The Flyers Lost Their Opener Again, but That’s Cool, We’re Used to It Now

Photo credit: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports
Photo credit: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Always tough to lose the opener, but you can’t find much fault in a final-minutes, fluky-goaled loss on the road against the Bruins. The Flyers played well (mostly) and had multiple chances to take the lead, but couldn’t bury them because Vinny Lecavalier is no longer good and Brayden Schenn never was.


Pregame Live

As you know, I’m not a fan of useless padding around sporting events, and an hour for a Flyers regular season pre-game show is overkill. But. But Barkann-Morganti-Clement-Boucher is an excellent line. Barkann’s at his best when he’s playing point guard to a large ensemble. Al’s nonchalantness, which the crew compared to Kimmo Timonen’s cool under pressure and (does anyone remember whom they compared both guys to?), complements Barkann’s animation. Clement’s always been great. And Brian Boucher… mmm…  there’s a reason I’ve had a man crush on him since I was 17. Much like with Danny Briere (who will one day return to grace all Flyers functions with his presence), you could see it coming for years that Boucher was going to be a Flyer for life, and rightfully so. He’s… fantastic. He even has the analyst sit down– cross arms at the wrist, keep pen at the ready, use it only sparingly to ram home a point, head on a perfect swivel between 300 and 60 degrees. Oh, and as a skinny guy, I appreciate a good-looking skinny guy. Bouche (not Boosh*) is just that. Nice rapport between all four guys.

*This will be a post one day.


Zac Rinaldo

Please, Flyers nuts, keep defending Zac Rinaldo. The local and national narrative yesterday was about the demise of the goon. If goons are already out of the game, then the high-energy scrapper is next. Rinaldo has virtually no skills other than having the unique ability to get under opponents’ skin. But for every stupid penalty he draws, he’ll take one (I’m being generous) himself. It cost the Flyers the game last night. His dumb, no-need penalty in the first period led to a Bruins’ goal. The Flyers lost, 2-1. This is simple math.

Sure, the high-energy thing is great. It’s fun to watch. Even better in person. But this is just a slight variant on what has plagued the Flyers for years: toughness over skill. Rinaldo tries hard. You know who else tries hard? Every other Flyer on the ice (except Vinny Lecavalier) and car rental places. Rinaldo, like Avis, just looks like he’s trying harder because he’s not talented. Like, if you put a toddler out there, I guarantee you he’d look like he was trying really hard to get that little black thing. I’mmmmmm gonnnnna get it! I’mmmmmmm gonnnnnnna get it! YAY!!!!! That’s Rinaldo. And you know what would be better? Someone who tries hard and who might actually not be a net-negative on the scoresheet. I don’t know. I just don’t get the Flyers’ (and fans’) fascination with Rinaldo.


Steve Mason

I forgot how good he was. Here’s what I wrote after Game 7 against the Rangers last year:

Mason. This, to me, is why I’m having trouble swallowing this absurdly large pill this morning. He played outstanding. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a Flyers goalie play as well as Mason did last night. What he did at the end of the second period should be turned into a children’s story. It shouldn’t have happened. It should’ve been 4-0 Rangers, maybe 9-0. He kept the Flyers in the game, and if they won, it would’ve been because of him. A goalie, winning a series for the Flyers!

He continues to impress. He still has to show that he can be consistent over a full season, but he has all the tools to be a top 5 goalie in the league.

But please, national broadcasters, stop crediting Flyers goaltending coach Jeff Reese. This is the same guy who oversaw the cluster F that was 2011, Ilya Bryzgalov’s implosion, and watched as Sergei Bobrovsky realized his talent elsewhere. I’m just not ready to declare Reese The Goalie Whisperer until Steve Mason becomes an All-Star or wins the Vezina, because I think he’s talented enough to do so.


Wolf of Broad Street

Hey Coots– how am I supposed to sell t-shirts if you look like the Gerber baby?!


