The Media Reaction to the Flyers Ice Girls Thing Is Ridiculous (Some Context and Background)


I am so baffled by this. Here’s what the Flyers got wrong in this Ice Girls situation: They – and by they I mean some corporate dolt from Comcast because Comcast has essentially taken over operations of Comcast Spectacor – overreacted to a loosely sourced report on an extremely liberal political website which quotes an anonymous Ice Girl who complained about her treatment as such.

I am 99% (47%?) sure I know who that former Ice Girl is, because she was pushing her story on a local writer who approached me about doing a post for this site back in January. [In hindsight, that was a missed page views bonanza.] Most of said Ice Girl’s claims focused on her boss, a guy whom we’ll call T, being a dickhead towards her and the other Ice Girls. Maybe that’s accurate. Maybe it’s not. The accusations – most of which I read verbatim before they were ever on Mother Jones – were about Ice Girls being asked to do exactly what they signed up for: being a public-facing representative of the team. With that, comes some sacrifices and asks that people in normal jobs don’t have to deal with. Are some of them about appearance? You bet. The Ice Girl claimed her boss suggested that she “invest in tanning” after a fan tweeted to her that she was pale. Was that a command? Was it a comment made to offer a reasonable solution to someone who might’ve lamented to her boss that she felt self-conscious about such a thing? We don’t know. But most of the other accusations of abuse – ranging from not being able to sit with her family at the Winter Classic (what?) to not being allowed to tweet as an Ice Girl – are hardly signs of unfair treatment… they’re the sorts of things expected of many employees everywhere and especially of public-facing employees of very public businesses. Teams have enough to worry about with their valuable players tweeting nonsense, imagine if they had to worry about every Ice Girl, Ice Guy, and marketing intern tweeting on behalf of the team? But despite that claim about Twitter, I easily found Tweets from to said Ice Girl that were completely friendly and positive. He even retweeted her when she mentioned a Flyers charity event. So much for trying to suppress her opinion.

Is being an Ice Girl a great job? Probably not. But, newsflash: most jobs with sports teams suck. A lot of people want not a lot of positions. So they are often low-paid, not as glamorous as they seem, and come with awful hours, sometimes in less than ideal conditions. That’s a problem not unique to Ice Girls.

The Flyers’ mistake in all of this was hilariously overreacting to the Mother Jones report (and probably the backlash over the San Jose Sharks’ Ice Girls) and doing away with the girls completely.

But since Tuesday, Deadspin, Broad Street Hockey, and now Puck Daddy* (all sites and writers I enjoy and respect) have lined up with extremely liberal opinions on the ordeal. Greg Wyshynski of Puck Daddy posted an email exchange he had with Comcast Spectacor PR man Ike Richman in which Richman blew off requests for comment (a mistake). The consensus seems to be that the Flyers are sexist.  “It’s edited with all the restraint of a teenage boy hoping for a boob flash in a PG-13 movie,” Wyshynski wrote of the video the Flyers played the other night. There are insinuations that the boos weren’t a representative sample of the whole fan base. That’s crazy. They were indeed a representative sample. All? No. But most? Yep. Are there people out there who are offended by the general concept of Ice Girls, cheerleaders, and good-looking newscasters? Of course. But I’d be willing to bet that many of them – the women, at least – have no problem sitting through a two-hour episode of The Bachelor filled with gratuitous shots of Juan Pablo rubbing his abs, or lusting over Claude Giroux or Mike Richards. That’s not to imply that women only watch sports to look at the guys. Far from it. Most of the female sports fans I know, and who read this site, are some of the best sports fans you will find. But it’s crazy to deny that a good portion of them enjoy, or at least don’t mind, the added benefit of athletes being mostly good-looking. Flip side: I enjoyed watching the Women’s World Cup. I also enjoyed Alex Morgan looking like she does. A twofer! Hell, I enjoy looking at Chase Utley.

From the beginning of time, men have liked looking at attractive women, women have liked looking at attractive men, men have liked looking at attractive men, and women have liked looking at attractive women. We’re all attracted to something. To pretend that we exist in a sexual vacuum is stupid. A majority of sports fans are men. What percentage they comprise is debatable. But from a strictly business standpoint, it’s a good idea to play to that majority. So if that means attractive women playing a tiny part in the show that is sports, then who cares? People need to stop acting like asexual beings. Girls who sign up to be Ice Girls know exactly what they’re signing up to do. It’s not as if the Flyers took girls from the marketing department and asked them to wear bikinis to work. That would be sexist. Being an Ice Girl is an at-will, paid position. A great gig? No, probably not. A cool experience? Mostly. And as one Ice Girl messaged to me: “I think people would forget that even though it was fun and the pay was low, it was still a job. We still had shit that needed to get done and properly.”

