Can the Sixers Win Tonight? Here’s What Some National Media have to Say About That

That's the some facial expression I get writing about the Sixers. Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
That’s the some facial expression I get writing about the Sixers.
Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

In the lead up to the Sixers’ most winnable game of the season (since the last two), there’s an extra storyline: If the Sixers lose to Thad Young’s Timberwolves tonight, their 0-18 record will tie the worst start in NBA history …

Sorry, I got that thousand-yard stare Brett Brown is doing up top again.

Tonight’s game is a big one. Not only would it (begin to) silence all of the Sixers hate-watching from non-fans, but it would allow the team to move forward with the plan as scheduled — evaluating and re-evaluating the players on the roster for long-term viability — without having to worry about the national eye on them. But that national eye is especially strong right now, as the bad-start record is almost set. So, what are these national outlets saying? Nothing nice. A few of them are being pretty balanced though.

The Washington Post talked to Brett Brown, who said of his team:

“They are 20 years old and I need to help grow them. And as the media swells and records start to tumble and streaks are imminent or around the corner, then I’ve got to wrap my arms around our guys, coach them hard, tell them the truth but also make sure they don’t feel anything else but strong. And I want a confidence that they feel that they can go out and perform and ultimately win.”

WaPo also points out Brown would become “the fifth coach who failed to win at least 20 of his first 100 games,” mentioning that the two of those other four who were allowed to stick around — Atlanta’s Mike Woodson and Cleveland’s Bill Fitch — were able to turn their squads into playoff teams.

The New York Post calls the Sixers pathetic when talking about them possibly tying the hometown Nets’ record, but then Nets president Rod Thorn admits there is a bright side:

“It’s tough because everything you have ever done was predicated on trying to win. Every player you put out there goes out trying to win. And all you do is lose. It’s tough on everybody: players, coaches, executives …

You have to look at the little things. You play your young players, hope they improve. See guys taking advantage of a chance and maybe coming along.”

And USA Today, who predicted an eight-win season for the Sixers, has some rough words for the Timberwolves:

The Sixers may be the worst team in NBA history, but they also may not be the worst team in the NBA right now. The T’wolves are 4-12 but 2-10 since point guard Ricky Rubio went down with an ankle injury. They also are without shooting guard Kevin Martin and center Nikola Pekovic, meaning three of their four best players are down.

The article closes out, “if the 76ers are going to win a game, this probably is the one.” Maybe? Possibly? Hopefully? There’s always the Pistons on Saturday too. After that, who knows.

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13 Responses

    1. Only Jim would post incessantly about a topic where not one F is given by the vast majority of the entire Tri State area let alone readers of this blog. Probably averages 5 Sixers posts a week. Dull Jim. Really dull.

      What’s worse? All Jim does is cut/paste and quote. It’s so amateurish. Akin to a 7th grade book report.



      Who were the other candidates for Jim’s job? Time to revisit. I’d rather read crap from the DC blogger who was the source of Kyle’s pathetically transparent and lame April Fool’s joke. Joke is on you Kyle. Jim sucks and you know it. Otherwise you wouldn’t feel need to defend him as you occasionally do. (See Papelbon real estate post).

  1. There is a difference in playing the young players vs. playing guys who shouldn’t even be on an NBA roster. They have had 4 first round picks in the last two years. Those 4 should be NBA ready players who are contributing now. We have one kind of contributing, one who just may be a stiff, one who was injured and one who we won’t see for at least 3 years.

  2. The Timberwolves minus Nik Pekovic,Kevin Martin and Rick Rubio will easily mop the floor with the Sixers.

    When your team is rolling out a starting line-up of

    Henry Sims(undrafted)
    Brandon Davies(undrafted)
    Hollis Thompson(undrafted)
    Luc Richard(mid 2nd rd pick)
    And Michael Carter Williams who couldn’t hit the of a barn with his terrible jumpshot,there’s a good chance that team will lose every game.

    And on a side note is Nerlens Noel the softest player currently in the NBA?

  3. High everybody I’m a miserable loser who spends his days and nights on crossing broad whining and complaining about the posts put out by Kyle and Jim but yet here I am in my parents sheltered suburban basement with no job no wife and sadly no life.

    What’s a loser like me to do?

    1. Simple solution –
      Buy yourself a hand gun, load it, place the business end against your temple, pull trigger. The world becomes a better place.

    2. Jimbo! I would have thought it was below you to steal someone’s handle to post anonymously. This is a new low pal.

      There are a lot of shitty personalities in this city. Mikey Miss, Jimbo, Ant and Rob, Howard Eskin and Ike Reese. But the handle stealer is the worst of all. If you are lacking creativity to such a degree that you can’t put 2 or 3 words together to make your own handle, then you sir are the true Loser.

  4. I know haters like that jerk Mike Missanelli won’t like this but Kj McDaniels is just as good as the chosen one Andrew Wiggins.

  5. It’s the ultimate goal. I think it stands as an unbroken record. The NBA will never let a team do what the Sixers are doing again.

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