Brayden Schenn

Here, Brayden, let’s play darts:

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 9.01.35 AM

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 9.03.38 AM Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 9.03.43 AM


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74 Responses

  1. Please trade Rinaldo. He is a goon. That era is over. Brashear, pothead Cote, Carcillo, come on already.

    1. Trade for who?

      What is his trade value exactly? Further more, who are you replacing him with?

      When you have good athletes and you need someone to step in and fight, i would rather have rinaldo step in and fight than someone like wayne. When players need to fight and two come off the ice, there is a trade off. You don’t want talented players coming off the ice because they fought someone like sean avery or matt cooke.

  2. Rinaldo…he has a cool name and he fights! Plus he’s just so tough and plays with so much heart!!
    Typical WT Flyers fan favorite. He looks like he’s working hard because he’s always chasing the puck.

  3. Homer should have kept that shit face JVR . Organization & Eddie Snider love giving up on young players

  4. “Vinny Lecavalier is no longer good and Brayden Schenn never was.” which is exactly why the flyers will never go anywhere as long as that old fuckin man is in charge and has to be in on every decision. fuck. why are these two, and rinaldo, on this team? why? you could swing a dead cat and hit 3 better players than those 3.
    and i’ve said it before and i will say it again…philly is where goaltenders go to die. and who would know better than me?

  5. Rinaldo has no business being in the NHL . That dumb Loser probably thought he played well too

    1. He did play well go fuckin eat 10 cent wings and watch him on a big screen. You dont know shit about hockey

  6. I get not wanting Rinaldo, and I wouldn’t cry if he was gone (I’d actually be relieved). But to put that first one on him is not fair. You should be criticizing him for the slash in the third that gave Boston a power play.

    In the first period, on that shift he was the best player on the ice (that’s not an exaggeration). From chipping the puck in the neutral zone to going and fighting for it behind the Bruins’ net, he did everything right. Krug came after him, started jostling with him, they were going back and forth and Rinaldo gets called for being Rinaldo, not for anything else. It was a bullshit penalty that should have never been called.

    The slash in third? Stupid. Could have cost them the game. But the one in the first period is not grounds for criticism.

    1. Rinaldo cost is the game. The first penalty was dumb as shit. Let me punch a guy in the face in front of the ref, and act surprised when I get the box. Only an idiot will do that, and Krug knew Rinaldo is a moron and would do that, hence why he was fucking with him.

      That second penalty killed all the momentum the flyers had built in that period. He literally took the wind out of our sails. He sucks and he needs to go.

      1. He was being held by Krug, not allowing him to get out of the zone. So he turns and hits him to break contact. It should have been coincidental minors or nothing at all. The ref fucked up, not Rinaldo.

        I’m in complete agreement with the second part. The second penalty was dumb. If he doesn’t take it, who knows what happens with the momentum AND Rinaldo comes out as drawing more penalties than he took. That was a dumb penalty and the one that deserves criticism, like I said.

    2. “From chipping the puck in the neutral zone to going and fighting for it behind the Bruins’ net, he did everything right.”

      This is what’s wrong with Flyers philosophy.

      1. What more do you want from a FOURTH LINE PLAYER?! Jesus Christ, it’s not like Rinaldo is on Giroux’s wing and doing this shit. A checking line is supposed to do that- fight for possession, keep the puck out of their own zone, grind. How many teams in the league have a fourth line that scores a lot?

        Oh and by the way that fourth line? Yeah it was the Flyers’ BEST line last night.

        Rinaldo took two penalties and drew two. So he was even for the night, not his fault the power play looked like shit and couldn’t convert.

        Seriously, there’s about 10 factors you can point to of why the Flyers lost that game before you get to Rinaldo.

        1. The 4th line’s possession numbers were only bested by the 2nd line’s, which was clearly the best one out there.
          Perhaps the team’s lack of possession in that horrid second period, or the first line being virtually invisible (save for Voracek, who basically created the Flyers’ lone goal), or going 0 for 3 on their own power plays are to blame?
          To say one penalty, though it was a dumb one, caused that loss is absurd.

