Mark Sanchez will Eat Your Cheese Fries but he Doesn’t Want Your Germs


From the reader Paul and Cheesesteak Philly, who happily wore the Culture Wins Football shirt to Geno’s last night and saw Mark Sanchez:

“I gave him fries as soon as he pulled up to Geno’s. He asked me if I used the fork and I said no he asked are you sure? I said yeah I promise.”

Mark Sanchez is happy to play for your Eagles and win on Monday Night Football and join you for cheesesteaks. He’ll even eat your cheese fries. But hell no he does not want your germs. Get the hell out of here with those. He’ll give you his germs though, as he eats some cheese fries off the fork and then buries it even deeper back from whence it came.

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3 Responses

  1. I love it! Mix his throbbingly vibrant culture with his natural swaaaaaaag, and you’ve got a winner right here!

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