Your Monday Morning Roundup

So what did we learn this bye week? We learned that the Cowboys are probably for real (at least until their annual December implosion) and that Dez Bryant is a man. We learned that Kyle Orton still has some hilarious heroics left in him. We learned that we’ve reached peak Seahawks. We’ve learned that the Flyers are not going to win a game in regulation all season. And we learned that you should never take my betting or fantasy advice– we’ll leave that to our friends at Godfather Locks and Draft Kings.

Let’s hit it!


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The roundup:

Hearing that the Flyers plan to announce a new, female in-arena host to work with Dancin’ Shawny. No idea if it’s in response to the backlash over the Ice Girls thing (it probably is), but if I were the Flyers, I’d choose someone who is ambitiously unattractive, almost ironically so, like Quinn’s new girlfriend in Homeland. This way they can respond to future criticism about being sexist by pointing to the video board and saying, “Have you met our new in-game host?”

Fairly certain Sidney Crosby dressed as Rocky for Halloween:

H/T to (@eaglesfan2018)
H/T to (@eaglesfan2018)

Five years ago last nightAnd they have done it to Broxton again! In Game 4! Wow, what a finish!

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 9.08.32 AM

Couldn’t agree more, Sheil. Some NFL Network director is dreading a meeting request from his boss this morning. TWICE. It happened TWICE. I’m surprised Scott Hanson didn’t leave alpha base zero, head to the control room, and maul the guy with his lapel pin. Also, side benefit of watching RedZone– here’s an actual conversation I had with Mrs. CB yesterday:

Will you take out the trash at the commercial?

Sure. Anything for you, my love.

Masked gunmen robbed the Chickie’s and Pete’s in Drexel Hill yesterday, one of them wearing a Chickie’s and Pete’s hoodie:

The men then took the manager and three other employees and locked them in a freezer, Chitwood said. A kitchen manager found them shortly after.

“Those people would have froze to death in that freezer,” Chitwood said.

One of the gunmen, seen on surveillance footage, was wearing a Chickie’s and Pete’s hoodie. Chitwood believes the robbers had a car waiting for them outside, possibly a silver Toyota Prius.

A Prius.

Please add Jason Diamond of the Men’s Journal to your shit lists:

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 9.40.03 AM

Hear us out on this one: Philadelphia has some great and storied franchises, but they also have notoriously bad fans. But maybe a good idea would be to move all four of the teams for two years, trying them out in different markets to get a feel for how they might work out, but also to sorta punish the fans for the bad behavior.

H/T to reader Justin

Possibly the best photo of the NFL season:

The overly-sensitive, mostly-completely-misguided Union had negative (but clean) signs removed from the stands this weekend. There’s a way to endear yourself to a fan base after yet another disappointing season in a C-level league.

LeSean McCoy on the Giants: “We kicked their ass. I liked it.”

GREAT breakdown of DeSean’s inability to block compared to Jeremy Maclin and other guys not cut by the Eagles.

There are some reports out there that the Flyers are not happy with Brayden Schenn and that a move is possible. Don’t know how much there is to that, since I’m mostly unfamiliar with the reporter, but, um, yeah, Schenn stinks right now.

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 9.31.52 AM

Penn State head coach James Franklin TOOK THE CHOPPER to the Bonner game Friday night:

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 9.25.03 AM

Selling impressionable kids on the completely unrealistic, fantasyland concept of being a baller who flies into high school games on a helicopter is pretty goddamn lame. Yeah, there’s a logistical benefit to using a helicopter to get around, but 1) what a waste of money, and 2) grow up, Peter Pan.

Great use of social media here. That’s totally the move. I outlawed it back in the day. Instant loss if you scored using it:


Liberty Broadcast


We are thrilled to add Bleeding Green Nation’s BGN Radio to For my money, and without hyperbole, this is the best Eagles discussion you can listen to anywhere on Earth. Post-game shows with sane (but still passionate) reactions, great guests, and standalone fantasy shows. Take, for example, their Week 7 bye week show with Sheil Kapadia of Philly Mag’s Birds 24/7. Just listen to that and tell me it’s not better than anything on sports talk radio, CSN, or ESPN when it comes to Eagles discussion.