It’s a job, one that comes with expectations that are extremely obvious going in. And it’s weirdly maddening that sports bloggers can in one breath post a Chicago Blackhawks Ice Girl backing into a net cam (complete with video, GIF, and snarky commentary!)…

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 11.20.58 AM Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 11.07.15 AM

… and in the next deride the Flyers for editing a video with the restraint of a 13-year-old boy. It’s fun to get on soapboxes, but sometimes they can be slippery. America is so weirdly awkward when it comes to sexuality. Somehow over time it (sex, sexuality, whatever) has come to be viewed as an evil that it’s not. Other countries don’t have this problem. Go turn on TV in Europe sometime. In America we’re so damn desirous to be PC that some people have forgotten that they’re human. And this goes both ways. It’s not just about guys who like looking at Ice Girls. It’s about the topic of sexuality in general. We’re 13-year-old boys alright… because we get all bashful and giggly any time it comes up, not because we sometimes sprout random woodrows. At what point did it become sexist to be attracted to the opposite, or same, sex? Lighten up, people.


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  1. Don’t most of these Ice Girls sign up for these jobs to either a) Further a possible modeling career and/or b) Sleep with hockey players? Not sure why that girl complained…maybe Giroux never called her back?

  2. I like a pretty girl as much as the next guy, but I don’t need them cleaning off the ice to the cat girls of drunken Fishtown residents during breaks in hockey games.

    Is it a wonder we have a domestic violence problem in professional sports when some franchises actually pay women to be pieces of meat to the ogling hordes?

    There’s a time and place for scantily clad ladies and it sure as heck isn’t intermission at the Wells Fargo Center.

    1. Yea, well, I guess you make some pretty good points there, when you put it all logically like that.

    2. Shut up you fag,and worry about when your next gay parade takes place.

      Let me guess you’re probably upset that your faggot ass can no longer lust after the ice guys mr cum drinker.

    3. When is it then? Legit question. When, if not a sporting event, is a good time for scantily clad women?

      1. Are you serious ? At a time when the NFL is falling flat on its ass for the way it’s handling issues around domestic violence and being completely tone deaf to female fans, you can’t see why it might not be a good idea to scale back the cheesecake factor? The girls don’t get paid shit, the conditions are demeaning, and nobody in the stands really gives a shit. It was the right idea to get rid of them, and it’s stupid of them to walk it back because six horny jackholes got upset about not being able to go three hours without seeing tits and ass.

        1. The NFL fucked up it’s handling of some high profile cases of it’s jack off players who don’t know how to treat women and children…or probably anyone or anything else… and the rest of us have to move to Walton’s Mountain?


          1. Right, a hockey game that doesn’t a have pointless sideshow is “Walton’s Mountain.” OK.

        2. No one had a gun to their head. No one told them to apply for the job. The know exactly what they were getting into when they signed up. I guarantee they ALL thought ” Hey I’m hot and have boobs and I can get paid for that? Where do I sign? !”

        3. Not even in the same ballpark. Guys wanting to look at hot girls (or girls wanting to look at hot guys) has NOTHING to do with knocking your fiancee out. If you equate those things there’s something wrong with you. This isn’t being tone deaf to female fans. It’s being aware that most fans are guys and don’t mind the girls, WHO VOLUNTARILY APPLIED FOR THE JOB. They’re adults. Don’t apply or quit. It’s not slavery. It’s a job. And the one who did all the complaining is a model who tweets about wanting to tryout to be an Eagles cheerleader.

          1. It’s being aware that most fans are guys and don’t mind the girls

            And that is a losing business proposition, because the league that’s grown the most over the past decade is NASCAR, which has the highest percentage of females in its fan base. That’s no coincidence. The first of the “big four” sports to make a push to make the experience more friendly to women will do very well commercially, and this is an opportunity for the NHL to establish itself. It’s ridiculous you’d use the status quo of being mostly dudes watching as a point *in favor* of not doing something business savvy.

          2. Nascar is successful because a vast majority of America is dumb, not because a lot of women watch.

          3. The problem is that the Ice Girls teach young children that the job of women at an ice rink is skate around in a bikini and clean up after the men. It’s not that hard to see why that is a bad message to tell little kids. You don’t need to be a rocket appliance to figure this out.

