Photo credit: Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Photo credit: Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Dave Spadaro, on September 3:

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Dave Spadaro, today:

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The Eagles are away the two games after their bye, which means they likely won’t wear their Midnight Green jerseys until Week 10. They’ve been wearing white so far.* As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve written (and talked) at great length about Nike’s seeming inability to nail Midnight Green on their Elite 51 jerseys. If you haven’t been following along, the problem likely boils down to this: Midnight Green is a mostly made-up color fancied by Christina Lurie. Its metallic quality makes it difficult to match and replicate (it’s why you see so many different shades of it). Nike’s Elite 51 uniforms, which the Eagles just switched to this year, are made up of many panels, apparently comprised of different materials. Nike can use Midnight Green on the white and black jerseys because it’s only in the collar and number outlines. But on a full jersey, you’re looking at several different fabrics needing to match under varying lights.

This whole thing would be solved if the Eagles just switched back to Kelly Green. But it doesn’t sound like Christina wants to do that.

*I do find it interesting that they’ve worn white-on-white as opposed to white-on-green this season. But again, that most likely has something to do with Nike’s inability to produce Midnight Green. I’d bet on black-on-white Sunday.

UPDATE: Never take my betting advice. Leave that to our friends at Godfather Locks.** Connor Barwin apparently told Mike and Ike on WIP that the Eagles will wear ALL-BLACK on Sunday. Black jerseys and pants. It’s possible he misspoke, since, um, the Eagles don’t have black pants that we’re aware of. Or, maybe, they’re just Nike’s attempt at Midnight Green that went awry. Who knows? But love the specter of THE BLACKOUT GAME.

**But do take my advice on weaving in organic advertising plugs.

UPDATE 2: From CBS Philly:

“We will be wearing all black, for the first time ever I think,” Eagles linebacker Connor Barwin told the 94WIP Mike & Ike Show. “We’ve always wore black jerseys with white pants, but we will be in all black which is going to be very cool for Sunday night.”


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