      2. I’m not a huge Rinaldo fan, but your comment is why people think you don’t know hockey, Kyle.

        1. This is true.
          Frustrated dude crosschecks Rinaldo in the back during a great shift, Zach retaliates, blatant one-sided penalty helps decide game. Welcome back to the NHL, fans, and Kyle still has no idea what the hell he’s watching.

    3. Agree with everything said here and I’d like to add that prior to his “dumb penalty” in the first period a ref missed two glaring penalties against Rinaldo that took place RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM. The NBC broadcast even replayed the clip in slow motion almost in awe that the ref could somehow miss both a tripping call and at the very least an interference/cross check call while Rinaldo did not have the puck.

      That back and forth jostling between Rinaldo and Krug should’ve either landed them both in the box or neither one of them in the box. That was a shit call by the refs and people know it.

      1. If you’re gonna list missed penalties from last night it’s gonna take you a while. They “let em play” through all kinds of mauling, yet randomly called shit here & there. No consistency, which kills a good game in any sport.

  7. It amazes me how people just love to rehash things they’ve heard instead of watching the game. Kyle, your assessment of Rinaldo was pretty on point last night, I’m referring more to the idiots that comment here ..but you can’t have four lines of skill guys. Their forward depth is pretty good but what they miss is a bonafied scorer and playing some minor league guy over Rinaldo on the fourth line will not change that. I think Rinaldo’s ability to agitate and drop some big time body checks on the forecheck can be an asset and the fourth line overall, was their best line last night ..he just really needs to stop retaliating because the refs are waiting for it. The penatly he took in the first period last night should have been coincidental minors. Watch the play again, both guys pushing and hitting and Rinaldo tries to skate away but Krug grabs him by the back of his jersey and pulls him back ..that’s when Rinaldo punched at him to get away. The problem is not Rinaldo per say but a player like Rinaldo wearing a Flyers jersey’s a toxic combo.

    1. Also for the penalty he cost us in the 1st, he also drew a penalty with a late hit on the boards. He just lost it because Schenn (Was it schenn? can’t remember) jumped in and fought the guy who hit him getting an instigator penalty and cancelling it out.

      That late hit was retaliation though, so he is drawing penalties.

      This is weak for me to complain, but that penalty for him ‘booping’ the guy on the nose in the first was drawn and really fake. That head whip lash was pathetic.

  8. If any of our top 3 lines actually could score, no one would bitch and complain about Rinaldo. I’m not even a Rinaldo fan. He takes penalties, yeah no doubt. He draws a lot too. This team would be seriously boring without him. Bitch about him all you want…notice which line was the best and most consistent?? Yup, the 4th line. Again, if any of the ‘stars’ would actually show up, or if the Flyers had some type of actual play makers outside of Giroux and Voracek (when they decide to show up) no one would be bitchin about Rinaldo.

      1. You’re articles are baffling to me, He must be doing something right to get offered another 2 yrs while you write some shitty non sense about how much you hate him but pay to go watch him play day in day out. Fucking loser

        1. It’s just a matter of who you think knows more about hockey. An NHL front office, or a blogger who obviously knows nothing about hockey.

      2. Evidently Homer was very concerned that there might have been teams just lining up to steal Rinaldo away from them.

        There probably were . . . if you count minor league teams, beer league teams . . . .

  9. Team looks the same. Can’t score, Stupid turnovers on defense and Giroux will not get going till Thanksgiving. Shame since we actually have a goaltender, finally. At least we don’t have to see that fuck face Hartnell tripping on air this year. There’s a plus.

  10. As for your Mason assessment …only about 50 percent right ..he played well for the majority of the game until they needed a big save at the end to get a point and force OT ..then he lunged at a broken stick shot and came up with air. Awful goal.

    1. You’re really going to put that goal on Mason? That was a fluke of a play if you’ve ever seen one. He’s getting screened and (as he should have) was expecting a hard shot from the point. He reacted exactly as he should have. Just one of those plays where the bounce doesn’t go your way.

      1. Mason seems to have a lot of those bounces not go his way. “Great” goalies make those saves. Mediocre goalies, let them go in.