            It’s the Lisa Lionheart episode of the Simpsons from 20 years ago.

          4. You are some dumb adolescent sexist, aren’t you? Can’t see the similarities about demeaning and denigrating women to get your jollies? Women are only here to amuse and obey us, amirite? I bet the Fappening was the highlight of your year, wasn’t it? When you grow up, maybe you’ll get an actual girlfriend, a wife, some daughters, and then you’ll… No, wait. Never happen. Girls like Men, not little boys. Go back to 4chan and your box of tissues.

          5. I can’t reply to Tony, but this is for him:
            NASCAR puts hot babes in skin-tight leathers on the podiums for ever race win why? And they host a “Miss Sprint Cup” competition why? The first featured video they have on their website is “Inside Access with Miss Sprint Cup” why? Besides GoDaddy pimping Danika’s ass, there is no reason for girls to be involved in the NASCAR product unless they are modestly dressed in a analysts booth.

            And to Marvin:
            So the proper lesson to young girls is “girls don’t belong anywhere in the NHL”? What about girls that actually like to dress and be employed in situations like the Ice Girls experience? Is there no place for them or are they just bad people? If they’re not bad people, then how do you teach girls that want to take advantage of their genetics to make money? What of that money helps them pay for school or intern through an industry that they really want to pursue?

            I suggest anyone who thinks this is an issue for the NHL go literally anywhere else in the entertainment industry. Hot girls in revealing clothing is the norm. I was at Top Golf today, which has a decent mix of men and women in casual business attire as clients, and the majority of working girls their were attractive and scantily dressed. If anyone is trying to teach their daughters how women are valued in our society, they’re going to have to severely shelter the kids if they don’t want the message of “hot girls get paid better” getting to them.

            But the real question is: why do sexually attractive women get paid to dress sexually and are people bad people for being attracted to other sexually attractive members of their species?

          6. @ Ted Simple

            Why did you say so many stupid things?

            What about people that actually like to dress and be employed in situations like drug dealers experience? Is there no place for them or are they just bad people? If they’re not bad people, then how do you teach girls that want to take advantage of their genetics to make money? What of that money helps them pay for school or intern through an industry that they really want to pursue?

      2. Never really thought there was a bad time for scantily clad attractive women, but that is just me.

      3. My preference is among consenting adults behind closed doors. The world doesn’t need to see everything.

      4. Yeah I totally pay $150 a ticket for Flyers games for the 2 mins of Ice time the girls get. Its definitely not to watch the fucking game. Goddamn you’re inane.

    4. Jim, I’m pretty sure every business has domestic abusers. Accounting firms don’t “parade out” their women, so what is their excuse?

  3. I have no problem with the ice girls but the video the flyers put of of the girls skating in slow motion with their tits bouncing up and down was pretty low class for such a “respected” organization, in my opinion. It’s a hockey game, not a Hooter’s restaurant.

  4. Dude who tweeted at the ice girl saying she’s too pale definitely never gets his hog wet.

  5. There’s a basic misunderstanding of the female mentality here… just sayin’ I can’t believe Eddie Snider holds these girls down and puts those shorts on them, I can’t believe men are the only people buying these outfits and forcing women they don’t even know to wear them in public. How grotesque!
    Cameron Diaz at least was honest about it… she said she enjoyed being “objectified”, they all do to some extent, they just can’t come out and say it or they’ll be called sluts by the same assholes who wolf-whistle at them. Let’s hope we don’t start forcing the fine ass ladies of our area to wear burkas and mutilate their genitalia… reign it the fuck in media morons. Everybody is a fuckin victim nowadays.

  6. Kyle. Dude. My man…

    I generally really like you and your take on things, but…

    First- acting as if the worst complaint from the Ice Girl was not sitting with her family during the Winter Classic is disingenuous. The complaints that stood out to me were the ones about not being allowed to eat and not being allowed to wear a jacket at any time in freezing temperatures during the Classic. If someone tries to tell me “well, hey, NFL cheerleaders have to where bikinis outside in the winter.” I will say “yeah and that shit’s fucked up too.” If someone says “that’s what they signed up for” I say “apparently not” and that’s why they complained.

    Second- stop pretending that anyone who wants to see women have a semi respectable position in sports hates sex and sexuality. That’s a myth that needs to be buried. The other myth is that any woman who opposes seeing women objectified is some ugly jealous old wench. I’m an ok looking, huge titted chick who gets plenty of her own attention.

