Jerry Jones Says He’ll Kick His Wife out of First Class in Favor of Tony Romo on Flight to London

These two assholes Photo Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
These two assholes
Photo Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Jerry Jones’ creep-fest with Tony Romo is getting weirder.

Jones needs his quarterback to play (he shouldn’t), and for his quarterback to play, he needs to be healthy… ish. Romo has two transverse process fractures in his back, and he’s got a long flight to London ahead of him — because the NFL is dumb — and it would be nice if his back was comfortable on that ride. So what will Jerry Jones do about that? Kick his wife out of first class, of course.

According to The Dallas Morning News, Jones is totally cool with bumping his wife, Gene, back to coach (the seating class, not to actually coach the team, I think… but you never know), while Romo sits up in first class, presumably getting his back massaged while Jones barks orders at a flight attendant.

“Some of those seats really make out into a nice cot, bed-type configuration,” Jones said. “[Romo] will get one of those.”

“Gene will sit up in the bulkhead. Romo will lounge on the way over.”

Should Romo play this week? Probably not. Should he make this trip at all? Probably not. But he’ll sit in first class while the owner’s wife mans the emergency exit and the head coach presumably gets the seat next to the bathroom.

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  1. Ant: Hi this is ant and rob here, live, at the Borgata, talkin’ about Nicky Foles and what this injury means for the Eagles. So Rob, I was at Primo hoagies getting’ my grub on (Rob interjects: Yeah) and a guy approached me and told me that Nick being hurt is going to really put a lot of pressure on mark Sanchez.

    Rob: Well yeah, I think mark is going to have to get in there and step up

    Ant: that is such a great point there rob, with Nick out, mark sanchez is going to have to come in there and take over this offense.

    Rob: well with the line getting healthier…(cut off)

    Ant: and my boiii shady gettin’ his game back

    Rob: Yeah exactly (sounds like he is chewing gum)

    Ant: let me throw you this little toss up here.

    Rob: Yeah, hit me

    Ant: Do you think the Eagles are going to run the ball more with Nick out of the game?
    And how are more snaps going to impact shady and sproles getting more snaps

    Rob: yeah, im gonna get back to you on that at the top of the hour, lemme me chew on that for a while and think about that (he says self-importantly, as if we can’t wait to hear about his opinion)
    Ant: Great point rob, great point. Now lets get right to the phones here as we get to the bottom of the hour

    1. Hey guys! Great show. Always makes my drive home a lot easier. I have a few points to make. I have one about the Flyers and one about the Eagles. Well, the one about the Flyers is more about the Sixers. I don’t know if you remember me or not. But I called in the other week to say that Hunter Pence is playing well for the Giants. And that if he were still on the Phillies, he would probably play right field. And like we wouldn’t have Marlon Byrd in right field. He would either be in left field or on a different team. I was also the guy that said both Goodfellas and Godfather are good movies. So anyway. With Foles and Ryans getting injured yesterday. About the Eagles, I was down at the Linc the other day for the Temple game. I took my son. It’s a lot cheaper than an Eagles ticket. I noticed that the field doesn’t appear too messed up right now. I’ll hang up and wait for your answer.

    2. To whoever is writing these comments…your hurting my feelings. Please stop. Or else, the Cuz will be leaving WIP

  2. This would be a lot funnier (maybe… probably not) if Romo wasn’t already in London. But he is. Check rotoworld’s Romo player page, it tells you he’s already there.

    Once again, CB is late with a post. Color me SHOCKED.

  3. Who the fuck is that goofball with the bowl cut?
    What a stunningly horrific hairdo. Or Hair-Don’t.

    I laughed so hard at this hair abortion that I pooped a little bit in my pants.

    Don’t worry Kyle, I’ll send you my undies.

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