        1. The Flyers have one of the worst groups of defencemen I have ever seen. And you are upset about 2 goals against one of the best teams in the league?

    2. Kyle’s Mason worship is just to overcompensate for his Bryzgalov hatred. Bryzgalov was the slightly better goalie here than Mason. Look up the numbers for both of their full seasons (Bryz in 2011-12 and Mason 2013-13), its true. Yet, Bryzgalov was awful and Mason is seen as a savior. Hardly.

      Mason is a mediocre goalie. He’s not terrible but not great either. He gives up one or two stupid goals a game. He’ll flash the glove for a good save once or twice a game (and FLASH that glove indeed to make sure everyone sees it) but he’s nothing special.

      But, I mean as with everything written on this site, the posts are shaded to fit Kyle’s opinions–which usually mirror exactly the feelings of WIP–he needs those on-air mentions from Rhea. He’s the Michael Moore of sports blogs.

      1. Oh man, you are the worst. Every time you comment you post some negative bullshit you pull from straight out of your ass. But I’ll humor you here so your nonsense doesn’t infect any one else’s opinion.

        Bryz (2011-12): 2.48 GAA / .909 SV%
        Mason (2013-14): 2.50 GAA / .917 SV%

        Wow! Pretty comparable. You might be onto something here! But wait, you’re not at all. Because here are the playoff stats for those same years.

        Bryz (2011-12): 3.46 GAA / .887 SV%
        Mason (2013-14): 1.97 GAA / .939 SV%

        Please keep it to yourself next time.

        1. To be fair, there’s a HUGE difference between the Rangers offense last year and the Pens offense in 2012. Both goalies were playing behind shit defenses, but Mason wouldn’t have fared any better against the Pens in 2012. And Bryz was the best Flyer on the ice in the Devils series (as sad as that is).

  11. “Please, Flyers nuts, keep defending Zac Rinaldo.”

    Aaaaand theres the needless antagonizing of flyers fans. Lets ignore the fact that you call us (as if you’re not a part of the flyers fanbase?) nuts, yet you said in the same paragraph that you’re going to do an entire post on the spelling Brian Boucher’s nickname. Or the fact that you made a shirt about Giroux grabbing ass or that you’ve written about the sex lives of half the team in the past few years. Yeah, type-OBs objectivity in evaluating a hockey team is nuts yet writing about Max Talbot’s penis is fine. Awesome.

    I think Rinaldo should have this season (or half of one if he does real bad) to grow up. He proved two seasons ago that he can be a good contributer on this team. Last season he kind of went back to his old ways, but there were smatterings of what he did two years ago in there. Now obviously if we could get a 4th liner that can score, me and every other oh-so-awful type-OB fan out there would replace Rinaldo with him in a heartbeat, but everyone knows that the flyer’s cap situation doesn’t really afford them that option right now. Rinaldo is a hot topic of debate amongst most flyers fans now. If he grows up, he can be valuable. If not, then we gotta do something about him. Nothing complicated about that. But noooo, I’m apparently some awful, brain damaged idiot who blindly sucks on Ed Snider’s dick because I don’t automatically froth at the mouth and shit on the organization at every chance i get.

      1. …And? David Murphy, Randy Miller, and every other writer you trash could use the same excuse. Good job answering the actual meat of my argument though. I obviously stand corrected with an irrelevant one-sentence response.

      2. Pretty short sighted logic there kyle. Sure you can get a reaction easily and make money by saying crap like that to get a reaction but it gets old and people will leave.

        I honestly only come back to read peoples reactions (believe it or not) and the off chance of seeing dumb things other fan bases or athletes may have done that is ‘too low’ for other more reputable sites to actually cover.

        Now that the NHL has started, I already am switching back to BroadStreetHockey for an intelligent discussion on the game.

        Stick to what you are good at, and that is grasping at the low hanging fruit

        1. BSH is dorky as hell. They ban people for using “misogynistic” language. Some guy got a warning for referring to Crosby as “Cindy” because it makes it sounds like a slur towards women according to them. Their main contributor equated having ice girls with women being raped. They’re clown shoes.