    Third- “I watched the women’s World Cup” is the equivalent of “I have a mother and a sister, so I can’t be sexist.” (Not calling you sexist)

    Fourth- there are more female sports fans than you even realize. A lot of whom read your site. Most of whom won’t dare to comment due to the incredible sexism displayed in the comments section. I wouldn’t be surprised if some post under men’s names to avoid gender based harassment. In the real world I am shut out of sports conversations and quizzed on my sports knowledge if I dare speak up. The message is loud and clear. “You don’t belong here.” Many women simply give up.

    Fifth- wanting more for women than just being a prop on the ice for men to jeer and yell at isn’t uniquely liberal.

    Finally, I order you to forgive my grammar as I am in a minor rage out sesh.

    So go ahead commenters… Tell me to make a sandwich. I’ll shove my hot meat in your buns so fucking fast. Eat me.

    1. You my dear is absolutely correct,it’s sandwich making time and the only time your opinion is of any value is when you’re recommending mustard or mayo for the ham sandwich.

      And btw finish the laundry(thanks sweety).

    2. Susie, thanks for commenting. Why didn’t the ice girl quit if she didn’t like the terms of her employment? and I agree, they were barbaric… but, employers get to make the rules. On a side note, just how big are your fun bags and can you post a pic. XXOO MM

    3. If someone says “that’s what they signed up for” I say “apparently not” and that’s why they complained.

      “Mr Right” is saying exactly this above, and it’s bullshit. Who among us hasn’t had a job where our bosses asked us to do something totally outside of what they understood the job to be when they took it? Whether it’s working extra hours in a salaried position, working extra to cover someone who goes on leave, taking additional responsibilities for no increase in pay… The idea that people know what they’re in for on day one of a new job has never been true. It’s always a constant negotiation between what the employer can get away with versus what the employee is willing to tolerate, and when you’re micromanaging someone’s fucking eating schedule and making them freeze their tits off, maybe it’s time to ask what the real benefit is to the league and the fans.

      1. So quit… BTW – perusing sports blogs from your desktop during business hours is prohibited, while we are at it. I see you using the DSM avatar, please report to human resources for drug testing. EMPLOYERS MAKE THE RULES comrade, like it or not.

      2. handing out flyers at the door and being outside for the winter classic is not outside of what they signed up for. no one asked them to go buy coffee for the male staffers.

        1. You’re willfully conflating “being outside” vs. “being outside and being prohibited from doing so safely.” Please engage in good faith or it’s not worth my time responding.

          1. I am. I honestly am skeptical of her accusations for the reasons listed in the next comment. Even her peers think it’s an exaggeration.

      3. If it’s the same in every job, then it’s not BS, it’s reality (as much as it sucks). This isn’t a career; it’s an unskilled part time job (skating/shoveling). Short of having a contract with 10 pages of riders, you usually have to do a little more than they told you in the interview (that shouldn’t include abusive staff either).

    4. 1) I know who the girl was, and saw these and many other complaints in Jan, and to be honest, I think a good number of them are BS. A few of her peers thought she was nuts. I think there are some extreme exaggerations. Am I wrong? Maybe. But if I thought they were legit, I would’ve posted them in January (and got the page views and $$$ for doing so). Even I thought they were tenuous accusations that didn’t pass the sniff test.

      2) I didn’t say either of those things. I just see nothing wrong with attractive girls at sporting events. I’m not arguing against women having respectable positions in sports. I like Dancing Shawny, but I don’t think every guy in sports should be an overweight superfan who shakes his belly.

      3) It’s the exact opposite scenario of women watching men play sports. Anecdotal, yeah. But a legit comparison.

      4) But there are still more men in the crowd, so from strictly a business standpoint, it makes sense to cater to them. And I’m not the one bashing female sports fans, far from it. Hell, I’m guessing our audience skews more female than most sports sites. But I physically can’t police every comment either.

      5) I didn’t say that. I think their weird issue with Ice Girls is quite liberal.

      1. But there are still more men in the crowd, so from strictly a business standpoint, it makes sense to cater to them.

        You seem to not understand business. As I pointed out above, NASCAR’s grown immensely, and has done so in part by having the largest percentage of females as fans compared to the big four leagues. Fox News succeeded because there was perceived to be a dearth of ideological coverage from the right side of the spectrum. All the great TV shows of the last 10-15 years — The Wire, Breaking Bad, Mad Men — were able to succeed because they did things in a different way and courted a different audience than the lowest common denominator reality TV bullshit.

