Video: Bud Light Gives Eagles Fans “Up For Whatever” Treatment

I’m generally skeptical about these sorts of commercials, where a subject unwittingly becomes entangled in something awesome (or horrifying), but this seems legit enough. Two fans, cousins, randomly picked out by Bud Light at the Eagles-Redskins game to get a VIP adventure complete with free gear, field passes, player interactions, and, um, Swoop. I hate Bud Light, but love this shit.


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  1. This is completely played out. This advertising campaign has been dragging since the super bowl and clearly isn’t resonating with anyone. They must be shelling out a ton of money for all of this stuff too.

    These ‘marketing geniuses’ must understand something I do not if they are allowed to continue to just burn money like this.

    They should take note from the Gatorade commercials with peyton manning, those are hilarious (even if it is obviously fake). Really funny commercials seem to have almost disappeared from TV now.

  2. What the fuck do you mean, you hate me? I guess you must like one of those pussy ass fruity beers! Or better yet, you’re a wine cooler drinker. Or a snob ass wine connisour. Or worse yet, you don’t drink!!!

    1. this is obvious sarcasm.. But if i’m in the tri-state area, I will never drink bud light, coors light, miller light, ect.

      Why not just stick with a beer that is the same price (most of the time cheaper), and 5 times better?

        1. Yeah, clearly Guinness is better. But A) if you have been to Ireland, it is kind of tough to back to what they sell here in the States B) for one 6pack of Guinness i could get a case of Yuengling

          1. I’m a St Ides man myself.

            Give me 2 six-packs of St Ides,and you won’t have to worry about me for the rest of the night.

  3. These guys are my buddies. They said it was an unreal time….was texting me throughout the whole day. Naturally I changed my orders to Bud Lights the rest of the day. Genius stuff.

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