          1. It keeps out junk comments. The actual analysis is some of the best I have read.

            If you want to further understand the game, how players are doing and get a more unbiased approach to the how the Flyers are actually playing. That is your spot.

            If you just want to gather around and rip people apart with stupid shallow comments that add nothing to the conversation.. well this website here or reddit is your place

            reddit might be the worst because of the group think mentality. If you disagree with the general consensus, you go against the flow, you might as well not even comment. Can’t even bother with that website

        1. Mike your comment about rinaldos 2 year deal justifying that he did something right was literally the dumbest thing I’ve read on here. Because, yes, every contract the flyers have given out has proven to be worthwhile, good contracts. Fuck, dude, I could write a book longer than war and peace that outlines every shitty contract snider has doled out.

          On the other hand, the guy that said Rinaldo isn’t the problem, the top lines are, is the smartest thing I’ve read on here. He’s right, the flyers have no dependable scoring outside line 1 and that all depends if they show up

          1. Bud Rinaldo had one more year until he was a free agent, for the flyers or any team to come to terms with a player who is a 4th liner and wouldnt be used in any top 6 and prob not even top 9 forwards they obviously see how much of a factor he is to the team. Tell me this watch every game and tell me who goes out every shift and gives it there all regardless of the penalties and fights. He works his tail off from what I can see from the first game he has ever played in NHL 2011 playoffs till now. Whether its game 1 or game 82 even from last season Rinaldo has always skated hard and left everything out there. Fuck you’re a complete fucking moron no hockey sense but ill be awaiting your shitty ass come backs or response so please enlighten me with your boring arguement

    1. I thought hockey players “grew up” in the minor leagues. Isn’t that why none of the young defensemen made the Flyers roster? Look, I don’t really care if Rinaldo is on the roster or not but giving a guy like that an extension beyond this season when you’re strapped for salary cap space just makes no sense to me. What do you see in him that is better than the guys other teams have for the same purpose? Does he have a lot of ‘energy’? Well he should; he’s only playing 4th line minutes.

  12. Giroux line got beat in every aspect of the game last night, they lost 4 outta 5 face-offs, hard to compete when your top line generates 2 of your 20 shots. The face-offs killed their possession numbers and having nobody at either point who can help you keep possession once you get in the zone has to be frustrating for them. A pp goal would have helped.

  13. Maybe I’m the only one who watched the game. Mason was outstanding. Coburn is bad at defense. Brayden Schenn actually looked good. Besides his stupid penalty, Rinaldo played well with the 4th line. More than anything the Flyers did or didn’t do, the Bruins are a really, really good team.

    1. Coburn is a solid 2nd (eh, maybe) or 3rd pairing defenseman. He’s quick, he’s got a long reach, and he keeps guys to the outside. The problem is the Flyers leaning on him to be a top defenseman on this team (which, unfortunately, he is).

      That being said, I hold my breath every time he gets the puck on his stick. I’m just awaiting the inevitable turnover.

  14. I know they are strapped for cap space and all that but they are wasting away Giroux’s best years by not getting him a legit left winger. It was so bad last year that they had Rinaldo on the first line in a critical Game 7. Last night it wad Schenn. Then people get on Giroux for getting his lunch eaten by arguably the best shutdown line in hockey.

    Get the guy a legit winger and that line becomes a top 3 line in hockey without a doubt

    1. the flyers brass knew all of that last year and what have they done to improve this team? nothing. grossman is a fucking turnstile. rinaldo takes unnecessary penalties that, last night, resulted in a goal. for what? to punch a guy in the face in front of a referee? fucking stupid. the defense sucks completely. giroux needs a left winger. they still play the same fucking system for 4 decades. they lost the winning formula decades ago. this team will not win until they are willing to have a fresh perspective.

  15. This team is not going to make the playoffs, they put their stock in guys like Simmonds, Vorachek and Schenn. On a good team these guys are 3rd maybe 4th line players. Yes another year we won’t see a cup and another statue of the bullies will go up

    1. On another team Simmonds and Vorachek are 3rd/4th line players? What team is that? Team Canada?

      Get the fuck out of here. You just lost all credibility.