        Finding a demographic that’s underserved and exploiting that to your advantage is far often the superior business proposition to giving the same group of people the same tired product. That you don’t understand this when you’re running a blog is quite instructive, but then again, you’ve been moving more in the least common denominator “TMZ that occasionally talks about sports” direction for quite some time now, so I guess it make sense.

          1. You’re so far off the tracks right now it’s not even funny.

            Missing: an actual counterargument. If the idea of doing something differently to open up new demographics and markets is foreign to you, then you have no right to lecture your audience about this being a “business decision”, because you don’t understand business

            I can’t possibly make this any clearer, so I guess we’re done here.

            1. “doing something differently to open up new markets” is quite literally, exactly how I make a living. The site works, and does well, mind you, because it’s completely different than and CSN. It is, in fact, TMZ-ish. Good point. Your arguments about Breaking Bad and Nascar, though, are so wildly off the reservation when it comes to talking about Ice Girls that they’re truly not worth discussing.

    5. Susie: 6 excellent observations
      KyleNeverHaveAGirlfriendOrWifeMuchLessDaughters: Zero.

    6. Suzie, I respect your opinion. But if a person doesn’t like their job for any reason whatsoever, quit. By the sounds of it McDonalds is a better job and it’s more lucrative. Sex sells and the Flyers should be able to exploit it just like everyone else does. Do you also scowl at CK billboards? VS billboards? Should we cancel the Miss America pageant? We should probably do that. I’m thinking we ban skimpy beach attire while we’re at it because damn the ice girls wear more!! Seriously EVERYONE NEEDS TO LIGHTEN THE HELL UP!

      I will add that when I was young I got frost bite working for minimum wage and lost a couple of toenails along with some self respect. Nobody knows about it, nobody cares. Jobs suck. You are in control of your future, if you don’t like the job (which doesn’t pay anyway) quit.

      You have good points, but they’d only apply in a “forced servitude” type of setting, not in this case. It’s a free country, or at least it used to be.

    7. Less opinions, more sandwiches.

      Because you’re a woman and this is a ‘sports’ blog.

  7. I didn’t even bother to read this article because here how its going to play out. Anytime the media can paint Philly and their sports teams in a negative light, they take the opportunity and run with it. Regardless if it’s true or not or the fact it happened 30 some odd years ago ( see Santa Snowballs). Any attempt for you to rectify or justify the situation is going to fall on deaf ears.

    We’re label as loud and obnoxious, we will always be load and obnoxious. Might as well just embrace it, but get like SUPER into it. Like throwing so many snowballs and throwing up on so many kids to the point that professional franchises threaten to leave the city.

  8. Why do I have a feeling the blonde in the pic is the complainer. I saw her at numerous games and she never smiled.

      1. I might know who this ice girl is. I’m pretty sure I went to high school with this girl. From what I remember she was a bit crazy

  9. Ugh fucking Puck Daddy. I wouldn’t lump him in with the “liberal overreaction camp.” He’s just an arrogant Devils fan who looks to bash the Flyers every time he gets. He actually tried to defend Crosby for shooting Voracek’s glove down the ice when it fell off after a play.

  10. Sniff the jock of the Comcast overlords and believe your right wing, faux macho, Reagan worshiping, Rand reading fantasies all you want, you’re never going to be part of the club. Your point was stupid and the girls were mistreated. End of story. Working for a sports franchise doesn’t throw out employee laws or workplace harassment rules even if some main line cock lover like you thinks it should. Why weren’t the guys forced to freeze their yam bags off wearing next to nothing on ice? Why weren’t they critiqued on looks or skin tones? I bet some flyers fans (Kyle) would love seeing some banana hammocks on ice. This is such a dumbassed article and I hope the girl that you and your beard of a wife adopt gets mistreated by an employer like this. See where your faux macho rage goes then, gayboy.

      1. Because mouth breathing cave dwellers like you get your stuff out in the opening paragraph. About the same time whatever point you’re trying to make falls apart faster than waistline on your spandex Walmart sweatpants.

    1. So in your diatrabe for justice for the part time, you insult the wealthy, the right, nerds, Republicans, the Main Line, Kyle, his wife, their potential child, and homosexuals. Oh, and poor people.

      You’re like the next Eleanor Roosevelt. And you probably eat frozen waffles….

    2. They could always quit. Are people that stupid that they can get paid nothing and be mistreated by their employer and not quit? If you don’t like it, quit. Seriously if your only job skill is shoveling chips off of ice you better look good. You better look really damn good.