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33 Responses

  1. I would think PSU would be better off using the helicopter funds to pay the Sandusky victims. Just seems heartless considering the horrifc nature of what took place up there.

    1. Wow, took only 2 comments to bring up the Sandusky controversy at mention of Penn State. Impressive.

        1. Probably not the fact that since the 70’s the student body has raised over $100 million for pediatric cancer or any other amazing things the school or student body does.

          but you know, whatever

          1. Yeah, it’s great that they have a million kids on a million corners dancing around and wearing funny hats this time of year. With that shitty degree from an insignificant school it totally prepares them for their careers as human sign holders for great clips.

      1. For what Joe Paterno and that football program and their cult-like fans allowed to happen to those kids for at least 13 years–that we know of now–Sandusky should be brought up every time Penn State is mentioned.

  2. Yeahhhhhhhhhh. 5-1? That’s not bad. But we be 6-1 you dumb assess. Who’s better now? Hahahaha.
    Can’t wait to eat my wife’s turkey and watch the Cowboy beatdown on thanksgiving.
    Go Cowboys.

    1. Sticking with the run and taking care of the football, it’s amazing what happens when you play fundamental football. TCB!!!
      How ‘Bout Them Cowboys!!!

      1. I just wish our putrid defense was as good as your mediocre Eagles defense. We let up 21 points to that garbage Giants team.

        1. 2 guys just made a love connection, you can get together on thanksgiving and cry in each others little arms after we shove a turkey leg down Romo’s throat

  3. For the love of God (Chip), stop pushing those piece of shit Ts.

    “Culture Wins Football” #fly

    C’mon man!

    Stop taking basic things Chip says and trying to spin some merchandise off it you unoriginal whore.

    1. I’m looking forward to some Craig Berube ones when he just takes post game quotes.

      “We need to get more pressure 5 on 5.”

      “Power play looked strong tonight.”

      “Fourth line really gave us a lot.”

      And Brett Brown

      “I just want my guys giving 100%. Just compete.”

      And Ryne Sandberg

      “After Bastardo walked the first 4 batters, I got somebody warmed up in the bullpen.”

  4. Fuck you Jim. All you temple and nova douche bags wish you were Penn State. Enjoy your shitty basketball and we’ll stick to big time football and helicopters. Fuck off.

    1. I’d take shitty football over any basketball any day. Who cares about african handball? Really anyone? Its a sport for the dumbest of the dumb.

      1. which is it ….big time?? or shitty??sounds like that penn state survey course is paying off

    2. Am I ever getting out? This dropcloth they put over me is gettting dusty. And the gas fumes from the lawnmower stored next to me are making me dizzy. How about you zombies get me some fresh air just before the annual beatdown by Ohio State?

  5. Notice how 97.5 The Fanatic never mentions if you get airfare or how many nights on their free trip giveaway. They are sending you to a timeshare vacation destination. If you win, you lose. You will probably be pitched for three or more hours trying to get you to buy a timeshare.

    1. From what I understand, the trip is 2 days and includes next to nothing but is techincally free. They then try to sell you an upgraded room, extra nights, and activities. It’s not bad if you already planned to go but if you dont have money it is pretty worthless.

  6. $25 plus shipping for a shitty shirt and you want amazon link money from us for copying articles I already read on deadspin or Pass…

  7. How about uplifting athletes, which was founded by PSU football players, and is/was the number one global fund raiser for kidney cancer?

    And Kyle, don’t go get all crampy because Nova can’t afford the helicopter.

    1. Just cause U2 gave out their album for free, doesn’t change the fact they made a total, utterly disgraceful, piece of shit album.
      Just cause Penn State does good shit for charity doesn’t erase the fact that they let a dude fuck boys, and tried to cover it up.

  8. “Flyers unhappy with B Schenn’s performance, wouldn’t be shocked if they moved him”

    does not equal

    “Flyers are not happy with Brayden Schenn and that a move is possible.”

    The guy quoted in the tweet was giving an opinion in regards to a trade.

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