  16. Everyone who is standing up for Rinaldo i applaud you. The people who say he cost the came have no hockey sense what so ever. Rinaldo had a good game from creating scoring chances, throwing hits, and drawing penalties. First penalty he got cause of his reputation, 2nd penalty it was a ordinary hockey stick check play. This is why all of the haters sit at home with a case of 24 sit back watch the games and cheer no hockey sense at all. To all the people that are for Rinaldo great to see that y’all have the right mindset Rinaldo is the only flyer you can say puts 110% every time he steps on the ice.

    1. Such a fucking idiot dude. That last comment about the only one giving 110 percent makes no sense. Do you actually fucking think that the other guys aren’t trying? It’s game 1, everyone is fresh and regardless they ALL PLAY HARD. I’m not as hard on zac as kyle is, he does have a small role on the team but to say he tries hardest is insane, plus you have no fucking idea since you aren’t there on the ice

  17. Are you high? No doubt he’s been good for us since we got him, but no way he’s been close to top 5. His numbers haven been league average since he got here. Let’s not go overboard.

    And why are you blaming Jeff Reese for what happened to Bobrovksy? That’s all old fuck Snider and Dumbass Holmgren’s fault. They’re the ones that weren’t patient enough with him and decided on bring in Bryz when they should’ve let Bob develop more. That’s not on Reese.

  18. Mike is by far, the worst commenter on this site. HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA. hey Mike, guess what? YOU SUCK!! HHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA

  19. Coburn at fault for 1st goal, no reason to leave the front to defend a play out of the corner he had no chance of making. Rinaldo gets DPed by 2 dudes along the bench and we end up 5 on 5. Rinaldo makes a solid hockey play shooting back foot, rebound kicks out to Akeson and he can’t bury it. Game winner was a fluky knuckler from the point that Mason can’t track. First game NBD. Giroux MIA!!! Matt Read isn’t good!!! PP looked brutal.

  20. Rinaldo is the new Bob “The Hound” Kelly. shakes things up etc.
    I love Mason. Emery is the Blacc Ron Hextall.
    been a Flyers fan since ’72.
    Everybody’s an expert…yadda yadda yadda.

  21. Lecalvier played a good game last night, didn’t score, but thought his line had the best chances. It’s funny to me how people like Kyle and all of the other uneducated Mushanelli hockey Minions would rather be right about their hated players vs. watching the Flyers succeed. Tired, predictable played out Agendas. And sadly they mold people’s opinions instead of forming their own. Put away your Mylec Bobby Clarke BoBo orange blade stick dude……Rinaldo, Bellmare and Akeson actually had some good shifts last night in an even-played hockey game. When the 4th liners do something good I’m sure it won’t get mentioned. 81 games left, smoke a one-ie and say Gooozefrabba.

  22. What does it say about team talent if the 4th line played the best?

    Rinaldo is fine if the rest of the team is good. They’re not that good. In time, maybe.

    If couturier/schenn don’t step up this year and make big impacts, then those trades look worse and worse. So far, I’m not seeing talent equal to #8 & #5 draft picks. We’ll see, they’re still young.

    1. What don’t you see about Couturier?

      He’s one of the best defensive forwards in the game already, at 21/22 years old, one of the best penalty killers. And when they put him on the second line (not trying to shut down the other teams’ top line), he’s going to succeed on the offensive side as well. Yesterday was an ugly goal but he put himself in the right spot to score it.

      He had some of the toughest matchups in the NHL last year as far as opponents he was playing against. When he gets easier opponents he’ll score more.

      Schenn, you’re right. But with the way things have gone, Simmonds alone is ALMOST worth Richards.

  23. I LOVE Rinaldo on the ice (not so much off the ice)…

    In fact, if he got traded to a hockey team in France, I would stop watching the Flyers and watch him in France.

    He reminds me of his hero Lindros. When Rinaldo hits the ice, I move forward in my office chair (while watching an illegal stream since I refuse to pay for TV) and wait for shit to happen.

