Michael Del Zotto Never Quits, Even Hits up Random Girls on Instagram for Dates

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A wishing-to-remain-anonymous reader sent this in. It’s an Instagram conversation she had with noted dating fiend Michael Del Zotto. I’ll let her describe what happened:

Basically he just sent a picture of himself saying hey where are you from, what do you do etc. I figured Id mess with him a little so I told him those things followed up by a ‘how about you’ and he pretty much responds in a “I play for the NHL how do you not know this” way which made me laugh, after he asked me to text him I thought I should give him a heads up that I was taken given all the posts of myself and my boyfriend. He asks about ‘cute friends’ so I told him my neighbor and he immediately asked for a picture. (Shes told me shes looking for a guy to hang out with so I sent him her picture) and he just asked for more and then asked if I had any other single friends … That was it basically. Sorry for making this so long haha.

I’m beginning to think there are A LOT of Michael Del Zotto stories. Do you have one? Anonymity assured.

More of the exchange between our anonymous reader – whose image blurring skills are oh-so-perfect in this context- and Del Zotto, after the jump.

In case you’re wondering, it takes Del Zotto only four private social media messages to get to giving his digits to random strangers:

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Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 4.09.04 PM Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 4.10.27 PM

He sort of reminds me of Stewie’s girlfriend in Family Guy who just wanted cookies. Del Zotto just wants friends.


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  1. This is going on with certain Eagles as well. Cough… Josh Huff. Seen a few messages sent to a friend first hand. Can confirm.

  2. 1. She redacts her name and photo with cartoon dongs.
    2. Manayunk is not “20 mins from the city” – it’s in the city.
    3. I highly doubt she was actually “laughing out loud,” and anyone who uses “lol” as a space-filler in texts is a pile of human garbage.
    4. Every girl thinks her friends are cute, so she has no credibility.

    Therefore, this whole thing is fabricated.

    1. I live in Manayunk and the only time it qualifies as “in the city” is when I’m paying my taxes.

  3. If a Crosby story every breaks I have a couple good ones concerning an ex girlfriend in Nantucket

  4. Doesn’t give up like G . Side note noticed a lot of young brothers opening up their school bags for the first time on Halloween

  5. no code. What a bunch of narcs. idiot for doing it that way, agreed. but damn…like rats to cheese.

  6. Anyone bashing or think this makes DZ look bad is an idiot. If you were 24, rich and in a big city with tons of tail, you’d do the same thing. Probably plowed tons of chicks already. I can only imagine what Burrell is like on Tinder or Instagram.

  7. Del Zotto’s the man fuck this slut for trying to expose him. Who cares he’s trying to get some tail and I’m sure he got plenty. If you had a boyfriend why the fuck would you entertain the idea? just to fuck with him? LMFAO fuck your ego boost you dumb slooze

  8. I love this dude & can’t blame him for going to these extremes to get laid. All he cares about is getting pussy. He is a modern day Bernie Parent without the on ice talent

  9. Funny how the Jeff carter bashers always seem to put down his tail chasing but it’s all good for DZ.

    Also, why does this guy need any online crap to get some pelt?

    1st, plenty of groupies on the road so no problem there.
    2nd, while at home, why can’t he just show up at any city bar and take his pick? Seems dumb to waste time with stupid websites and idiot chicks.

    1. Can’t deny his dedication, effort & desire to get pussy though. Think that’s why so many people love him getting laid. He cares

      1. The narrative that fat girls are better in bed isn’t always true but they are always more desperate.

  10. The fact that he’s rich makes this “A/S/L?” crap more lame, not less.

    You’re a fucking Flyer man. Go out and get some. You know the ones that will take zero effort because they’ll come up to you and say “OMFG UR MICHAEL DEL ZOTTO?!?!”

    1. Do you actually think he’s that recognizable to the average female Flyer fan? He’s only been on the team a couple months.

  11. This guy is a total tool (and really short). Can’t believe people are defending him. This online stuff shouldn’t be necessary plus it makes him look like a dirty creeper. Just meet girls in person, then there won’t be any record of it and he can’t be called out like this.

  12. If some of these guys could put as much hard work and effort into playing hockey as they do in wheeling girls. Not hating, just saying!

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