The Sixers’ “Best in the World” Training Facility Could Have a Helipad

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On the court the Sixers are all about the future. But Philadelphia 76ers, Inc. also has its eyes set on what’s to come, specifically their huge, $82 million, practice facility/compound in Camden.

When presenting in front of Camden’s planning board on Monday, Sixers CRO Christopher Heck called the proposed campus “[not another] cookie-cutter training facility,” and said the Sixers expect it to be “the best in the world.” To achieve that moniker, they apparently need special zoning permission for super gigantic signs:

The team wants want a 4,000-square-foot sign — with letters up to nine feet high — atop the 65,000-square-foot office building, according to a notice for the upcoming meeting.

Plans also call for a 1,069-square-foot sign on the 64,700-square-foot practice facility. Both signs would require the board’s approval because they do not comply with zoning rules.

Similarly, a developer is also requesting the board’s OK for a helipad at the downtown site.

According to the Courier-Post, a Sixers spokesman did not respond (yet) to their question if those giant signs are meant to be seen from across the river, serving as a shouting reminder that the Sixers practice just a short helicopter ride away in b-e-autiful Camden. [Editor’s note: Honestly, the Sixers could build a facility that looks like a giant turd and it would improve the Camden cityscape. I can’t imagine a couple of signs, or Joshua Harris’ helipad (it’s totally so he doesn’t have to drive through Camden, isn’t it?) are going to be an impediment.]

Meanwhile, on the court, the Sixers are still searching for their first win. Oddsmakers have set the line at 11.5 straight losses to open the season, basically asking, “Will the Sixers beat the Celtics?” I think they will, Gonzo thinks they won’t and that their first win will come on the road against the Knicks. If not, maybe we can just set up a game against Kentucky.


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