    I could care less who wins the game – he is just plain fun to watch. Because all sports is rigged – it is no different than World Wide Wrestling. The outcomes are known ahead of time in most cases…

    But here is the bottom line (if you care about the score)…

    When Rinaldo plays, the Flyers win WAY WAY more games than when he sits.

    Google it if you do not believe me.

  24. For the love of fucking god, how many times did we play dump and chase only to have the puck come right back out? On the flip side how many times did the Bruins dump the puck in? It was so beautiful watching the Bruins just skate the puck in the zone and create chances, not approach the blue line like there’s an electric current and if you still have the puck when you cross it you will be shocked.


  25. Who is honestly expecting a deep play off run from these guys this year? If you think that is a likely scenario, you’re fuckin high.
    They have to figure out how to clear room to let hextall and his analytics guys do their thing. I can’t believe I’m using analytics and hockey in the same sentence, but that’s the way of the league now.
    They have some good pieces to build around, mason(who’s good enough), giroux (who needs to mature before i’d call him a leader and a superstar).
    It’s always possible for a team to go on unlikely runs and play above their means, but to expect more than a first round bounce is preparing yourself for a let down. And I’m not saying don’t hope for a stanley cup, but arguing over rinaldo let’s us all know where this team stands right now.

    1. I personally have expectations that they are going to MISS the playoffs.

      But if we got in, and that is a pretty big if, anyone can win.

      I didn’t used to believe that, but how can you argue against it now? Anyone can beat anyone in the playoffs and while the Flyers wouldn’t have the best shot, there wouldn’t be any reason to be cynical about their chances.

      The Flyers were two goals away from advancing last year.. actually, look back at their last 2 decades and all the playoff runs they had. Most of the time defense and goal-tending have reared their head to keep us out but with 90% of every playoff series, we did have a legitimate shot and more than enough potential to win.

      If the flyers would have won in 2010, then everyone wouldn’t be saying any of this, and we really only lost that thanks to Jeff Carter and an extremely lucky, fluky, bouncing goal let in by an inept goalie with a 5 hole the size of beach ball

      1. You had some sane comments earlier but as soon as you say “look back at their last two decades” you lose all credibility. If you can’t see that the past is responsible for the current poor state of this team you’re blind. A lot of the people who comment here are tired of talking about the Flyers past. Sick of it actually. And we’re pissed the here and now sucks.

        1. If the Flyers would have won in 2010? They didn’t, so I’m not following what you’re saying. Maybe that’s my fault. If I shit my pants, then I wouldn’t have played jenga 2 weeks ago. One thing I do agree with is anyone who makes the playoffs has a shot, and I said that. But I’m not going to Vegas to put money on the Flyers. Point is, there is a lot of previous mind set and mentality and dare I say culture, that needs to be fixed. I feel like Hextall is attempting to right the wrongs, but its gonna take some time, similar to the sixers situation. I hope I’m dead wrong and they own the eastern conference, but I doubt I am. Just thank god they brought back the ice skanks to look at when this team shits all over the ice.

  26. Hockey fans are getting as know it all annoying as soccer fans during the world cup.

    1. not our fault you watch only the Flyers during the playoffs and act you have the game all figured out. yeah put in 2 mediums, 1 skinny and a fattie and stop dumping and chasing. Not that easy there guy!

      1. I definitely don’t watch only the Flyers in the playoffs, and I happen to love hockey, and think that there is nothing more exciting than nhl playoffs. And no other sport more entertaining live. I’m just not following why a majority of nhl fans need to flex stat nuts to prove shit when most of the time those numbers mean diddly shit until after the allstar break and trade deadline. Once playoffs start numbers can basically be thrown out the window. Thats why the nhl playoffs are the best, even the worst seed has a legitimate shot to win it all. And the sometimes the worst players manage to shine (carcillo unfortunately) and the best players fall short (giroux). It’s only game two and people are already trying to prove the worthiness of zack rinaldo? Christ, stop. By the way, blades of steel was way better than ice hockey, I appreciate the old school reference though sizzle chest.

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