  11. I got a shit part-time job, thought it was going to be one thing, turned out to be another, quit and got a new shit part-time job. Until I graduate, I expect to be shit on.

  12. Oh my God!!! They weren’t allowed to eat ANYTHING during their three hour shift?!?? Beat it! She just wanted attention, it failed, blew up in her face and now she has whiny bitches (guys and girls) carrying on the fight for her. Tony, you’re an idiot. NASCAR is terrible. They probably have a high number of female fans because if they didn’t come to race day their husbands would Ray Rice them. Also, the rules of nascar are pretty simple for the dumbest of humans (male and females) to understand. Turn left, turn left, turn left, turn left, repeat 250 times. Next hooters girls are going to sue because the hot wing sauce was not explained to them to be harmful if it got into their eyes, just shut up.

    1. Dale Earnhardt Sr was the most recognizable face second only to Michael Jordan in the 80s.
      Race tracks had to add additional seating upwards of 100,000 seats. NASCAR is legitimate.

      1. I never said it wasn’t popular, I said it was terrible, which I stand by. I also said the rules were incredibly easy for a simpleton (most NASCAR fans) to understand. It’s easy to turn on the TV and understand what is going on and what needs to be done to win, but try to explain the rules and penalties of the NFL, NHL, NBA or MLB to an idiot or most females that do not watch sports. It’s like pulling teeth.

  13. We have become a litigious culture. sue happy. I’m the victim. etc etc. TMZ ? Watch the last episode of Ray Donovan. the ugly underside of “Entertainment” fortune and glory, Dr Jones.

    The Alpha female is the most dangerous. She will run down a predator and kill it. The Alpha male will just chase a predator away.

    watch the movie “Gladiator” “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED ?” that was Rome.
    Now we have a Coliseum in every city….just not as violent.

  14. So which American cable news network has their female newscasters reading the news in bikinis across from their male counterparts? If having eye candy during the game is a good thing then why not have the male ice scrapers in speedos?

  15. To me, it looks like the issue could’ve been solved with a little better pay and dialing back on the ridiculous rules (can’t eat in public during long events, can’t be in a public place if a member of the team walks in). Instead, they did away with the whole program. That’s pretty ridiculous and lends some credibility to those who complained.

    There’s no need to do away with the outfits. According to the original article, that wasn’t really a complaint to begin with. Skating kills the cold fairly quickly. Just dial back on the weird demands and pay them better. Problem solved.

  16. Claude Giroux was banging Ice Girls two at a time, the fans couldn’t even get their beers.

  17. This topic does not seem to be “about sexuality in general”. Taking away the ice girls is not about taking away attractive women from an in-game experience. It’s about the fact that only women are sexualized on the Flyers ice surface. In fact, you can go farther and say that the only way chance a woman has to step on the ice at the WFC during a game is to sing the anthem or doll-up for spectators.

    It may be right to say that we shouldn’t be afraid of benign human sexuality, but your words suggest that an average male’s sexuality supersedes an average woman’s when it comes to the Flyers. Let women ogle the players or some reality TV stars, and let men ogle the ice girls. It’s easy to forget is that men can ogle the same players as women or the same TV stars as women. Yet, the ice girls are only to be checked out by those attracted to woman. What about the fans who are attracted to men?

    The Flyers are an organization that purports to entertain people regardless of their sex or sexuality. Nonetheless, their ice girls team ignores the desires of a potentially large part of their fan base. On the face of it, that doesn’t seem like a big deal; the Flyers obviously make many decisions that, out of necessity, favor one group of fans over another (like cutting down on popcorn vendors in favor of beer vendors). But women are told implicitly and explicitly to get out of sports all the time, making these sort of issues ones of gender more than anything else.

  18. “The problem is that the Ice Girls teach young children that the job of women at an ice rink is skate around in a bikini and clean up after the men”

    Really, guy?

    1. Yea. It teaches little kids that the role of women is to stand around and look pretty while the men handle the real work.

      It’s a terrible lesson.

      Let’s hear your reason why young kids seeing ice girls is a good thing.

  19. How many people know the meaning of the word GOLF ?


    country clubs, man caves, its as if the male role in society is an endless loop of “Raging Bull”

  20. Hypocrite America. Either sell the sex or don’t. We use sex in EVERYTHING yet never will just come out and admit it. Europe at least embraces it.

  21. “People need to stop acting like asexual beings.”

    Uh… you do realize that asexuals are actually a real thing, right? As in, actual people?

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