Skip Bayless’ Twitter Timeline was a Thanksgiving Gift to us All

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Earlier this week, lifelike wax figure Skip Bayless tweeted “The Dallas Cowboys are going to beat the Eagles (b/c Cowboys have better QB, RB, WR, line and D) and they are going to win the NFC East.” Bayless was obviously very wrong, and few things in life can bring more joy than reveling in an incorrect Skip Bayless prediction. Christmas when you’re a kid is probably number one. The birth of your first child is up there. Your wedding day, sure. But watching Skip Bayless melt down is a strong number four.

During the game yesterday, Bayless was tweeting his reaction, which went through all five stages of grief, while we grabbed those tweets (and some of the best, less profane responses) in a Storify after the jump. It was the Thanksgiving we all deserve.

“Your team is booty” probably wins the day.

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9 Responses

  1. Skip Bayless is the biggest asshole. Not gonna lie I follow him on twitter just so I can tell him at least once a week how much of an asshole he is and his cowboys suck.

  2. One thing Bayless was right was that Dallas isn’t ready for THE big game. They played so good against Seattle before but now I think that was just a flash-in-the-pan performance.

    BTW, Romo is still plenty hurt trying to tough it out. Dude got touched by the D and turtled up. He’s playing scared.

    1. Nice catch. He was dropping to the dirt left and right trying to make sure he wasn’t getting hit.

  3. Mark Sanchez >>>> Tony Romo
    Chip Kelly >>>> Jason Garret
    EAGLES >>>>> Cowgirls

    Where all the Cowboys fans at now ? I thought we don’t beat good teams ? Why was Bryant so hype ? We are a BETTER FOOTBALL TEAM. Thanksgiving is great right now in Philly ! EAGLES !

    Gots to believe PEOPLE



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