Charles Barkley Likes the Sixers’ Plan

Photo Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight, the Sixers face off against the Spurs in an effort to win their first game and avoid going 0-17. It also marks the beginning of Charles Barkley’s bet with Mike Missanelli. If the Sixers lose tonight, Chuck will be on Mikey Miss’ show tomorrow (and every day after a loss until they win one), but he’s not worried about this. In fact, you can count Charles among the dwindling number of national media people who agree with the Sixers’ plan.

Charles said, according to the Sporting News:

“I actually like what they are doing. They have got a bright future. They got the Rookie of the Year (Michael Carter-Williams), they got (Nerlens) Noel back, I think he is going to be a good player. I am not playing (Joel) Embiid this year, I am not playing him. I am going to get another lottery pick next year, and I got four studs going forward — I’ve got a point guard, I’ve got a power forward, I’ve got a legit center. They’re hoping, in three or four years, they can be what Oklahoma City is now.”

We’ll see how on board he is if he has to call into Mikey Miss’ show for the next few months.


3 Responses

  1. I am the fucking shit man. I am always right, never wrong, and got a six pack all the ladies would die for.

  2. Umm…


    Durant – absolute sniper.
    Westbrook – gets to the rim at will.
    Harden – gets to the rim at will, and gets fouled.

    MCW – NOWHERE NEAR Westbrook as far as getting his own shot. At best a serviceable setup guy.
    NOEL – Offensively, retarded. Defensively, carrying ovaries, body of a chick.
    Embiid – only legit prospect.

    KJ McD – Bruce Bowen at best, nowhere near Durant and Westbrook.

    So who’s left?
    Saric – unproven, that guy Mirotic on Chicago can’t get off the bench (weak European pussy).
    Jordan Mcrae – our 59th pick?! This guy is gonna be the next James Harden. Thats like statistically impossible.
    Wroten – D-league version of Russel Westbrook.

    Jakarr Sampson? THIS TEAM NEEDS SOME OFFENSE. MCW SUCKS on offense. Like is terrible, and he has NOBODY to pass it to that can hit a shot.

    They play hard, respect for that, but they’re just offensively handicapped. Who are they gonna get this draft that is gonna help them? The only offensive player I can think of is Justin Jackson out of UNC. Otherwise, this draft is only good for Big Men. (Towns, Okafor).

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