the league or some conspiracy.

  4. Did Buzz really say that “he had the chance to be interviewed by one of then set journalist in the country!? does he understand how interviews work? That sack of crap.

  5. “First place problems”

    You know what i’d like to say to Buzz? Shut the hell up. That’s what.

  6. Listen to this pompous blowhard… “A chance to be interviewed by one of the best journalists in the country.”…Give me a break.

    The Eagles are 4-1 with a patchwork line, zero talent on the outside at CB, and little to no pass rush. If Foles gets his timing down on these deep throws, (To Maclin especially), then this offense will explode.

    Only in Philadelphia can a team be 4-1, and the media is still just ripping them apart. Fuck em’ all.

    Fuck the fuck off Buzz and take Marcus Hayes with you.


    1. Shaddy and racist Riley cooper really miss D Jax..who is a real WR, not crap birds got.. Believe that

  7. On Nick Foles: We have absolutely no other option. If you think there is any reason for Mark Sanchez to start if Nick Foles is not hurt, then please just leave this city now. Get out. Stop talking and go away. Nick has shown what he has the potential to do, so we have no choice but to just stick with him this year and hope he turns it around. Questioning his character or personality is just topical and pointless.

    On DeShawn Jac: He wasn’t the best player but you can’t tell me he wasn’t an asset between the 20’s. He has helped open up the middle of the field which we don’t have anymore, that in turn helps the run game. I trust in chip that he did need to go, and I have nothing against getting rid of him, my issue is getting NOTHING for him. I don’t know why we got rid of him so early,why not hang him out there until preseason or the deadline for cuts? injuries happen, trades happen, things happen. Losing a pro-bowl WR who was immediately picked up and getting nothing is inexcusable.

    On Shady: Defenses are scheming and positioning to just stop him, he single handily changes how defenses approach the eagles. It is working. I know he makes a living off the big runs, I know I am asking him to not do what makes him most successful, but he needs to just take the yards that are there. Nose on Peters back and power ahead for short positive yardage. Getting 2-3 yard gains consistently will prevent all of these 3rd-11 situations that force WR into longer routes, which the line needs to protect Foles for. The O-line isn’t the only reason he is doing poorly, but it is a combination between the O-line and the defense having no respect for the deep ball, so they cover the middle, which is where Nick lit up last year, which allows the line backers to come in and fill the gaps collapsing any gap for shady.

    The defense: absolutely terrible aside from Boykin and our pass rush. Pathetic. i don’t know where to start, so I won’t.

    Chip: I thought he has made fine play calls, he is trying not to be predictable which I think he kind of was at times. I have no issue with not running the ball on 3rd and 4th down in SF. There is no way the run would have worked. I thought we had a 50-50 shot each chance of getting a yard with a pass and he just gambled and lost. Whatever, it happens. Also side note, accepting that penalty the drive before, would have put SF outside the Field Goal range if we could have gotten that sack before kap broke the corner. We were about half a step on two separate chances of getting a sack there and being within 2 pts.. last minute field goal would have won it.


    The good news is that we are getting players back and have played TERRIBLE. Sure we have been getting bailed out by special teams but I think only half of special teams is luck, I think the other half is them actually being that good. I have faith the adjustments will get made and we can win the division.

    This defense will cost us a legitimate shot at winning the super bowl so that isn’t going to happen, but I think if we can just get in the playoffs we can steal games. Crazy things happen.

          1. Yes I have heard of it.

            It is also works for me.

            Trolls don’t care about what you actually have to say, people with nothing worth adding don’t care enough enough actually read it.

            I am not looking for a response from anyone in particular, but if someone who actually wants a rational thought wants to digest something beyond troll bait. They can read it.

    1. Nobody has time to read this comment.. Real you are a fake and loser dude .. Could not scroll past this comment fast enough

  8. PFT always does that – take something that isn’t a story, and hammer it home until it becomes one.

  9. cant we have a new thread mocking the nats? fuck bryce harper, fuck jason werth, fuck ian desmond, fuck gio gonzalez, fuck dork ass tyler clippard.

    call me when you get to and win one assholes.

    Ps. buster posey has got to be a cock smoker

  10. All I know is we’re 1-1 against potential playoff teams. That’s all that matters, not these crappy wins against some of the worst teams in the league.

  11. The media in this city is a joke. The Eagles are 4-1 and all they can talk about is how shady isn’t liked by the coaches, which is bullshit. They need Jackson back. Why? Aside from Monday night he’s been pretty mediocre, even though you could argue he has more talent alongside him at reciever. The media needs to create these terrible headlines to generate ratings and the same 15 ppl call into all the shows anyway. Those losers with probably no jobs don’t speak for this entire fan. The Eagles are 4-1 despite not playing a complete game yet. I’m pretty pumped to see what this team can do playing 60 minutes

    1. Other than the Seattle game, he’s been mediocre? Have you already blocked it out of your mind what he did against the Eagles? Riley Cooper sucks and has no business being a stating NFL receiver. The Eagles offense would be in much better shape if DeSean were still on the team and Riley Cooper was on someone else’s bench where he belongs. Give me a break.

  12. -Foles is young and has room to improve
    -McCoy needs to stop dancing so much and try to hit what little holes the banged up line is giving him.
    -Jackson is gone, let it go, folks. 2 plays in 5 games, and crickets the rest of the time. One-dimensional, fragile, miserable midget.
    -Could be 5-0 not for Chip’s brain cramp at the 1 vs SF. Maybe they still would have lost, but had to run the ball there.
    -If the O-line gets healthy, and Foles and McCoy round into what most of us think they are, the main concern will then become the defensive secondary, which sucks out loud.

    1. If every person knows the Eagles should have run the ball, don’t you think SF knew that is what would be coming at them?

      Did you see the box before the snap? There was far less of a chance getting that yard on two tries running the ball than throwing.

      Chip took a gamble and lost, but he played higher percentages passing than running, and every single person who who thinks they should have run the ball is either being a monday morning QB or thinks they are a more intelligent play caller than chip.

      And I got news for you, you aren’t

  13. So, Buzz Bissinger will be on with Missanelli at 3.

    Potential to be both the best and worst radio ever.

  14. Yo, Shady. Karma done made you its bitch. Maybe tip more that .20 next time. And stay off buses. YOU SUCK. Not only that, you hold onto the ball like a limp-wristed fag.

  15. That’s because besides the offense sucking, the defense is worse! They were very, very lucky to beat the Redskins, Colts and Rams! Look at the points against!!! They are ranked 5th most points allowed in the entire league!!! Remember, defenses win Super Bowls! This team is going nowhere fast! Ahh! Ha! Ha! Ha!

  16. Fuck you, ya stupid Russian! I’m laughing at the fuckin’ Eagles, not my comment. You fuckin’ idiot!!!

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